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I’m afraid I’ve been keeping a secret from you guys, but I can finally tell you!

There was some big news the other day, and a little Enchanted Doll played a role in a grand announcement. This was a top secret doll that I made last year and was finally unveiled (not literally, the doll’s veil remained intact).

I was asked to create an Enchanted Doll of the beautiful Chinese actress Fan Bingbing, as an engagement gift by her partner Li Chen

One of the conditions I had for taking on this commission, was that I would have a complete creative freedom to design her Enchanted wedding gown. I used vintage French lace, Victorian millinery, parts of antique Kinfisher pin, dazzling Swarowsky crystals and of course, hundreds of Pearls to create a tiny wedding dress fit for a queen!

Enchanted Fan sits on a Napoleon III era French Globe de Marriee, which was traditionally used to display wedding momentos, such as the wedding tiara, corsage and shoes.

Because Fan is an actress, I wanted the doll to channel The Golden Age of Hollywood. I fell in love with photos of Vivien Leigh and Veronica Lake and tried to create a similar atmosphere in the photographs.

Now that I am no longer bound by the vow of silence, I am free to share photos of not only the finished doll, but the work-in-progress shots we took along the way.

I hope this doll brings good luck to the happy couple! Best wishes to the two of you and I’m glad I could play a part in this grand union!

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