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Dear friends, I bring some difficult news that probably no one wants to hear – after 10 exciting years, I’m closing down Enchanted Doll and retiring from the doll profession to pursue a career in interior design. Please let me explain.


I am sad, but also immensely relieved to be making this announcement. The truth is, things have not been the same with me for a while – I’ve been changing. Over the last two years I’ve been slowly falling out of love with dolls. This paradigm shift began to happen imperceptibly and incrementally at first, manifesting in uncharacteristic procrastination and chronic absence of inspiration, but has finally grown to a profound and deafening dislike of my work and my life. So much love, labor and energy had gone into building Enchanted Doll to where it is now, that it seems inconceivable to walk away from it all, and yet I have to. I’m all burnt out and I need a change.

Interior design has always been a competing interest of mine, and over the last few months it’s emerged as a more dominant creative force than doll-making. I have to pursue it and make it happen.

I really appreciate all the love and support you’ve given me over the years, and I hope my retirement from the doll world will not be perceived as a let down of you. This site will be active for a few more weeks while I phase out and transition to a new direction, but eventually we’ll take it down. These ten years have been amazing, but it’s time to make a fresh start. Wish me luck in my new pursuit. I hope to become a famous interior designer and possibly even an architect one day!

Thank you all and Remember Enchanted Doll!


*** UPDATE ***

In case it was not clear, this was an April Fools’ joke. I have no plans to retire from doll making. I do love interior design though, that part is not a joke.