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I’ve decided to write a book. About my dolls.

I’m working on putting together the visual material and compiling the information i want to accompany the images. I’m also pulling up concept sketches and work in progress for every costumed doll project I’ve done and hope to do before the release of the book to go along with the finished piece and show evolution of the doll from idea to drawing to porcelain and jewels.

Needles to say i’m really excited about this! My goal is to complete and publish the book in time for my solo show, which gives me 7 months. Not very long, but oh well. I’ll do my best.

This book will pretty much sum up my work up to the time of the show. I’m also tossing around the idea of either somehow doing it in two languages, or publishing a full Russian language version.

And even though i haven’t even completed my first book, I’m already thinking about the second and a much more challenging book to publish. I’d like to illustrate a very famous fairy tale with my dolls as well as drawn illustrations. I will need to make much more than the full “cast” of characters in this fairy tale, I’ll also have to make props to set up the scenes for the dolls. I have no doubt that i can do it all, it’s only a matter of time.

But, first things first.

I could use some input from Enchanted Doll admirers as to what they would particularly like to see in this book besides the beautiful portraits of the dolls. So feel free to suggest anything, it just might make it into the book.

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  1. Cloudy-Chan says:

    Marina I think your idea is really good, I would definatly like to see the doll process in depth and how you come up with ideas and costumes and information about yourself too, the fairytale idea is also very good, I am the kind of girl who is very interested in “the making of”
    If you were to put a bit in the book on how a beginer would get started with this type of thing “sculpting/moulding/casting/costume etc” I think it would be very successful.

    Anyway thats my ideas and thoughts on it, I hope you finish your books, I would be very interested in buying them :)

  2. Mayple says:

    What a fabulous idea! I agree with Cloudy-Chan’s comment.. the thing I find most interesting in the “special features” of any project are al the interesting things that happen behind the scenes. I LOVE seeing concept sketches and the way a piece evolves till it’s final ‘edition’.
    Another thing that I’ve often wondered about is what your beautiful dolls do when they’re not off to a show or a new home?? Do you have a special place for them or do they get packed away?
    I could suggest a-thousand things.. perhaps look through a few books like the one that came out for Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride… there’s a lot of interesting bits of information about the making of that is so wonderful to get to see!!!

  3. Marina says:

    Thanks ladies.
    I have no shortage of ideas for this book, but thought it interesting to ask those who like my work and have a different perspective on it than i do. Unfortunately, aside from some concept work and sketches as well as a few progress shots, I don’t intend to put any instructions on how to make dolls for beginners. For one, it doesn’t fit with the general idea of an art book. “Sculpting, molding, casting, costume” take hundreds of hours and my take as many pages. I don’t want to turn it into a textbook. Neither am i ready to share my secrets yet. Perhaps some years down the road i might, but the first book will have none of the above.

  4. Spatula says:

    I imagine you making up stories and enacting little dramas with your dolls, kind of like in the video of a doll (I forget her name, but she’s Middle Eastern) bitch-slapping Snegurochka in a lovers’ fight. :-)

    I’d love to see both more of these kinds of reenactments, and posed photo-essay type spreads. Seeing a world inhabited by these dolls is very interesting.

  5. Spatula says:

    P.S. There are all kinds of contemporary writers re-telling fairy tales from an explicitly erotic angle – I think a compilation of those with your dolls would be coffee-table dynamite.

  6. Sarandipitty says:

    I second the erotic mention above. As intended, your dolls have an innocent sensuality that is intriguing and alluring. No matter what you do, we are already lined up for this book you speak of. Where do I pre-order? :)

    P.S. If you ever do write any kind of instructional book, that too will be a huge hit. I first read about your art in this month’s Haute Doll. I have never before been interested in any type of doll (well, except a barbie or two when I was 8). I bought the magazine specifically for the article about you and now simple MUST have one of your creations. I am so inspired by the depth of personality and beauty of each enchanted doll. I started playing with clay for the first time in years yesterday but have no plans to try making dolls. In general though, my artsy side feels refreshed. When I finally decide which one to buy first, she will be my Muse.

  7. Ana Luisa says:

    I love the idea of seeing your sketches and concepts for your dolls. if you need it, I’d like to assist you with the design of your book

  8. Marina says:

    It always makes me very happy to hear that other people are inspired by my dolls to create their own art, whatever it may be. There are some artist out there whose work just jump starts my imagination and i love knowing that my art too can have that effect on some people.
    And I love having one of my dolls sit near me on my desk while i work. It does act like a tiny muse keeping me company and bringing new ideas. And when i get mentally tired i pick it up and play with it a little.

  9. Cloudy-Chan says:

    Okay thats fair enough, in that case, I think the story theme would be a fantastic idea, I believe a dark and twisted style would fit with your dolls, storytales seem to have been forgotten in these times, I miss them and would love something nice to bring back memories of my childhood, I’m sure whatever you do Marina it will be done well, just like your dolls.

    I will have to make you some fan art too, for that webspace you might make ^_^

  10. mila says:

    hi! I think it´s a good idea……. I love your dolls so I will love your book.
    Please can you show more photos of (the doll with a big scar and short hair)???

    (I probably have a lot of mistakes, sorry)

  11. Annie says:

    I will be buying your book! fantastic :)

    I would really appreciate detail shots in addition to full body shots, like of the faces and hands and feet, details of the costumes. Your Design thought process for the doll (such as your inspiration and brief discussion of the materials, and why you chose them.) And Also, design sketches of both doll and costume/accessories.

