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Hey folks, the 500 artist edition of my new Enchanted Doll book is almost entirely sold out in less than 72 hours! I’ve got less than 100 copies left, but not for much longer. Thank you all for supporting my work by buying my book. I’m so lucky to have such fans like you guys.

And speaking of beautiful new books, you guys should also check out my friend and fellow artist Camilla d’Errico’s graphic novel Tanpopo, Volume 2. It’s being released in 2 days! I love Camila’s work and I think everyone should know about it. As you might recall me mentioning in previous posts, Camilla wrote the forward in the Enchanted Doll book.

Tanpopo Graphic Novel Volume 2 is coming to The Camilla Store, Amazon, and book and comic shops near you! Official release date is slated for May 28, copies will be available on The Camilla Store here. Tanpopo is Camilla’s passion project, combining her love for classic literature, manga & storytelling, with her own characters and narratives.  Graphic Novel 2, containing installments 4 & 5, continue Tanpopo’s journey to discover what it means to be human, guided by Kuro, the devil in disguise.

Sounds pretty intriguing, doesn’t it? May 28th.

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The Enchanted Doll book is SOLD OUT!

Thank you to everyone that ordered, we’ll begin shipping them out as soon as we get them.


Payments are made now, and the book will start shipping in June.

This is an exclusive, signed, numbered and stamped Artist Edition of 500 copies. It’s been revised and expanded from 150 to 190 pages long; hard bound; high quality offset printing on heavy art paper; contains new photography and dolls from 2012-2013; includes a foreword by my good friend Camila d’Errico; has silver gilded page edges and a sewn in cloth bookmark; published by Baby Tattoo Books. Price $90.00 CAD+shipping.


Pre-order now!

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Guess what I received in the mail today in a Fedex Express envelope, which I promptly tore into shreds like I’m a wild animal? Let me give you a little clue.


It’s an advanced copy of my latest edition of the Enchanted Doll art book! Hip-hip Hooray! The pre-orders will open on Friday, May 23rd! Hip-hip, Hoooraay! Let me tell you about it. It’s pretty beautiful and I’m incredibly proud of it:


This is an exclusive signed, numbered and stamped Artist Edition of 500 copies. It’s been revised and expanded from 150 to 190 pages long; hard bound; high quality offset printing on heavy art paper; contains new photography and dolls from 2012-2013; includes a foreword by my good friend Camila d’Errico; has silver gilded page edges and a sewn in cloth bookmark; published by Baby Tattoo Books. Price $90 CND+shipping.

Pre-orders will be open this coming Friday, May 23rd.

Wait for the announcement and get ready to get your copy!

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kansascity 1

After nearly 30 hours of hibernation, I think I’ve recovered from the Spectrum Live convention, and all the hectic days and sleepless alnighters leading up to it. I had a really good time in Kansas City and want to thank you guys for coming to see me and this big-little porcelain debutante here. What a way to spend a weekend!

kansascity 3

My only regret is not being able to kiss my mom on Mother’s day. Happy belated Mother’s day, Mama!

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Former prostitute, Wife of Emperor Justinian, Queen of Constantinople – She is Theodora Rex!


Come and see her at Spectrum Live in Kansas City this weekend.

theodora 2



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gloriana 1

This is her – Gloriana! Please excuse the domestic setting. I didn’t have time to set up a photo shoot, so I snapped some pictures of her around my apartment before stuffing her in a carry-on suitcase and flying to Kansas City for her premiere at the Spectrum fantasy convention tomorrow.

gloriana 2

Gloriana – a symbolic name I chose to signify a threshold of a Golden Age, is my new platform for creative expression. I’ve got big plans for these big dolls, namely tattooing them. In fact, the only reason I decided to create a big Enchanted Doll in the first place, was so that I could have a bigger canvas to engrave stuff on. Just imagine all the fine detail I’ll be able incorporate into my tattoo designs on a scale like this! If I wasn’t so exhausted and jet-legged right now, I’d be jumping up and down in excitement and anticipation of things to come.

gloriana 4

But, now that this first prototype is finished and I know it works and can be replicated; now that I’ve developed a working production formula, I will have to take some time off from the big doll before I can bring myself to make anther one of these giantesses. She really burned me out. And she it taking over my bed, apparently.

gloriana 3

Working on this scale and facing all the challenges that came with it, really put my small doll in perspective and made me appreciate them even more.

gloriana 5

Enjoy these candid shots of Gloriana on random surfaces in my home. I’m off to (hotel) bed. Tomorrow I’ll show you Theodora.

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parts 2

She’ll be premiered at Spectrum fantasy convention this weekend in Kansas City, along with two other new dolls. I won’t have anything for sale at the event this time, but we will be giving away posters and if you come, you will be the first ones to see the new dolls!

Oh my god, I’ve got so much to do today…

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parts 3

I’ve had many ‘firsts’ these past couple of months, experiencing processes that are familiar to me, yet never tried before (by me) on this scale: First large molding (which was kinda horrible), first time casting large parts (which was awful), first time firing them (not so bad), first time cleaning ( a little weird)  and first time painting them (just what I expected).

I’ve still got one more ‘First’ left to do tomorrow: Assembly – the moment of truth.

If it works, this doll will be premiered this weekend, at the Spectrum Live convention in Kansas City. Well, I’m already committed to going, so I’ll be taking her there with me either whole or in pieces. I hope she’s whole.

Come and see her!

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parts 1

Oh how I love to paint dolls on warm, spring evenings in my glassy studio! There is a majestically serene vibrancy to downtown Vancouver during warm seasons. They call Vancouver A City of Glass, because our highrises tend to be all windows and no walls, to allow maximum views of nature. Hanging artwork inside residential Vancouver towers can be quite a challenge because of that. But I digress.

On such warm, spring evenings, I pour myself a cup of Pomegranate tea, put it on my desk next to the china brushes and watch its steam rise up to the wide-open windows as I work. The intoxicating scent of leaves wafts through them, as golden dusk fades into the towering skyline around me. Scores of sun-kissed dog walkers return home from seaside parks with their happy dogs in tow, passing under my windows as they chat and sip on ice frappuchinos, couples stroll leisurely hand in hand, while dozens of dressed up groups hurry down manicured sidewalks to the bustling restaurant district, while there’s still room on patios.

The sounds of traffic quiet down into a pleasantly distant hum, allowing evening songbirds to be heard. Dwellers of residential glass towers grill meat on their balconies and patios green with plants, leafy trees and twinkling garden lights. I smell dinners being prepared and hear an occasional chink of a wine glass along with faint joyous laughter as fellow Vancouverites take pleasure in each other’s company at the end of the day. In the growing dusk and quiet, the city pulses with life and contentment and I feel like all my senses are tingling with wonder and anticipation of the next day as I paint porcelain body parts.

Around this time I begin to hear Chad making preparations for dinner in the kitchen, two doors down from my studio. My thoughts turn to a delicious meal and His company. I tidy up my desk, turn off all the lights and close the glass door behind me. I will pour us some white wine and we will cook dinner together while sipping it and discussing our daily accomplishments, challenges, frustrations, triumphs and plans for tomorrow. And our voices and laughter will carry through the open window to join with thousands of other Vancouverites at the end of a warm, spring day, in a quiet cacophony of joy.