Resin Enchanted Dolls-Launch!

8 years, 1 month ago 130

I am so happy to finally be able to present to you, the long-awaited line of Resin Enchanted Doll! The official launch is in Moscow, Russia on Oct 4-7th at the 8th annual Doll Salon exhibition, along with the launch of the Russian language edition of Enchanted Doll book! This is so exciting!





Also, a big Thanks for all your naming suggestions! So many pretty names. I chose Serafina. I couldn’t pick just one though, so I made a short list of my favorites and gave them to the 15 of the first resin dolls going to Russia tomorrow. Here they all are:


Being new at painting resin dolls, I was learning a lot. To experiment with different painting techniques and features, I painted each doll face a little bit differently; tweaking eyebrows, changing eye shapes and playing with boundaries of lips to find the essence of Enchanted Dolls in resin. These dolls are all prototypes from which I will be painting in the future.


After the shows in Russia and Italy, Resin line wait list will go in effect, and those of you who’ve been on it, will be given priority to order a resin doll.



So, what do you guys think? Any favorites?

130 Responses

  1. Linda says:

    Stunning!! Have a great trip!

  2. Linda says:

    Stunning!! Have a grand trip!

  3. lyn says:

    So delicate and pretty… i really like Luchia, Aksana and Merra.

  4. Jeanette says:

    All of them are absolutely gorgeous,
    so hard to choose…

  5. SIAMESE says:

    I hope to be able to buy in Taiwan

  6. Bertha says:

    Can I buy one or two without going to the show? I have Hassana and Akasana or Merra in mind. I know I am a big dreamer! Miracle, miracle!

  7. Mika says:

    I looove the eyes. They’re so beautiful!

  8. Glynis says:

    Choose a favourite!!are you kidding!!?? They are all absolutely stunning,I’m going to have to keep looking to try to decide,I’m sooooo excited to be on the resin list,have a great time in Italy and Russia,I’m sure you will make many more fans/friends

  9. Katie Tenery says:

    Oooh they are wonderful!!! I’m so excited to finally see them! Have fun at the show! Also, I know there was a resin list already in effect, but are you adding to it? I’m sure there are TONS in front of me, but I would love to get in line! :)

  10. sailor says:

    I’d also love to get on the waiting list if it’s still open!

  11. Merri says:

    Marina, I love the way you painted the eyes & eyebrows of Grimalda! Other favourites are Serafina, Luchia, Merra and Hassana. But if I had to choose just one it would be Aksana!

  12. Kasia says:

    They all look beautiful! I love the name Vesper and Merra!

    Will you take preorders on the resin dolls? Will they be available later, too?

  13. eaven says:

    Hassana a Kloie jsou nejúžasnější. Bravo

  14. Eiko says:

    This is absolutely wonderful news. I’m so glad that the resin waiting list will go into effect.

    Are they all the same sculpt? My fav. are Luchia, Aksana and Trixia.

  15. elcato says:

    Мои фавориты Nina, Lirea и Aksana и Grimalda

  16. Miwa says:

    Wow…I can’t wait!

  17. MigMig says:

    “Oh goodness, so much good stuff all at once.” Exactly!

  18. nelly says:

    I really like Luchia and Cloie but all are beautiful :)

  19. Jon Songserm says:

    I love Lirea,
    How Can I buy her,and blank one, without go to this event, it’s very impossible for me to to Russia, T-T

  20. Orangey says:

    Wow, wonderful! Merra, Luchia, Astra, and Lirea are my favorites, they all really stand out to me. If I had the chance it would be Astra or Lirea for me, definitely. If I could make a suggestion, the philtrum region is really defined on the dolls because of the blushing, I think the dolls are getting a kind of cat-like appearance because of it.

    I’m not sure if I missed reading this, but in the future both painted and blank options would come with wigs?

  21. vocalmaid says:

    Все-таки весьма беспардонные некоторые иностранные граждане: хотят чтобы им продали куклу (и не одну даже!) минуя выставку! У них и так сколько лет было преимущество,так что пусть теперь ждут как и все))))))

  22. Bertha says:

    Wow, the more I look at them the more I desire. They all beautiful. I think I love Luchia and Merra the most! Marina you are incredible!

