And finally -The New Enchanted Rubenesque!

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Well, it’s been a long wait and a lot of work, but it was all worth it. I am very pleased and excited to finally unveil to you my new curvaceous doll – The Rubenesque!

Now, before I hear another word (!!!) about how she is not technically, and I quote “fat enough” to be called a Rubenesque, please allow me to point out that the dictionary definition of Rubenesque states that it is: “Plump or rounded, usually in a pleasing or attractive way”. Now, look at the comparison of my two dolls and tell me that she is not pleasantly rounder than my other doll. I rest my case. She IS a legitimate Rubenesque.


She is also slightly taller than my first doll. The feet are the same size though, as are the hands.


I haven’t had a lot time or space to photograph her in a variety of poses or settings because my studio is filled with stacks of books and boxes right now, but sometime this week you will get to see more of this doll. In a brand new head ornament I made for her. It’s pretty awesome. You’ll see.


This very FIRST Rubenesque doll will be available for sale from the Strychnin gallery at the end of the month. More information and pricing coming in the next post.


So, tell me. How do you like her compared to my slimmer doll?

Like her, love her or, dare I say it, hate her?

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  1. MissLK says:

    I love the details on her knees, her tapered ankles, the belly button… she looks alive and beautiful except when the Rubenesque stands next to Cathedral… the scale is throwing me off.

    Please post the photo of Rubenesque with the smaller head soon – I want to see if it is an optic illusion that prevents me from loving her 200% as I usually love other EDs.

  2. Shannon says:

    I think she is beautiful! Definitely I think rubenesque without the comparison… but wow! I can’t wait to see how you pose her, dress her, and show her off.I think so far I prefer her curves to her predecessors.

  3. Joe says:

    I love her, I like the contrast between the dolls, and I like the larger head too, keep up the wonderful work. Like everyone else I look forward to seeing her dressed and posed.


  4. adrian says:

    love the bottom half , and the head , but the chest and shoulders look too slim for the rest of her body, they actually look about the same width that your other doll… I love the face and hair though.

  5. Jayne says:

    Oh she’s lovely♥
    She’s going to so much fun to dress.
    Can we see her in that gorgeous red wig too?
    Thank you for the comparison shot. Does it feel a bit strange to you handling a larger/taller doll than you’re used to?

  6. Kiersten says:

    I think she’s very beautiful. I am so glad you attempted a curvy figure. I love the legs, knees, and her bottom torso section. I do wish her bust was a tad larger. It looks about the same as the slimmer doll to me. I’m a curvy woman and one of the things like makes the curves is curvy bust and curvy hips. I just would’ve liked to see how she turned out with a slightly more curvaceous upper torso to match the bottom. But otherwise I love her look. :)

  7. terri says:

    Nice work Marina!
    Lovely and very artistic body shape. Reminds me of one of my favorite artists, Lucas Cranach.

  8. Катерина says:

    Мне очень нравится эта толстушка.))) Но грудь действительно как-то не очень сочетается с пышными бедрами, я думаю будет лучше если у нее будет грудь немного пошикарнее. А коленки чудесные! )))

  9. Rowan says:

    Oh wow. I still say she’s too slender to be rubenesque, but I take back what I said about her being less realistic or anything like that. She’s beautiful. BEAUTIFUL. I love her. I want her. She’s perfect.

  10. Merri says:

    I let out an audible gasp when I saw the first photo of this lovely new doll and my very first thought was “utterly divine”!
    Marina, I think the comments others have made about her not being “fat enough” may relate to her proportion. The extra weight sits on her lower half making her pear shaped rather than strictly Rubenesque, which most people probably see as a figure proportionally roundly weighted over the whole body.
    I love her knees, her shapely ankles, her slender, beautifully formed feet, her collarbone, her rounded forearms and that most gorgeous of hands. And don’t even get me started on her face which, I think, is one of your most beautiful!
    I can’t wait to see her wearing the brand new head ornament -bring it on !!

  11. Rowan says:

    Also, if you were to branch out and make all manner of body shapes and sizes, different heights and weights to highlight that beauty comes in all sizes… Oh, I’d love you. Now I want a me doll. I’m very short and a fair sight plumper than the rubenesque there. I’m more what you’d call… Zaftig.

  12. Naomi says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!

  13. SEL says:

    Wow. She is beautiful. All by herself, I love her. I don’t think I love that she is so much taller though. Perhaps this was to keep some desired proportions but it seems to compensate for the width increase. I wish she was the same height as her sister EDs. She reminds me of an Amazon. Extremely beautiful, yes. Its just the size difference that is throwing me off. I feel like she is an entirely different line of doll. That being said, of course I would love to be her proud owner. :)

  14. Danielle says:

    Manifique! I think that the roundedness with the added height on this doll gives her a more grandeur noble air compared to the other doll.

