And the big news is…..THE RESIN LINE!

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That’s right. It’s official. Enchanted Dolls will soon be also available in fine resin.


Let me introduce to you the very first Resin ED prototype. Her name is Kay. Her face was painted after my porcelain Cinderella for practice. I wanted to see how close I can get to porcelain Enchanted Dolls in terms of painting style and technique. I think fairly close.

Oh what a journey it has been! The minute I came back from a show in Germany in the fall, I began following on leads for resin manufactures until I found the manufacturer of my dreams who GETS ME. Really, really gets me; My minute perfectionism, my high demands for my dolls, the vision of what I want to create. Together we have big plans for this resin ED line. Sorry I’ve been keeping a tight lid on this secret. I’ve been wanting to announce this amazing news for weeks, but having been burned by manufacturers before, I didn’t want to jinx it. And now finally I have physical evidence and results to show how amazing this line is turning out!


Resin doll Kay, painted with watercolor pencils, liquitex acrylic paints, synthetic glazes and a UV resistant varnish sealant.

The resin EDs are copies of my porcelain dolls with some improvements. They are the same size of 13.5″( 36cm), but they have 3 different pairs of hands with various levels of finger expressiveness. Also, all the joints have been altered for a tight fit to improve the body lines and recalibrated for a non-leather-lined traction. So far, 5 different head molds are available, but I plan to make more soon. I am also planning to create a raised foot, self -customizing option for a heeled shoe. But that’s in the future.

These are my first impressions of my very first experience with resin.

The resin parts themselves by far exceeded my expectations. They are incredible quality. They are very tough and a little flexible, so that even their tiny fingers can take a tremendous amount of abuse! My porcelain dolls are very strong but a bit brittle, while resin dolls are strong and also durable and don’t require gentle handling at all. The resin has a UV retardant mixed in. They are silky smooth and pick up every nuance of my porcelain dolls’ skin surface. There are some dramatic differences in how resin and porcelain each ‘take’ and retain the surface paint, both aesthetically and technically: China paint on porcelain being hard, permanent and absolutely non-removable through human means, while Acrylic and whatercolor on resin being soft and removable with solvents and abrasive materials.

That’s the main contradiction I’m facing with porcelain and resin dolls: while porcelain requires gentle handling and full awareness of the doll because though very strong, it is brittle and vulnerable to medium velocity impact, its surface is completely impervious to scratches, UV, dirt or paint damage. Resin dolls on the other hand are a lot more durable and can easily survive a medium velocity impact and all kinds of very rough play and probably even small children, but their acrylic-based surface paint is not molecularly bonded to resin the way China paint is to Porcelain, and so one has to be aware of not accidentally removing paint through careless abrasive surface contact. Although touching it and gently wiping/washing it with wet cloth is quite safe because it’s sealed with varnish. I’ve tested it.

So, gentle handling is still advised, but not because of the doll itself, but for the sake of the paint.

Even though I’m not very pleased about this impermanence, I understand that this is the primary characteristic of resin which is common to all resin dolls, ball-jointed or not, and despite this, it still makes up for this minor shortcoming with its other amazing characteristics, such as incredible strength and customizing versatility.


This is Clymenestra. She is partially painted. Her face, hands and feet are painted, while her body is left blank. She has downcast eyes and an option for real eyelashes. Testing out different looks. I think this one is a Greek goodess.

The articulation of my resin Enchanted Dolls is the same as my porcelain dolls.  All the joints were altered to improve a movement range and after testing all kinds of stinging up methods and playing with elastics, I realized why I developed a steel spring articulation to begin with: it’s because elastics absolutely SUCK compared to carbon springs. They suck. Sucky-sucky-suck-suck.

That’s why I had decided to keep my complex, signature steel articulation style in my resin dolls too. It’s takes a long time to do, but it’s so worth it. The registration of the joints is very good due to the spring tension, even though most joints are not lined with leather and are very smooth inside. I lined only two parts with fine leather: the chest joint and the neck joint. The rest is resin on resin contact and due to isolated-joint stringing system, the registration is still remarkable. I love springs.