  23. Tomo says:

    Luchia is similar to a woman who I had a first love.;-)
    Please sell these dolls in Japan too.

  24. Emeline says:

    I love the fact that one of the dolls has my name, even if it is spelled “Emiline” instead of “Emeline”! Even if you didn’t get the name from my comment I am still very happy and so full of joy that it went to such a beautiful doll!

  25. Bella says:

    Lirea, Merra and Astra.

    So delicate and beautiful. Wow,wow,wow.

  26. Sarah says:

    Wow…amazing to hear about the resin waiting list will go into effect and hope to buy one or two the dolls before the show, my favourites are Luchia and Merra, but they are all beautiful.
    Will you take the preorders?

  27. Eiko says:

    I forgot to ask but will you also offer blank dolls to people on the resin waiting list?

  28. Katarina says:

    They are lovely, have a nice trip and I am happy you liked my name Aksana and she is one of my favorite too with Merra

  29. Aeroksana says:

    OH! MY! GOD! My heart is beating like alarm!
    ♥Aksana is the favorite doll for Aeroksana!♥
    Also I like Trixia,Lirea,Nina,Merra,Luchia and Vesper! Oh, they ALL are SO INCREDIBLY STUNNING!

  30. noxy says:

    Merra, Kloie, Aksana, and Hassana are my faves, but they’re all lovely!

  31. Joanna N says:

    Oh!! They are so pretty. My favourites are Grimalda and Luchia!

  32. Sylvia says:

    I like Luchia and Astra best.
    I think Astra would be even more beautiful with a straight black or curly white wig, both long or short. Her facial features are quite asian, which suits her well.

  33. They are stunning Marina!!!! Thank you for disclosing the prices as well!

    My favourite are Luchia and Hasanna. I have to say- its unbelievable what you can do with “just” paint, how different and amazing these girls look!!!!!

    Axana… That’s the name of my most popular Lightpainted Doll. The ED Axana you painted is also very beautiful.

    They are all incredible girls!!!!

  34. Caesar Wong says:

    I guess it’s no surprise that so many people like Luchia seeing as there are more photos of her. She’s one of my faves too, along with Merra.

    At least now an Enchanted Doll is finally realistically within my reach (financially speaking, even if not physically… wish I were in Moscow!!!)

  35. Annina says:

    dear Marina,


    these are such great news, thank you so much!
    i am over the moon that at some point in the future, i can have a second ED, so amazing! :)

    they are so beautiful, my favourite right now is Aksana (funny because i also have an Axana from Ilona on order).

    i have some questions and will throw them in the pool for later:

    – will there be resin dolls with closed eyes? (i love Banshee and Cathedral)

    – will there be different skin colours to choose? (hoping for white skin)

    and seconding Els’ question:
    – will these prices include 1 wig per doll?

    thank you Marina, this is a dream come true ♥

    enjoy your trip and good luck,

  36. Anika says:

    What a sweet surprise to see the resin dolls coming out!

    And your wait list is resurrected too…I know I’m on there early, but congrats in advance to those very 1st ones who will hear from you.

    They are lovely…well worth waiting for ;-)


  37. Hazel says:

    I am so overwhelmed by all the beautiful dolls, and all the good news that I don’t even know what to say! :’D

  38. Alex says:

    Марина! Они прекрасны! Скажите пожалуйста, они будут продаваться в Москве на салоне начиная с открытия или 7-го в день закрытия? Боюсь, я почти не владею английским, чтобы точно понять. мечтаю о Лючии или Триксии. :) Извините.
    Спасибо. :)

  39. Niiv says:

    I am speechless…
    Thank you endlessly for giving more of your fans the opportunity to own an ED! Truly, this is a dream come true for us all. The Resins really reflect the porcelain dolls, but also have a wonderful personality of their own.
    I’m a little sad to hear the waiting line will go into affect, but I guess it’s only fair ;) What has to be done to get on the list? Do we have to email you a request?
    Having to choose only one is painful, but I’ll go with Serafina. She is my R.ED dream doll. My other favorites here are Luchia, Merra, Askana and Kloie.