  15. Hazel says:

    Ohhh!!! She is absolutely lovely! :D
    Those soft curves are such a pleasure to look at.
    I think we’ve become so used to your regular dolls that we were looking at the previous photos with the assumption they were of similar size. xD
    Ah, I can’t wait to see more photos and, of course, more dolls of this sculpt!

    Now, my only question is, how do I get to own both body sizes? *wanders off to buy a lottery ticket*

  16. Kasia says:

    Both are absolutely gorgeous!!! Beautiful!

  17. Amoreen says:

    Every single time I think “Wow, Marina did a truly great work,there is nothing new and different she could do, this doll is perfect”, she ALWAYS surprises me… although in previous pictures we all have seen a different body parts of new dolls and some of them were bigger, I would never, ever thought to see a bigger, toller doll…She is stunning! Her size is because of her rubenesque shape, I belive, and it’s an EXTREMELY well done new experiment but I still prefer an older version of Enchanted Dolls, even if I liked very much a lower leg, which seems to be far more slender in its lower part, near the ankle.
    For an artist it is very important to evolve, to make always new things, to chalenge even her/himself and not to stand still. And this is what Marina made this time too. Bravo, bravo, bravo!
    Also, I have a question: are you going to make other dolls with a new sizes/other shapes? And is Runenesque’s face made upon Ruby’s face or is it a brand new?

  18. earthenmagic says:

    …sO sO beautiful! ~ thankyoU for this unveiling ~ blessed be!…

  19. Signe says:

    Love her!! Love her little tummy! Gorgeous.

  20. Wombat says:

    I LOVE her little tummy! And heavier thighs – a little like mine! ;)

  21. Glynis says:

    LOVE HER, she is so beautiful,not being a doll maker/artist I just go on how she affects me when I look at her,if there is a slight deviation in height/weight etc then I think that’s true of most things in nature,very few humans are perfectly proportioned. Credit for moving away from a very successful and proven doll to try something new.LOVE HER

  22. Mia says:

    She is so charming. ~totally not biased because I, too, am pear shaped and a head above all my friends~ haha but she is fantastic. Her face is so precious. I feel like she, Cathedral doll, and Stockholm Syndrome should be sisters. Well done, Marina.

  23. kate says:

    I think she’s beautiful however I wouldn’t call her rubenesque, I’d call her ‘normal’ as I think your slimmer doll is on the slim side of that. I do think it’s a pity that only the very rich will ever be able to afford one and the rest of us have to make do with a book or some other image. Saying that, she’s lovely and I think someone will be over the moon to have her in their collection.

  24. Sabrina says:

    I am with the others who said that her bust, collarbones and upper arms seem to be the same proportions as the slimmer doll’s. They look off to me – in fact, that is what is drawing my eye when I look at her, and I am sure that was not your intent. The upper arms are thin and jarring as you’ve clearly re-sculpted her forearms. While it is true that a Rubenesque woman could be small-breasted and pear-shaped, the fact remains that her breastbone and shoulders should be at least somewhat larger and/or rounder. However, the real sticking point for me is her neck/collarbone area. Certainly her collarbones should not be as starkly outlined as the slimmer doll’s – that I must say I do not understand at all, and it seems to be completely out of proportion. Did you re-sculpt that area? Because it doesn’t look like it, actually, it looks like you used the same mold as the slimmer doll’s. It’s so out of proportion, in fact, that I think that *this* is where you are getting the complaints that she is not “fat” enough. When you compare her to the slimmer doll she is not at all plump and/or rounded in the collarbone area – and as a Rubenesque woman myself, I can assure you that we do not have such starkly outlined collarbones. Now, that said? The parts of her that were re-sculpted are lovely, I think. I especially love the curve of the belly and the thighs. I think that if you softened and rounded the upper arms and torso and re-sculpted her collarbone area into something that actually was “plump and rounded” you’d have an absolute stunner of a doll. In fact, I’d prefer her to the original!

  25. Laurence says:

    She gains in maturity and her body gives her a mature elegance and for me she’s a beautiful Odalisque! Congratulations!!

  26. I love her ! She’s so beautiful ^^

  27. Hi Marina,

    I for one, love her, completely adore her just the way she is. I actually REALLY like the fact her upper torso is as slim as it is, matched with her curvier pear shaped derriere ;-) I am very similar shaped, my collar bones stick out as if I had an eating disorder, yet I have a very um, shall we say, “well rounded” bottom torso, hehe.
    The second last photograph of her is just SO perfect, so alive and emotional. She has to be my most favourite of all your dolls so far, I really hope you make more faces for the rubenesque body too. I would love to own one like her, I just can’t fthom how much I absolutely adore this doll, wow.

