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Attention Enchanted Doll collectors – this doll will be auctioned off on May 13th – 16th, 2016! More details will be posted with more progress shots in the upcoming days and weeks. Get ready!

tattoo 3

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Tattooing, I mean engraving, the last arm of my Marquise de Pompadour doll. Whew… Judging by the number of months it took me to finish tattooing this doll, one would be forgiven for thinking she has a couple dozen of them arms. Anyway…whew.

This doll will be auctioned off in this spring! Stay tuned for more details, pictures and everything!


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Just got this in the mail from the Swedish publisher of The Lunar Chronicles book series, authored by Marissa Meyer! I think they look great! Cress is probably my favourite of the three in this context, but they are all very lovely. I hope Marissa likes them too.


The Lunar Chronicles is a series of young adult fantasy novels – they are our most treasured fairy tales, with our favourite heroines, retold and set in the future. I think the concept is pretty cool. Revisionist fairy tales are my absolute favourite!


This isn’t the first time an Enchanted Doll has made the cover of Marissa’s books, the first Cinderella was on the Spanish version of “Cinder”.

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paint-box 335

I’ve been running tests on my new china paints for the last couple of weeks, and I’m almost done! My plan is to finish and fire all my porcelain tiles by Sunday, so that on Monday I can go ahead and finally begin painting my new porcelain doll.

paint-box 336

I’ve been using white, matt porcelain tiles as ground for my paint samples. Saves me a whole tedious step of casting, cleaning and firing my own porcelain chips, which would have added up another two weeks to the testing phase. Why make life difficult for yourself when there’s an easier and better alternative?

paint-box 334

Also, tiles make it all look homogenous and organized, as opposed to loose porcelain chips.

paint-box 330

Aaaand as an added bonus, I’ve stumbled on another possible china-painting method with a quill, while labelling my colours! I’ll have to test it out more on an actual three-dimensional doll before I can try to integrate it into my own painting technique. I don’t know how this never occurred to me before!


Oh no-o-o! A firing casualty to fatigue fracture and thermal shock. On second thought, I think it’s now perfect.