  40. Amal says:

    I wonder whether resin EDs will be on-topic at Den of Angels? Not that it’s necessarily a concern for you, either way. But it would be interesting to read the reaction of other bjd connoisseurs.

    Luchia and Grimalda are my favourite. The possibilities of a blank ED are also enticing.

    I’m so happy for everyone who has been waiting so eagerly for this news :)

  41. Beth L says:

    I love the glass eyes now that I see the pictures of the completed dolls! The glass eyes are just as expressive as the painted eyes! Each doll is lovely in her own way. I cannot choose a favorite!

  42. Joe Coloff says:

    I’m a big fan of Merra and Luchia. Beautiful as always, keep of the amazing work, you inspire us.

  43. 2012 marks us fans the best year!

    Thank you!

  44. jacci says:

    they’re all beautiful. i am so psyched that you used Lirea, that made my day. i don’t have a favorite yet, but the fact that one of these beauties has the name i suggested is awesome. have a safe trip and a great time. good luck!

  45. Aeroksana says:

    Annina, thank you for having opened all 4 hidden mosaics! So, now I have to add to my list of favorite R.ED beautiful Serafina, Cornelia and Lux ;-)
    My top-three is Aksana, Trixia and …can not choose one!!!

    Marina! You’re an amazing person! I wish you a pleasant journey! Let everything goes in the best way and will bring you much happiness!

  46. Tatie says:

    ah faint faint FAINT ……..
    Kornelia/Evelien i luv this two !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Jayne Wourms says:

    My goodness it is so hard to choose!
    Luchia, Merra, Nina, Cornelia and Lux are on the short list. I suppose I will have a while to figure it out, but it is so wonderful to have such a chose!

  48. Tatie says:

    I just opened a new thread of R.ED on DoA forum ^^ please come join me and help to introduce the new beauty’s to the BJD people who do not here about it yet !!!!! huraaaaaaaayyy!!!! wo ho !!!!
    I fill like a kid on the perad lol

  49. giperborea says:

    Hassana and Merra are my faves. Don’t really like the red line between the nose and mouth that Grimalda and Astra seem to have.

  50. Mai says:

    Dear Marina,

    Thank you for making our day! This was a complete treat to behold today for your fans. Every one of these dolls is a treasure, and my heart breaks for the hope that one day, “the rest of us” (unlucky enough to have missed the resin sign-up list) will have the opportunity to order one also. MANY blessings to you, and enjoy the show.

    (p.s. my favs are cornellia, aksana, and grimalda.)

  51. Marion says:

    I love Luchia, she looks like my daugther.
    My daugther have seen her and loves that you made a doll just like her =)

  52. Ellie says:

    I am so in love with these glass eyes I can barely stand it!:D <3

  53. Beth says:

    Yay! They are soooo beautiful! I am so pleased that you chose one of my name suggestions too! How cool is that?? And of course Merra is my favorite because of that but it is really almost impossible to choose!

  54. Awwww!!! ***ADORABLE*** Can I buy online? ~Thanks~

  55. Sarah says:

    I love Serafina and Cornelia the most ^^

  56. Awwww!!! ***ADORABLE*** I would love to be in the Waiting List:-} My Dream is to own one of your Unique Dolls Marina!! ~Thanks~

  57. Annina says:

    oh i have one more question to add to my list of questions:

    – will the double hip joint be an option when ordering? (i would lovelovelove that!!!)

  58. Darnell says:

    astra is gorgeous im in love with her…ENJOY YOUR TRIP MARINA :D

  59. susan says:

    Oh have been watching your blog eagerly for news of these dolls and now they are finally here! How does one get on the resin doll ‘wait list’?

  60. Melissa says:

    wow, love them all but if I had the chance I would love a Luchia, great work Marina!

  61. MollyTheWanderer says:

    They’re beautiful!

  62. Leigh in ME says:

    So I am dying to know where these are being cast? Canada? China?

  63. Suok69 says:

    This is so exciting. Love all the girls, it will be impossible to pick ones i like the most.

    Marina, thank you so much for your hard work and dedication. You made so many people happy. Can not wait for the updates on the ordering.

    I wish you all the best at the doll show. I bet your girls would be the stars of the whole event.