    Can’t wait till it comes out!

  12. Reginamusica says:

    I am so glad you are doing a book about your lovely art. These dolls are more than just “dolls” and seeing your process will be inspiring! Some day, maybe, you could add a chapter or another book on the lives of your dolls after they have left your creative womb!
    When I get my little darling I intend to build her a “to scale” castle, complete with furnishings. She will truly be the “Queen” of my doll collection. I would love to see what other folks have made for their lovely dolls.
    I can not wait for the book to come out… hope you are able to do some press release visits around the world, I would love a “signed” copy of your book!!!

  13. Doreen says:

    Best of luck with your book. I love your taste in every doll you’ve done so far. I’m sure your book will be just as breathtaking!!!

  14. Athanwe says:

    I have nothing to add on what kind of pics you could/should put in your books; only that bilingual books are a better idea from my point of view (I don’t know Russian :s ). But in any case I will buy your book !

  15. Anelise says:

    I am so happy about the book- so fabulous. I would love to see lots of pics, and maybe something on how the costumes are made. Sketches of the design process would be intersting, and I would also love to see some of the art (dolls) you made as a child. But I am sure it will be fabulous, sign me up for a couple copies.

  16. Biscuitbear says:

    Personally, I like doll books with lots of text. I like photos as well, but the text is perhaps more important to me. I like to read about the doll maker, the process that has brought her where she is. For example I find the difference between your early and your current dolls quite fascinating, your early ones were already much better than anything I could ever hope to do, but the evolution of your work is quite spectacular and I would like to know more of how it came about, your inner process, your learning process, your failures, your breakthroughs, your motivations etc…this kind of talk is my favorite part of the (many) doll books I own.

  17. Heather says:

    I agree with Biscuitbear on the text, I love reading about artist experiences, and how they feel about what they’re doing, and what motivates them. Maybe in the book you could mention some of the artists (doll and non-doll) that you look to for inspiration.

    I’d also really like detail shots of the ooak outfits you do… I saw some of them in HauteDoll and wished that I could just get closer! XD

    Also, thought processes behind specific dolls would be really neat too… like, if you sculpted a certain doll after someone, or thinking of a specific time period.

    And definately a YES!! to the sketches, I love seeing artist sketches.

  18. Kat RN says:

    I saw your dolls in the magazine. Please do publish the book. I would love to see how to information, but I am willing to wait a few books. I would really like to see lots of photos of your dolls and maybe read about what inspired you to make them.
    Please keep making these wonderful dolls. They are refreshingly beautiful.

  19. Kat RN says:

    I saw your dolls in the magazine. Please do publish the book. I would love to see how to information. Specifically how you decorate the dolls themselves and their costumes.
    Most of all KEEP MAKING THOSE WONDERFUL DOLLS. They are refreshingly beautiful.

  20. Susan says:

    I would just love lots of glossy photographs and close up detail – is that too shallow? :-) I really like the fairy tale idea!

  21. Susan says:

    Oh Boy, I would love to see beautiful pictures of your dolls clothing close up. Your beadwork is amazing and the way you sew small clothes is mind boggling.

  22. Anchi says:

    С большим нетерпением буду ждть книгу )))

  23. Somnifer says:

    One thing I might suggest are some shots that show how different the dolls can look depending on the customizations that clients request. There are a few examples of this on the website, but I have the feeling that they tend to be older pictures, and it seems that some really pretty images demonstrating the versatility of a single model could not only be eye-opening for anyone who has difficulty visualizing such a thing, but also high-light how truly unique each of your dolls are. Another thing I would be interested in reading is a note on the approach behind Chad’s beautiful photographs of the dolls. Since these photographs are so important to how people become acquainted with enchanted dolls, I think it could be worthwhile to mention what choices were involved in that process as well –provided that they are interesting choices, of course ;0).

  24. Sandra says:

    I love your doll’s, I love seeing artist sketches, and pictures offcourse,
    I love to buy your book, hope I can.
    Keep on doing what you do !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Marina says:

    That’s a very interesting idea, Somnifer. Both of them. I will consider them further. Thanks.

  26. Cat says:

    Marina, I’d love to know a little more about each doll, the inspiration and story behind them. I loved reading about your take on Snow White when I first found your site and have been hooked ever since!

  27. Candice says:

    I too am on whatever waiting list there may be for this first book of yours!

    And as an earlier commentor mentioned this was the first time I purchased the Haute Doll magazine. I went to the bookstore earlier in the day but my year old son wouldn’t sit still so I headed home. Later that night I was able to pass him of to someone else so I could go back across town to pick up that magazine, just for your article!

    I am an artist and am constantly inspired by other’s work. After I read your spread in the magazine I sat down for a couple of hours and worked on a piece I haven’t felt inspired for in weeks! Thanks!

  28. Anne says:

    If there is a waiting list for your book Marina please add my name!
    What a pleasure it would be to look at lots of pics of all your fabulous creations,close-ups and details of materials used in the costumes and perhaps even sketches of your dolls from early ideas to finished product.

  29. Jayne says:

    Please, if there is a waiting list for your book could you please add me.

  30. Keyla says:

    7jarL0 AFAICT you’ve covered all the bases with this answer!

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