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This is Anya, my new board. I got it a couple of months ago and now she is a part of me. On Friday, instead of the usual local mountains, Chad and I went riding at beautiful Whistler-Blackcomb, our amazing world-class ski resort just 1.5 hours drive north of Vancouver. I’ve been skiing this mountain sporadically since 1998, but earlier this year I decided to commit the whole 2012 season to snowboarding to get a taste of it, and fell hopelessly in love with the sport! Having been strapped into a board, skis just no longer feel the same way to me. I’ve been guiltlessly cheating on them with Anya.

It was a sensory abundant, physically challenging and an intensely gratifying day. Nothing to think about but the sky above me, the snow below me and the wind all around me.

Today I’m back at the studio, making Echos. Anya beckons to me from her wall mount, but I force my eyes away and bend over my desk, thinking to myself: “Soon, my darling, soon”.

Probably tomorrow.

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  1. Amal says:

    Lol “Go, Marina!!!”
    I think we need some video footage…

  2. Crystal says:

    It is good you are living your life so passionately in so many ways. Many artists like to just do art and nothing else. Getting out is healthy and brings fresh ideas.

  3. Merri says:

    What a great photo! I imagine it must be wonderful to have a break from doll making sometimes – you work so hard!
    I have to say, that I’m loving all the extra blog posts at the moment, seems like such a luxury!

  4. Isabel Pacheco says:

    is good to enjoy and take a break Marina also fun :)

  5. I draw and paint, I restrain my self from these sports in fear of breaking my wrist……….good for you!

  6. Marina says:

    Yes indeed, Christiane. I’m also pretty fearful of injuring and incapacitating myself, which makes me a pretty conservative rider. I don’t get crazy up there. Doubt I ever will.

  7. Merri says:

    Yes, I’m into extreme sport myself. Not sure what it’s called, but it involves negotiating a water hose on a back step while carrying a heavy basket of wet laundry. Unfortunately, I’m not very good at it……broke a bone and snapped two ligaments in my foot !!

  8. Annina says:

    uff no, snowboarding would not be for me, i never even got along that well with two skis, just having one board to “drive” on always sounded terrifying to me. :P

    it’s cool to see you all snowboardy, now you should make a snowboarding doll. ;)

  9. Hazel says:

    You look like you’ve had an amazing time!
    It’s always nice to get away from work and just enjoy nature. :D

  10. Happy to hear Marina you are a conservative rider. Your soul is the creater of Enchanted doll but your hands who make your wildest dreams come a reality.

    Your hands are the most valuable tools you have.


  11. Orangey says:

    What a fantastic image! Looks like a thrilling slope to ride. Great that you’re taking breaks from dollmaking every once in a while- refresh and renew. I’ve been working for three days now on a doll, several hours a day, and yes, it weighs on you dedicating so much time to one thing. Fantastic that you’re balancing with an activity that’s very much different from bringing EDs to life :P

  12. Jenny H says:

    Something that would be funny to do is to personalize the board, say, a picture of a favourite ED. Although, being constantly reminded that one ought to work in the studio instead of snowboarding might make the sport less fun. =P

  13. Glynis says:

    Looks flippin dangerous to me!! Lol !!but the mountain looks breathtaking and Marina looks really happy and like a little girl

  14. Cjoy says:

    Thanks for blogging again Marina. Looking at your picture, one can just feel the cool, crisp air. I’m so glad you had a great day!

  15. Annina says:

    what is Chads boards name?

  16. Marina says:

    Optimus Prime.

    Just nobody tell him I told you.

  17. Annina says:

    hehe, cool!

    no worries, won’t say a word to him ;)

  18. Shannon says:

    What a fantastic shot! Whistler is fun, but you haven’t skied BC until you’ve skied Sun Peaks! I grew up on Tod Mountain (previous name of the area) and in Kamloops, BC. The powder there is insane! If you get a chance, check it out. You won’t regret it.

  19. Julia says:

    That’s good to have a break from nervous working.
    Will be better for work too.

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