  28. Marina says:

    Sabrina, do you mean recycled from an old one? That is actually harder than making a brand new one, and no, it is not recycled. I made an entirely new doll, chest and all.

    And I assure you, every part of this doll was indeed intentional, made through a (long) series of deliberate choices and actions. The chest wasn’t a mistake. It looks narrow because I intended it to look this way. It’s simply an aesthetic stylization.

    Upon a closer inspection one will see that the upper torsos are quite different. The collar bones are slanted at a different angles and its girth is wider. Perhaps I’ll post some comparison pics down the road.

  29. nel says:

    She is truly delightful. Lovely. :) Thankyou for sharing her.

  30. MigMig says:

    I do not care if she is “Rubenesque” or not, this is a hell of a beautiful doll and I love her. She looks like some of nude paintings from Renaissance.

    Marina, are her hands “the most beautiful hands you’ve ever made” you’ve shown in one of your earlier teaser posts?

  31. Marina says:

    My thoughts exactly, MigMig. It is about aesthetics, not semantics after all.

    And no, the most beautiful hand is not amongst this pair. They belong to my own, test Rubenesque. She is the mysterious reclining redhead from the previous post.

  32. Glynis says:

    Second look – although both dolls are obviously stunning, I must say the new Lady is more pleasing to my eye,the comparison that keeps popping into my head is ballerina body v non ballerina body, and as most women don’t have ballerina bodies….. Most of you ladies seem to be artists of one sort or another so you will see things differently to people like me, but that’s good isn’t it ? Lots of different perspectives – I like!! Oh and her little face,so soulful as if she has a secret to tell. Anyone had any more ideas about the “secret” medium that Marina made the little white faces with? Oh and did I mention – LOVE HER!!??

  33. Hane says:

    She is amazing and I love her gorgeous tummy, but I think her hands are to small for her.

  34. Zwiebelprinz says:

    oh she is soo beautyful marina! your work is just as awesome as ever! love her<3

  35. Rux says:

    i love your Rubenesc doll:)! :D

  36. She’s certainly beautiful, but calling her curvaceous, let alone rubenesque, is a bit much, especially with such a small chest. The mismatch between top and bottom feels like a pity to me, not that there aren’t people around who are pear-shaped this way, but I feel like the concept of curvy dolls was barely approached. If she wasn’t standing next to the other doll, I wouldn’t have noticed much difference.
    I would still like to see a real Rubenesque from you, I’m quite a fan and I’m sure you can do better to serve this idea.

  37. Sabrina says:

    This is a different Sabrina from the one above- I’m waiting on some info from you- that Sabrina. How did you determine that she needed to be taller? (I think she’s beautiful, just curious).

  38. Marina says:

    Ahh, but everything is relative!

    Relative to my slim doll, my bigger doll is a Rubenesque. In the context of Enchanted Doll, she is a Rubeneque, even if she isn’t in the rigid sense of the term.

    And aesthetically and creatively speaking, Rubenesque sounds a lot more elegant of a description than calling her the fat doll, or the pear-shaped doll, or the curvy doll or a plump doll or the-slightly-bigger-than-my-other-doll-doll.

    At least in my mind it sounds better, shorter, descriptive and more elegant than all those other options.

  39. Marina says:

    Oh, no special reason, Sabrina#37. Just wanted to do something different for its own sake.

  40. Ruth says:

    It will be difficult to part with her, won’t it?

    Someone will be very lucky to have her.

  41. Beautiful doll! I love your dolls but this one is my favorite now ! I trully prefer this rounded body than the skinny one :) Boobs could be bigger but it doesn’t matter, she reminds me old paintings where that’s exactly the proportion of feminine beauty. She is deliciously rounded.

  42. Diana says:

    I still dare to say that I like your slimmer dolls more and this is just my personal taste! Why are you defending yourself, Marina? You asked us about our opinions and some may love your new doll (more then the other dolls) or not and whatever they “see”: It is after all just a question of taste and how others see your work and this can be surely differently from your point of view, so what?
    Art is always a difficult field for arguments. Either you love something or not and because that is a personal opinion no one could be 100% right or wrong. Everybody looks at art with their own eyes; maybe seeing something else then you.
    I for myself don’t like round bodies and prefer slim ones. So it is only logical that I don’t like Ruby but your other dolls! Others may feel EXACT the opposite and like Ruby more, so there is no real ground for an argument because we all love and see things differently.
    I think it is a good sign that you get from your fans REAL feedback! Not everyone says: “Oh she is wonderful!” while thinking the opposite! The positive feedback is for real and the negative feedback is for real. I think this is a sign that we really care for your work.
    You should also keep in mind that EVERYONE who wrotes a post LOVES after all your work in general! Why should we be here if this is not the case???? If I should ever win the lottery believe me: The first thing I would do is buying a (slim) doll from you ;-)

  43. Glynis says:

    Hey Marina, you’ve really stirred us all up luv!! All these discussions,brilliant!! Did I mention LOVE HER!!??