  64. Ammar says:

    This is such exciting news, they are extremely beautiful! Finally, yay!!! I also hope there will be resin dolls with closed eyes as well, as I would seriously die of happiness if I could get a resin Ruby once I am called from the resin list. This is so exciting, thanks so much Marina for all your hard work!!!

  65. Marcia says:

    I want one, can I be on the waiting list? They are so hauntingly beautiful.

  66. Belen says:

    Seraphina and Merra are by far my favorites. I didn’0t know you also made paper dolls

  67. Jenn says:

    Love Vesper and Astra! Congratulations on the launch of the new line!

  68. Hazel says:

    I just cannot stop looking at these photos!

    (Can anyone, pretty please, get me Hassana? :>)

  69. Ali says:

    Merra and Luchia are so beautiful! I seriously adore them. Well, I adore everything you make, really.

  70. Linda says:

    Marina, they are all so beautiful, but Hassana gets my vote at the moment, she reminds me of my daughter. I want to own one of these so much and I’m over the moon that the dream could soon be reality…yeeyy!

  71. Anthony says:

    GLORIOUS !!!!! What beautiful girls!!!! I can not pick a favorite, but if you insist lol… I guess it would have to be Serefina love her face!!! This is soOoOo exciting Marina!!! Will they ever be available for international sale? I have been dying for years now to add one of your stunning beauties into my doll collection. Please tell me this can finally be the chance.

  72. Anne (UK) says:

    They are all so stunning it’s impossible to choose a favourite.

    I’m so excited about the news that the resin dolls will be available to some of those on the waiting list. I put my name down a long, long time ago when the resin line was first mentioned. I hope it’s still there!

  73. Josceline says:

    Amazing as always! Will the Russian version of the book be available to buy online? Or will there be a third print run of the English one? :>

  74. Bantita says:

    Dear Marina,

    Congratulations on your new line resin doll!.

    Possession at least one of your dolls is always my dream. Without your painting, they are quiet meaningless for me…

    In this series, for me, LUCHIA is perfect. ASTRA is unique while GRIMALDA is pretty but if I can afford only one, SERAFINA would be my choice. Strange, isn’t it?

    The rest is also stunning, can not stare at each of them longer because I will want them all.

  75. Do some of you know what molds these dolls are…..I do see Ruby and Stockholm…..are these only to molds that have made so many faces???

  76. Amal says:

    Hmm, if I had to guess, I would suggest that all the girls above are borne of only 2 moulds, Ruby and Lily… Ruby = (Grimalda, Astra, Aksana, Nina, Lirea, Serafina, Cornelia and Lux) and Lily = (Luchia, Emiline, Merra, Hassana, Kloie, Trixia, Henrietta and Vesper)…

  77. Елена says:

    Passed only four hours of an exhibition, and dolls already almost all bought. There were only three pieces! Improbably! Мarinа, I congratulate you! Thanks a lot for the book!

  78. Annina says:

    wow Elena, that sounds amazing, thank you for telling here!
    that’s what i thought though, that the 20 dolls will sell like hot croissants (that’s how we say it in switzerland).
    hoping we will see owner photos and hear reviews of how the new owners like their new dolls! :)

  79. k6 says:

    My favorite are Cornelia and Luchia !!
    when did you sale them for french people like me ??? ^_^

  80. Sarah says:

    Dear Marina!!
    I’m so happy to know that!!!!!!!!! your dolls are so amazing and I love them since a long long time!!! Those I prefer : Lux,Grimalda,Cornelia,Sepaphina.

    I also want to know when french like me could buy one of them.

    Amazing! so amazing!!!!

  81. Annina says:

    for anyone who wants to buy a resin doll, i think it is a good idea to write an email to Marina with “Resin Doll Waiting List” in the title.

  82. Thank you Amal are you sure of Lily. She has half closed eyes with her teeth showing a bit. I don’t realy see any Lily look alike but you could be rite. Marina could change the look drastically.

    Thank you once again!

  83. Tiasdolls says:

    Oh this is sooooo exciting! I love them all. Each is a little different and that adds to the excitement and imagination. Congratulations and thank you!

