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Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has come! This year’s winner of the Enchanted Doll annual Birthday Contest is…..Kristen V! Congratulations Kristent, your tattoo design was the best! You concept design is incredibly powerful and thought-provoking. It moves me and stirs me to create. You get a painted resin Enchanted Doll!



Here again is Kristen’s artist statement:

“The series of tattoos I have designed are inspired by tragedies currently afflicting our world. Women in the Middle East have been permanently scarred by acid being thrown on them for various insults or offenses they have committed. The victim could be attacked for refusing an arranged marriage, not wearing proper religious attire, or dishonoring their family. Worse, the attacks are often committed by close family members or neighbors. Sadly, reports of these terrible assaults are increasingly being found outside of the Middle East, in regions such as Europe and the United States.
Each of my designs was inspired by a real woman who has been marred from these atrocities. My goal was to create tattoos that would bring these horrific crimes to light, and generate awareness for these suffering women. At the same time, instead of focusing on their scars as something realistic and horrifying, I desired to turn them into something beautiful and intricate. This way, the designs reflect the unique beauty that is present inside each of the courageous victims.”


And we have another birthday and another contest behind us! And it was awesome. I would like to thank all of the contestant for participating in my Birthday Contest; For taking the time to create art and the courage to share it with the world. You should all be very proud of yourselves for accomplishing something, even if you didn’t win this time. I hope to see your entries again next year, and I shall look forward to it!