  44. Anika says:

    I don’t care what she’s called, she’s lovely!

    Her ankles, in particular, are just adorably delicate and sweet <3

    I’m curious, what is her exact height? Do the older/smaller heads look completely too small on this new beauty?


  45. Christina says:

    She’s lovely! I adore her. I like the bigger size…the fact that she’s a little taller is very pleasing to me. Her curves are perfect! Her face is just beautiful.

  46. Marina says:

    I’m not defending. I am engaging my readers into a stimulating conversation about semantics.

    I genuinely enjoy hearing your opinions about my work, even if they don’t coincide with mine. That’s why I ask for input, but they don’t affect my vision or direction much. However, sometimes they inspire me.

    But, at the end of the day, there is only one opinion that really matters. Artists are jerks like that.

  47. Aeroksana says:

    Oh! This morning the first thing at work I came here to see if there is something new. I opened the page and … got a shock! I looked at this incredibly vibrant, real, perfect, magically attractive girl, and could not tear my eyes away from the monitor! I looked at her for a some time despite the fact that my boss was around the corner from me at any moment he could see what I’m doing! So I got great pleasure tinged with risk from a meeting with a brand new Enchanted;-) Now I look into my soul and jealously compare who is there now sits on the throne of the supreme love my doll? Is still adored Vessel rules or someone is very close to share her kingdom?! Already the middle of the day, and for the hundredth time I come back here and carefully consider this amazing doll that has revolutionized my head. But my poor brain has not yet recovered from the revolution that occurred when I first met with the Enchanted Dolls (not long ago)! But one thing I know definitely, I’m totally in love with her!
    In my opinion, the usual ED are cosmically perfect crystalline nature of beauty, and this new doll has become more humane, or so.
    Listening to my feelings, I find that these feelings I have not had to feel – my heart flutters!
    Thank you, Marina, you are so generous to the wonderful discovery!

  48. Nune2010 says:

    Congratulations to Marina:-)
    I like this doll as she looks good on camera(and surely in real). One thing I saw is her knees shape. They have a clearly bone shape that it generally happens to those skinny girls. I understand that it’s a beauty from from an artist vision:-)She’s a magnificent girl.

  49. Hazel says:

    Ah, so there is -another- rubenesque? I hope it will not be too much to ask for photos of that mysterious redhead as well? Can never have enough of all your dolls. xD

  50. elysia says:

    wow, love her. Great tummy, hips and legs, and I like the larger head too! She’s beautiful and I definitely prefer her to the more petite doll :) Thank you for sharing photos~ can’t wait to see more :)

  51. Aeroksana says:

    Want to add to my words – Marina personally gave the word “enchanted” a new meaning – Enchanted Doll. When we say the Enchanted Doll, we mean that the adjective is that they are “exactly what they are”. And it will happen with the word “rubenesque” I’m sure! How can it be not understand – the Rubenesque Enchanted Doll is not the usual rubenesque! They’re all special!

  52. Debra Olm says:

    “SHE SURE DO IS all U’d  intended to be!!!!! Speechless! Loved yet! Congrats times ever!!!” <3 <3 <3

  53. Carolyn says:


    I love your dolls and admire the fact that you are experimenting with body types. However, this doll looks ill-proportioned to me. When I think of Rubens’ paintings, like Venus at the Mirror or The Three Graces, I think you could have given her a fuller chest, arms and legs. Also, her hands look too small.

    That said, I hope you continue to experiment and update your website. Thank you!

  54. Kamila says:

    I feel congratulations are in order, you have outdone yourself yet again, Marina! The new body shape is excellent. As you see, it has so many new fans aleady! I like her round belly and other features, too. At first, I wasn’t sold on all of her them, but now – having seen the completed doll – I can honestly say she is great. Love her size (is the head also larger?) and those knees are just so cute. Well done!

  55. April says:

    Thank you.

  56. The word is adore her, she would have to be my first choice. She has a religious look to her, my feeling. She is perfect!

  57. Angelender says:

    Love the calf and ankle curves! I like the red wig from the behind photos.

  58. Jayne Wourms says:

    I think she is wonderful and she perfectly rubenesque in my opinion. Her forearms definitely have more shape and had she been larger on top she would be fat not rubenesque. I love this berry bottomed beauty and think Peter Paul would too!!

  59. Niiv says:

    She is simply stunning and I must admit, I’d chose the Rubenesque body over your usual one any day. I’m so in love with her soft delicious curves and those hands are to die for. The belly is so cute~ Her face is sweet and yet full of majestic secrets… I can imagine her well as a queen. Though I must admit I liked her better with the red hair ;) Can’t wait to see her head ornament!!!

