A Gift For My Love!

5 months, 2 weeks ago 6
Posted in: Jewelry

Self portrait in porcelain, Sterling silver, 14k gold, enamel, glass, lost wax casting, engraving.

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  1. What a good Gift for Mr. Chadasarus, definately unique! Thank-you for sharing Marinamal lol….

  2. shantiera says:

    How beautiful! what a thoughtful gift. he will love it.

  3. Sharon Harmon says:

    How lovely!! I am sure this confection will be a cherished and much loved gift. I adore the pet names you have for each other.

  4. Bart says:

    Happy birthday Enchanted doll, following ur art for at least 11y now

  5. Sharon Wenskley says:

    This picture is absolutely gorgeous, I love it. What a great a gift. You did a wonderful creation as usual Marina.

  6. Marina Hausharter says:

    Es ist eine wundervolle Gabe so schöne und liebreizende Geschöpfe zu kreieren. Ich konnte gar nicht genug davon sehen. Vielen Dank dass es Dich und Deine Lieblinge gibt.Alles Liebe Marina HAUSHARTER

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