My first painting attempt 3 days ago was a spectacular failure. I naturally assumed I can do anything, :) and when I couldn’t create my beloved misty blushing effect with acrylic paints on resin, I was so upset I almost lost it. I kept trying to do it and resin just kept “grabbing” the paint half a second after I applied it and I couldn’t do any blending to it. Acrylic dries really fast, but not this fast. I was shocked and frustrated at seeing this new characteristic of acrylic on resin, nearly to tears. I kept failing and wiping it off and starting again and failing again and thinking: “This can’t be! How can this be?! I know acrylic like the palm of my hand. How can I be failing at something I know? I went to art school for five years, damn it!!” Well,  Acrylic is impossible to mist without an airbrush, it turns out. It’s something I didn’t know because I’ve always painted a wet on wet acrylic, which blends just fine. While wet on dry is pretty impossible. I plan to buy an air brush for large area blushing, but meanwhile I used whatercolor to create the misty blush on her face and body. The look it creates on the skin is similar to that of china paint, but that’s as far as similarities go.

Chad said this was because I got a bit too arrogant since I haven’t failed for a while. I should say without false modesty that most of my attempts end up in success. This was a huge reality check to my ego.

In most ways painting a resin doll is way easier than painting a porcelain doll because it doesn’t require specialty tools, specialty paint, an extremely steady hand or a highfire kiln to bond the color to porcelain and that means anyone can do it with readily available art supplies. Like anything else, it does require practice and I, unaccustomed to the new technique characteristics, was struggling for control of my tones, lines and blushing. I was a novice. About 36 hours into my attempts I began to figure it out though. I couldn’t sleep until I did.

I still think that China paint allows for a far more control, especially on a miniature scale like my dolls’ faces and hands, not to mention the whole permanence thing. In fact, getting to know the beauty of resin gave me a whole new appreciation for how amazing porcelain really is. I think I just missed it after not working with it for a few days! It remains my first, high maintenance love, while resin is my new mistress. :)


Resin dolls can balance a lot better without a stand than my porcelain dolls. I don’t have stands made for these yet, but I’m working on it. Wigs, custom boxes and stands is my next project for my resin line. I am so excited about the new boxes! I think you guys will be too when you see the sample. It’s something very special.


These are my first four resin prototypes. I haven’t had time to paint the other two yet, but perhaps next week I might. I’m still working on developing this line and can’t say exactly when I will begin taking orders for these. Hopefully this spring I will be able to take the first batch of 20 orders or so. I will honor my wait list and give the people who’ve waited the longest the opportunity to order first. I’m still working out the prices, but because they are quite expensive to manufacture, high quality dolls they will retail for around $1500 CND -$2,000 CND. I’m still working it out.

I’m also considering offering the option of a limited number of blank dolls to artsy people who like customizing their own dolls. I frequently get requests for blank dolls and with porcelain it is absolutely out of question, but with resin it’s possible but I am undecided. On one hand I am really eager to see how others would interpret painting of my dolls, on the other hand, I am a bit protective of them. Perhaps you guys  could offer some insight on that. Is this something you would like?

Well, I hope this was worth the wait. Whoever is interested in purchasing one of these dolls, please email me as I’m making a resin nude doll wait list.

Eventually I plan to create limited resin costumed lines too, as well as accessories, but that’s in the future. One step at a time.

It looks like my announcement coincides with the premiere of the last season of Lost. Got to go watch it. Hopefully it won’t be a huge disappointment like the last two seasons.

New Season of Lost and Resin Enchaned Dolls!? Wooo!

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  1. noxy says:

    eeeeeeeee! *has heart attack*

  2. Shiny says:

    Ha I knew being an insomniac would one day pay off!

    Marina the resin dolls are stunning and the photographs are beautiful.

    I think I will have to join Noxy in a joy induced heart attack!

  3. Eiko says:

    THIS IS THE BEST NEWS EVER!!!!!!!!! I’m so happy to see resin EDs. They look amazing!!! Kay looks gorgeous.

    I would love to get a painted and unpainted one someday. Gonna email you right now to be put on the resin waitinglist.

  4. Hazel says:

    Oh my goodness! These are, hands down, the most beautiful resin dolls I’ve ever seen!

    I think I shall have a heart attack too…

  5. Jayne Wourms says:

    They have exceeded my expectations. Simply beautiful. It is so nice to see an artist flourish in Canada. Can’t wait to see you doll up close and personal in Vancouver. Will you be coming up with a price list for the Dragonspace show soon?