  60. Tisha says:

    Oh I simply adore every bit of her :) your work is so
    Unparalleled to anything creative I have ever seen.

  61. Hanna Gvozd says:

    Love her! She looks so natural… I should say that personally like her even more comparing with previous dolls. Awesome…

  62. jacci says:

    ok, last time i’m reading these posts. everyone is always heapig praise on you like prayers to a goddess. marina, you’re an amazing artist, and i’ve been following your work for almost 4 years but i think everyone is appeasing and brown nosing way too much and it drives me crazy. that said, i like the slimmer dolls better, this one, i don’t really like her, and i think the face is kinda creepy. so there is an honest opinon without any fluff. and btw, ED throws me a little when you use that term especially now with the rounder doll, because when i hear the term ED, i think eating disorder. and i don’t care what your worshippers think of this post. no one can be given this much praise all the time and believe its all honesty.

  63. stolga says:

    Марина, ваша новая куколка выше всяких похвал. А когда же появятся в продаже куколки из полиуретана? Ответьте, пожалуйста, Марина. Тяжело жить в неведении. Спасибо.

  64. RoseMary says:

    As an artist,I did this once where I let my customers see the process of my painting. It was excruciating and I would never do it again. Most do not see that your work is a process and until she is dressed and as YOU envision her… they will not have a complete thought about it. I can see your artistic slant on the body proportions and since YOU are the artist, it is YOU that you should please. Other wise in the end, you will be trying to please everyone and pleasing no one at the same time..
    What is important is that you are in love with it!
    Rose Mary

  65. Isabel Pacheco says:

    Simply Beautiful Rubenesque :)

  66. Orangey says:

    I really like how you stylized her and gave her the thicker forearms. She has a lovely pear shape and I think you rounded her out nicely too. I would love to see a drawing of this girl. She looks so delicate and feminine. I also didn’t expect for her to be taller than the regular doll, but they still look good together, the size difference is fun. I’m curious how the price will be different.

    However, just from looking at her, I would hope to see more flesh in her upper arm, and more than that, I wish her breast area didn’t look so much like the other body, slightly more full breasts would look good for her, in my opinion. I’d also love to see her in different colored wigs. She looks gorgeous though, I love her fuller figure. Although right now I probably still prefer the old body, or maybe its just because the doll being compared is Cathedral.

  67. eaven says:

    Nevím jestli budete mému psaní rozumět, jsem z Čech a tak píši česky. Velice obdivuji Vaši práci, je to nádhera, skvost pro oči i duši. Tahle panenka je také krásná a něžná, opravdu nádherná. Jejich tváře mě velice baví, už se těším se na další foto a určitě skvělé oblečení.

  68. Monet says:

    I very much love the doll and her pear shape. I think it’s one of the most beautiful shapes a woman can have.

    I’m very pleased with her design and glad to see this evolution. Again… waiting for another doll with African features (Mihret is my favorite doll so far)!

  69. Анна says:

    Она прекрасна . Пышненькие формы делают её женственной и предают мягкость характеру. Она видится мне сладкоежкой, обажающей изысканные десерты. А пальчики, это просто шедевр!

  70. Zoe says:

    With the height difference it looks like older sister/younger sisters. I love these dolls, and if I am ever fortunate enough to own any of them, I would want sisters.

  71. Astera says:

    Nice! That’s precisely my postpartum shape…
    yes my collarbones still stick out like that. ;)

    Now I am going to hazard a hypothesis and I apologize in advance because my knowledge of artistic anatomy is very poor, so I might not have a point at all…Anyways, for the sake of discussion….I measured the distance between the pins that unite the arms to the torso in the two dolls.In the maximum size picture, it seems to be around 4.3 cm in both cases. I know that the old body is intended to be slim and somewhat athletic while the new one is supposed to be soft and not-buff, therefore the shoulders of the latter are supposed to be smaller compared to the hips than in the former. However, since the Eubinesque is taller, has a bigger head and breasts than the regular doll, the comparison picture sort of gives the impression that the R. proportion is a bit “strange”. Also, the fact that joints are so much tighter and precisely fitting in the R. increases the impression that her shoulders are a bit narrow compared to the head and to the old mold….

    On the other hand, I am sure you thought about these details carefully and this is exactly the shape you had envisioned for her.
    Besides, in the photos where R. is alone I don’t notice this aspect too much…that happens to me too: I think my bottom is not too big compared to my shoulders until I get close to ladies with smaller hips and more boyish figures…;)

    For me, I really like the lower portion of her body with all the lovely new harmonies, the hand and feet. As for the collarbone and neck area, although I recognize that they are elegant and realistic, I confess I prefer the old ones.

