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It will surprise absolutely no one to hear that being an artist gives one existential angst. Or perhaps having existential angst is the reason one becomes an artist. It’s a chicken vs egg dilemma, but whichever came first, sometimes seemingly mundane things trigger it, such as organizing my art supplies.


I really like keeping things tidy around my home studio, but my collection of fabrics for doll costuming is starting to spill out of my bathroom closet. I need to keep my toilet paper somewhere!

I have a policy of buying only the fabrics I require for an immediate project, so as to not accumulate vast amount of it in my home. However, this minimalist practice conflicts with being a maker, simply because fabric to a doll artist, is what paint is to a painter! There is only so much of hypothetical painting a painter can do without having an instant access to a full palette of paint colours, ready to paint on a moment’s notice! I mean, it would be ludicrous to suggest that a painter only has enough paint in the closet for just 1 painting at a time, right?

Then why do I feel so conflicted about having a closet-full of different fabrics? Is it because fabrics take up more space than tubes of paint? Is it because there is infinitely more different fabric in the world than there are paint colours?

So, how does an artist live minimally, exactly? I think about this all the time. If it wasn’t for my art practice and all the art supplies and equipment related to it, I think I’d hardly have any possessions at all. Just some furniture to sit on. But does my art truly justify the environmental footprint I’m leaving on this planet? After all, aren’t I just contributing to the clutter problem by having ‘clutter’ to make more ‘clutter’ with? Sometimes I wonder if I’m better off not having anything and not making anything.

Artist are makers. We are compelled to create objects with our hands for some reason. We make stuff from other stuff, therefore we need to buy and have stuff to create our stuff from. Why? It’s some sort of a pathological compulsion, I think, and I sure am thankful that doll-making is my particular pathology. I could have had it worse – I could have had a criminal compulsion, that compelled me to do bad things because they made me feel good. Instead I lucked out with a need to make dolls. Whew!

And that’s the kind of stuff that goes through my head when I clean. Organizing sure is an intense activity, full of angst and nihilism. I think I’m gonna stop now and go do something else, before I conclude that nothing whatsoever matters and everything is hopeless.

Guess I’ll go make a doll. It almost always makes me feel better. Takes my mind of things.


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My next doll is near completion! This is a little preview of her tattoo. Once it’s fully engraved, I’m going to try something different with it and see if it works the way I’m hoping. This doll has been an ongoing project for the last year and I’m pretty excited to finally reveal her to you within a month, along with a few other interesting things. Wink-wink.



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Exciting news guys!


The Chinese edition of the Enchanted Doll book is almost ready! There will be 999 signed books available. That may sound like a large number, but an even bigger number is 1,357,000,000 which is roughly the population of China. Another number is 21,196, which is the size of the Great Wall of China in kilometres. Numbers are fun.

Pre-sales have started, you can order the book here:

If you need any help navigating that site and ordering, please contact, they will be able to help you with ordering even if you don’t know Chinese.

The book is expected to be ready to ship by May 2015

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I made a set of silver combs for my dolls earlier this year, and then realized that I wanted to wear them too – as jewellery! The smallest comb was my favourite of the set, so I converted the design into a pair of human earrings and a pendant, thus killing two birds with one stone. Disclaimer – no birds were harmed in the production of this jewelry. I love birds.

combs2 2

This comb design was loosely inspired by an antique French Ivory comb I had seen in Paris a few years ago. I longed to wear it in my long hair, but as a recent art school graduate I couldn’t even imagine being able to afford such luxury. Perhaps it’s still out there and I’ll find it again one day.

combs 1

The full set of different doll combs, from which this jewelry was made, hasn’t been photographed yet, but will be very soon. I’m very excited to show you!

combs 2

In the meantime, email me if you’re interested in having these little Haircomb Jewels for yourself. They are available in sterling silver as a set of three or separately. Each comb weighs 2.4 grams. Hooks are hypoallergenic surgical steel, chain is not included. Pendant is $190 CAD, Earring set is $380 CAD. A full set of all three is $550 CAD. I’ve some available to ship right away, and can take several pre-orders for May.

And now I’m back to working on a new porcelain doll that will be wearing these!


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Having spent the whole afternoon yesterday arranging my house plants, I’ve decided to end my retirement from doll-making effective immediately. Turns out one can’t just quit dolls. To celebrate my return, I made these shoes. It’s good to be back!

April Fools!

I’ll never retire from dolls. I’ll die at my desk, while making a doll at the age of 125! That means roughly 90 more years of Enchanted Doll!


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Dear friends, I bring some difficult news that probably no one wants to hear – after 10 exciting years, I’m closing down Enchanted Doll and retiring from the doll profession to pursue a career in interior design. Please let me explain.


I am sad, but also immensely relieved to be making this announcement. The truth is, things have not been the same with me for a while – I’ve been changing. Over the last two years I’ve been slowly falling out of love with dolls. This paradigm shift began to happen imperceptibly and incrementally at first, manifesting in uncharacteristic procrastination and chronic absence of inspiration, but has finally grown to a profound and deafening dislike of my work and my life. So much love, labor and energy had gone into building Enchanted Doll to where it is now, that it seems inconceivable to walk away from it all, and yet I have to. I’m all burnt out and I need a change.

Interior design has always been a competing interest of mine, and over the last few months it’s emerged as a more dominant creative force than doll-making. I have to pursue it and make it happen.

I really appreciate all the love and support you’ve given me over the years, and I hope my retirement from the doll world will not be perceived as a let down of you. This site will be active for a few more weeks while I phase out and transition to a new direction, but eventually we’ll take it down. These ten years have been amazing, but it’s time to make a fresh start. Wish me luck in my new pursuit. I hope to become a famous interior designer and possibly even an architect one day!

Thank you all and Remember Enchanted Doll!


*** UPDATE ***

In case it was not clear, this was an April Fools’ joke. I have no plans to retire from doll making. I do love interior design though, that part is not a joke.