  84. angie says:

    Is it just me or do they look like rabbits? they have a weird nasal cleft thing because the red of the lips has leaked into the gap between the nose and mouth.

  85. Stich says:

    Марина , скажите , пожалуйста , ГДЕ можно встать в очередь на эту красоту ???

  86. yrch says:

    I really love Luchia, Astra, Henrietta and Serafina.
    Beautiful dolls <3 One day, I hope to have one of this girl !
    Will you sell it on the Internet?

  87. Ereha (#78) May I ask did you buy one of Marina’s dolls and if so which one….You are so lucky to have gone….

  88. Елена says:

    Christiane (Quebec)#88
    Good evening, Christiane! Oooooo, I’m awfully happy because I’ve been dreaming for Cornelia, and she has waited for me! Now she is traveling to Siberia, so I sew valenki for her))))

  89. Oh thank you Ereha (#89) I envy you right now. I am so happy you got to buy one of her creations. The feeling of actually owning one must be overwhelming. Cornelia is so beautiful.

    There is hope for all fans!

  90. Ereha (#89) Wow I just looked at the map of Russia how long of a drive is it from Siberia to Moscow. Did you drive or fly. Then again how could you not go that extra mile to get something so precious.

    Congrats to you!

  91. Jay says:

    I jump for joy over their beauty and weep over the cost. Maybe someday….

    Congratulations on such a wonderful line of beautiful resins.


  92. Lara says:

    Dear Marina,

    I was excited seeing your breathtaking dolls alive – I can’t express with trivial words how amazing they are. Thank you very much for your creature!

  93. Linda says:

    Hi guys,
    Just wondered if anyone knows if Marina mixes and matches the wigs? I would love a dark haired Merra.

  94. Еlеnа says:

    Christiane (Quebec) #91
    Unfortunately, I wasn’t at exhibition. I had to choose between a trip and doll acquisition. I chose the second))) There was my friend.

  95. from a sailboat somewhere in Turkey, I had to check up on the doll show. These new resin dolls are stunning, what a beautiful group! Congratulations on the immense success, though it is no surprise they did so well.

    My favourite would have to be the beauties that resemble “Beauty and the Beast” – Serafina and Grimalda. Though Aksana, Nina and Astra are all very beautiful too, incredible beauties!

  96. Lara says:

    What about my favorits, it was difficult, but Merra, Luchia, Trixia, and Hassana are the most amazing for me.

  97. Cjoy says:

    I absolutely love Astra’s freckles!

  98. Bea (italy) says:

    Love them all!

  99. Erin says:

    I love the warmth of their skin; it looks very much alive. But they all look so sad…

  100. Syaron says:

    The dolls are so amazing, so heart achingly beautiful. Will it be possible to purchase the Russian language book from the US?

  101. Ginie says:

    Oh they are all so wonderful , and it is a difficult task to choose :
    I think I can only narrow it down to 3 favourite :
    Luchia , Vesper , and Henrietta .

  102. che says:

    They are all amazing!! I am so excited! But I’m also caught off guard! I’ve been on the wait list for two years and I sort of thought it wasn’t going to happen and just spent $1000 on French Art Dolls! *sob!*

    :) But I’m also so happy!!! I just need to start saving again!!

    I would love to buy a blank one, I have been practicing painting my own dolls for years and I think I might be able to do a good job!

  103. joan sandler says:

    i love Lirea. i picked her because she is to me the most unusual.

  104. haoji zhou says:

    Hi there, how can I order these wonderful dolls? thanks!


  105. haoji zhou says:

    please please add me on the wait lists! I’ve been waiting for this for years since I first saw your dolls!!!

  106. Darja says:

    Luchia and Lux are especially beautiful! have a great trip!

  107. Jan Smith says:

    They are beautiful. Do you sell to the US? How much are they in US dollars? Do you have any available for sale for Christmas?

  108. Hana says:

    Shalon Marina
    Today I got by mail the Presentation of yours beautiful art work.
    You are a unique artist working with such tiny dolls & Creating amazing clothes with fantastic decor at such a young age.
    Wishing you all the best

  109. chi chi says:

    I wnt the doll,too.How to buy it?

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