    On another note, I would very much like to see the face of the red head…is it the same as this one?
    Great job and kudos for continuing experimenting and surprising your fans (look at how lively is the conversation!).;)

  72. Astera says:

    Oops sorry for the long comment! :S

  73. Annina says:

    she is amazing. i have to say, i almost can’t compute, it’s so new, an Enchanted Doll revolution.
    it’s clear that she is stylized but so is the thinner body mold. Enchanted Dolls aren’t meant to be fully realistic, whether thin or rubenesque.

    i’m still getting used to there being a new kind of Enchanted Doll, i think my mind is in shock.

    apart from that, i love the being she is, so surrealistic but so beautiful.
    you reinvented yourself!

    one thing i wonder and would wish for, would it be possible for you and Chad to record a video of you handling her, similar to the videos of you handling your other dolls?
    i feel the need to see her in action, and video would really give me a closer sense of her.

  74. Marina says:

    A video is a great idea, Annina!

    As soon as we deal with all the books here, we will shoot a video of the Rubenesque and the Waif dolls being handled.

    I never officially named my first doll, seeing how there was only one body model, but now that she has a rubenesque sister, she shall be referred to as the waif.

    You’ll get your video, Annina.

  75. N says:

    Она прекрасна – все что я хотела сказать.

  76. Annina says:

    Yayyye, because i’ve been wishing for new doll handling videos anyway, cool!
    and of course, you need to get those books dealt with first! (ah can’t wait to lock myself in with my copy!!)

    Waif is a good name, to keep them apart, i like it!

  77. Orangey says:

    I wanted a picture but a video is even better.

  78. Deb says:

    I really like the proportions…she is lovely!

  79. louisa says:

    I think she is wonderful. I would like to see her dressed to see how clothes hang on her figure.

  80. Carmelo says:

    Ok Marina so I didn’t post earlier because I was curious to see if people would just lavish you with affection or actually give you some artistic critique. I was also curious to see your reaction to both actually. I’m glad I waited to comment because one of my only issues with the sculpt is actually the fact that the hands and feet ARE the same size as your previous doll. Now after reading one of your responses you stated that every aspect of the doll was done with purpose and for a reason. I was curious as an artist myself to understand your reasoning for keeping the proportions of the hands and feet that of your original dolls? PLEASE EXPLAIN! Either way she is a sight to behold-no argument there.

  81. Marina says:


    The clothes ALWAYS drape better on slim frames than they doll on larger ones. That’s why designers use anorexic models to show off their creations.


    By keeping the hands and feet the same size while increasing the overall proportions of the doll, I wanted to achieve a certain surreal aesthetic I’m fond of. I like the contrast of realism and surrealism within one concept.

    The bottom line here and the true answer to every question regarding this doll, is that she is the shape she is because it moves me.

  82. Marina says:

    Or I simply have a small hand and foot fetish.

  83. Justine says:

    Congratulations! I’m so with you on being highly excited for Rubenesque’s birth. :) I didn’t expect the bust to be so small though. My dream was an hourglass figure with plump upper arms and healthily drooping breasts. She’s not as soft or feminine as I imagined, probably because of her bulging trapezius, although I do like the rest of her! I love how she’s taller, but has the dainty little hands and feet :) SO GLAD SHE’S OUT!

  84. Swdolls says:

    She has a BIG Butt! XD

  85. I’m in love with ALL your dolls, but this one beats all. I’m a mother of 3 beautiful children, and I would say I’m much more shapely like this doll. Or, as my husband says, “You’re what a woman should be.” I’m so excited to have found your art work through dolls. Thanks ma’lady!

    ~ Michelle

  86. sailor_orbit says:

    love the knees!! a little scary showing the distinct division between the thigh and calves, but still great! I also like the positioning of the private parts better. The previous doll because of the lowering or extra butt showing in the front, the privates looked really high, but the rubenesque one looks a lot better and the jointing seems better too since you don’t need to make a severe cut anywhere to make her posable. though i do notice the ankle area is really thin! it looks similar to my dad’s legs in terms of proportions but it’s because his muscle is decaying little by little over time and had dropped foot. but i see it’s an intentional thing to make an extreme curve for the lower legs. still say her trapezium looked like she worked out a ton. I love both of them! but the technical rendition of the rubenesque one is superior. I really hope I will be able to afford her in the near future.

  87. Kate says:

    Absolutely beautiful. I love her slim little ankles and the more muscular neck/shoulders. In the straight-on comparison shot the ball of her left arm joint does seems a little small, but not in the rest of the photos–I think maybe it’s a shadow? Anyways, I love her beautiful pear shape! This lady has “child bearin’ hips!” as my Momma calls them. And I love that when she is sitting, suddenly the practical crease allowing for the hip ball mimics the crease on a more curvaceous thigh when sitting–I wonder if maybe this is one of the things that is a result of your playing more with how she moves as you made her, as you mentioned in an earlier post?

    Both of them are unique and eerily beautiful, which is why I love your dolls. I can’t wait to see what is next!

  88. Adrian says:

    She looks lovely! The curves flow in a rather nice way. The chest and shoulders seem a little thin for her, but at the same time, it just adds to the aesthetic of it. (Or maybe I just like that sort of body type. I’ve always thought that thick hips look wonderful on a lady.) She’s perfectly at home with your other creations.

    Keep on making beautiful things, and most importantly, enjoy yourself. :)

  89. la pierle says:

    I truly love better the rubenesque proportion than the slimmer one :) But I still dream to have one…in my dreams only :(

  90. Hannah says:

    I regret saying what I had said earlier, yes but I do love your new rubenesque beauty that you have given life to. May I Say though, is the head slightly larger than usual?

  91. Marcia says:

    “Rubene” is your very own artistic impression and expression. There is no right or wrong, just your vision.
    I think she is lovely in her proportion. Not realistic, but that’s not what you are doing. None of your EDs Are realistic. If they were, they wouldn’t be your own vision, and we wouldnt be such huge fans!

  92. Patricia says:

    You are such an incredible artist! I just love what you have done to the traditional idea of a doll. I love the fact that you are experimenting with your doll figures and think you are quite brave to throw the doll to the wolves for comments. I love the bottom half of the new doll but find the proportion of the shoulders, chest and arms a little off. It took me a while to figure out what it was that wasn’t working for me. She is still a beautiful doll though! Thank you for sharing your exquisite work with us!

  93. YL says:

    I love her. I do wish the top was slightly more curved as well. Maybe just slightly wider shoulders. I’m conflicted though. Like, I want a curvy top, with beautiful breasts, but it’s not like that hasn’t been done a million times. So, the more I think about it, the more I do love her, for being curvy even without big, uh, boobs.

  94. Beth says:

    I love everything about her! Beautiful shape. A goddess. :)

  95. Aeroksana says:

    I’m here again) And again, admire the Muse!

  96. Amoreen says:

    Wow, the video! Yay!!!

  97. I don’t think I could love her more!
    Truly inspirational!

  98. I don’t think I could love her more to be honest!

  99. She is by far my favorite of the body-types you have created. Simply beautiful. Thank you. I only wish she had made it into your book. *grin* I guess I will have to buy the second edition one of these days too then. Keep making this work world sing with your creations.

  100. Jana says:

    She is absolutely fabulous,wonderful…maybe will be more beautiful with maroon wig..?

  101. maryia says:


  102. KarolinFelix says:

    Marina, you created a sister for Boticelli’s Venus… can I have her? ^_^

    She is gorgeous…. I love her curvy shape… if she was a nymph taking a bath under waterfall, water would perfectly “hug” her..

    I really like her belly button.. it’s much more pleasant than previous version.

    I also really like the proportions of the body.. slimmer upper torso and heavier bottom seems to be in perfect harmony.
    There is something that breaks that soft, almost perfect curvy line, and I think it’s the neck-arm connection… seems too strong.. too triangular… And the arm… if only it could be a bit more plump – to match the size of the forearm..
    Than it would be just perfect (at least for me)

    I also have to say that the back of the Rubenesque seems not so soft and curvy as her front. I would love to see the same gentleness there ^_^

    But I think that new doll speaks to me much more than the skinny one… Maybe because she looks like she just stepped out of the painting. First photo is perfect. Bravo

  103. MollyTheWanderer says:

    I wasnt expecting the face, it doesnt seem quite right. I also feel that the arms and the breasts arent proportional. She’s a good first try tho. I’m sure you’ll get to the point where she’s perfect. The legs (especially the knees) are gorgeous.

  104. Molly, she is already perfect.

    I can’t please everyone, but I already pleased myself.

  105. Staying a true artist.

    The artist creates in 3D what her soul and mind see’s. The liberty to create what one feels in her heart is true art. The moment you modify or alter to please… no longer your creation.

    True art can not be forced upon…it is what it is…..

  106. Orangey says:

    When you stylize a character you really can’t please everyone. If you were making a realistic character it’d be easier to say ‘fix this and that’. Since this is your vision there’s no need to fix anything despite our personal annotations.

    It’s a beautiful work~

  107. Anelise says:

    She looks like she has just stepped out of a painting. For me not a Rubens, but more a religious painting. Specifically a Madonna and child, the golden hair, high forehead and apple breasts further enforcing that feeling. Also the very innocent expression on her face. I know you don’t usually go for sculpting children- be she really could use a baby in her arms and a halo on her head. I suppose if you did not wish to go that route- we can just imagine her pregnant. Lovely job.

  108. helvella says:

    I like her. She is different and pleasing, but a little disquieting too. I would like to see her in clothes, even if they don’t drape as well as they do on the waif.

    My favorite part of her is the public region, the proportions go so well with her rounded belly, her hips, her thighs, she comes across as healthy and beautiful.

  109. somnifer says:

    I feel like your ‘this body is Rubenesque according to the dictionary’response is kind of like Conan O’Brien’s responses to his fan corrections. :0P

    I don’t mind the new body, but I’ve never really liked the whole pear-shaped body trend has been happening with bjds for a while now. I much prefer a curvaceous hour-glass figure. Still– my preferences don’t matter; your vision does.

    Mostly, I’m just glad to see that you’ve made a new body. Do you know if the new size can fit into more commercially available clothes (compared to the slimmer EDs)?

  110. Anne-Sophie says:

    She’s marvelous!!!!!!!!!! She make me think to the Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus”!!!!

  111. Bower says:

    I think she is, well, enchanting! For me everything works on this doll aesthetically – the smaller upper body is perfect. These dolls are not exercises in anatomy, but artistic interpretations. I love all your dolls, but there is something particularly soft and feminine about this one. Congratulations, Marina.

  112. sunshinejade says:

    I think she is beautiful. I love her body proportions and her face is absolutely gorgeous. I would wish for slightly bigger hands and feet. But that is not a deal breaker. :)

    Congratulations Marina!

  113. Al says:

    I like that she is built like me, with all the junk in the trunk department. I’ve never seen another doll like her!

  114. Aeroksana says:

    If I could win her someday! Please, God!

  115. Annina says:

    Aeroksana, i cross my fingers for you!
    you always write such heartfelt comments! :)

  116. Clare says:

    She puts me in mind of Cranach and Boticelli but also has a pleasing bit of Henry Moore heft. The curious proportions and sense of perspective are a jolt, then they assume their own values. Lovely and of course herself.

  117. Erin Pena says:

    I love this doll. I love her knees (is that weird?)

  118. Sylvia says:

    I adore the lines of her lower legs and the back of her feet. Looks so delicate.

  119. Nila says:

    it’s great that you are experimenting and creating something different than you have done before.
    How ever she looks a bit artificial. The chest and top part of arms is to slim comparing to belly, it looks like it would belong to another doll. The feet and the bottom part of her legs are to small/thin too (is it a photo, or are her legs at the bottom thinner than her arms at wrists?)
    Then the knees, they look interesting, but they are to bony – look at the knees of a real woman of such rounded shape – all the bones are beautifully hidden under the soft flesh. ;)
    I love everything round and soft on her, but it is confusing to see the contrast with those slim and bony parts.

  120. Line says:


    I would love to see her, when is the Flawless show in Berlin?

  121. Mai says:

    Hello! I saw your show in Milwaukee and have been in love with your dolls and detailed work. I am IN LOVE with the rubenesque. It reminds me of my own body and when I see the doll it makes me feel beautiful because the doll is just gorgeous.

    Thank you.

  122. Carmen says:

    if I understand correctly, this rubenesque is not the same one that was used in the teaser photo with the red hair and lovely new hands? is the one used in the titanic photo shot the one with the new hands? Would love to be able to see a picture of the 2nd rubenesque doll with the red hair.

  123. Wishing this one could of made it in the book. We will have to wait for the next one.

  124. giperborea says:

    She is beautiful when seen alone…and I suppose many women can relate to her shape (me too, I have the same shape), however when Cathedral and Rubenesque are compared, Cathedral’s shape looks more pleasing to me, she looks more proportional, while Rubenesque’s top part looks much skinnier than her bottom part. Alone, she is gorgeous…but you know I’ve always envied the shapes that top models have, although their bodies are that of anorexic women as some would say.

  125. Tina says:

    she is beautiful. i love the small hands and feet. i see her standing in a shell with the ocean foaming around her.

    how lovely that you continue to find inspiration and that you continue to create.

  126. ellie says:

    your dolls are lovely creations, but I personally don’t like the body type. The long skinny neck and small chest just seems out of proportion with the rest of her :( …it looks like teletubbies or something. love the headdress it’s beautiful.

  127. yrch says:

    I really love this doll ! A great and beautiful body !

  128. Rob0t says:

    The only thing I would suggest is that the shoulders be widened slightly with the chest breadth. It looks a bit off kilter to me, but that may just be me. She’s pear shaped, but her top looks far too narrow for her bottom. Also, she’s quite pretty. I much prefer this doll to your usual, since it looks a bit more realistic than usual.

  129. V says:

    She’s pretty. I thought she was pregnant though..

  130. afraid that two people against her! group last year. ” He also when Lin Yan put the home of hundreds.

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