  6. Jayne says:

    Yippee! They are sooo good. Just the best resin I have seen.
    Congratulations :)

  7. Congratulations Marina, for achieving this! What a long journey it must have been for you… and what a success…

    I’m pretty speechless that Kay is resin, her face looks so much like the Porcelain girls… it’s exquisite and fine….

    Your lovely soft body blushing on her really distinguishes her from the paleness of the girls beside her….

    that being said, I’d be one of those artsy people interested to try my hand at painting one of your “blank resin nudes” – I think it’s a great idea…..

  8. kelly says:

    Congrats, they are lovely. I can’t wait to see the rest painted! I might want a blank, I’m not sure, your painting is so beautiful! I do like the idea of a less breakable doll! I need to go sell some things…

  9. Rinna says:

    WOW!!!! Amazing news!!!! I’d better save up now. I really want to have your doll!! And the blank doll is very interesting idea too.

    Congratulations on your new line!

  10. Kissabug says:

    Yes, congratulations! A lot of people having been staying up late hoping to see this sort of news! My, these dolls are beautiful. If not for the lack of leather lining, I would hardly have noticed a difference from photographs of porcelain. These really are the most amazing resin dolls that I have ever seen, so kudos for that!
    And the idea of a blank doll… so exciting. I consider myself an artsy type, but I’d be too intimidated to paint a blank one on my own. Maybe after loads of practice on something else first. But I can imagine some really amazing and interesting things that could come of it, so I hope you do make that option available.
    Congrats again on a job well done, and as always, I look forward to seeing more!

  11. Halo says:

    Congratulations!!! What a wonderful way to EDs to more people! They look fantastic and I’m amazed you were able to keep your springs. Bravo!! I look forward to watching this all unfold and the gorgeous art to come.

  12. katui says:

    i saw your tweet and come here right away.
    O.O!!! can hardly wait!!!

  13. Jayne says:

    Oh I forgot to say I think the idea of a blank doll is fantastic. I would love to have a go at air brushing one.

  14. Somnifer says:

    I’m curious as to why you aren’t using chalk pastels to get that ‘misted’ look for blushing (or, if they were used, they weren’t listed amongst the materials).

  15. Marina says:

    These dolls are not airbushed though. They are blushed with watercolor and sealed with varnish.

  16. Marina says:

    I didn’t use chalks for misting. Chalks have little adhesion on their own and rely solely on varnish to stay on the surface of the doll. I used dry watercolor for misting.
    I find they adhere a bit better than chalk, but ultimately I plan to get an airbrush to spray paint acrylic misting. Acrylic has excellent adhesive properties and I prefer it over everything else for resin.

  17. Nicole says:

    oh, I’m so excited! :)

  18. Lisa says:

    Есть несколько секретов покраски полиуретановых (or resin’s) кукол ;) Можно обойтись без аэрографа))) все просто – пастель и закрепитель для тонировки тела и личика, чтобы придать им живость))) Еще лессировка и пр. тонкости… А четкую роспись – акрилом, да))
    Новость хороша)

  19. Lisa says:

    Пастель, кстати, хорошо держится… Не хуже аэрографа. А акрил ведь чем хорош, он не “впитывается” в резин, его используют частенько именно из-за того, что он легко удаляется с поверхности и не оставляет после себя следов. Вот масляные краски как раз вступают в реакцию с материалом и могут впитаться, зато ими проще делать размывку, плавные переходы и пр. эффекты.

  20. Marina says:

    На сколько мне известо, ни пастель ни акварель не впитываются в уретан потому что оба наносятся в сухом виде и закрепляюсытся между разными слоями. Они как бы зависают меж поверхностью куклы и слоями лака закрепителя. Масленные пастели или краски не ресомендуют так как они могут со временем разрушить куклу. Ух, как бы мне хотелось маслом!!!
    Но увы….

  21. Lisa says:

    Да, да, все верно! Наносить в сухом виде и закреплять. Но после закрепления, пастель держится неплохо, не хуже,чем тонировать аэрографом. А про масло – может стоить попробовать?
    Еще есть такая штука – замедлитель высыхания акрила. Он очень помогает при росписи. Потом еще можно лессировать – красить слоями и пр. Это облегчает работу с акрилом. Можно сильно разбавлять водой, добавлять замедлитель высыхания, и промокать ватным тапончиком

  22. Bella says:

    This is amazing. Absolutely amazing!
    Buuuut: to be honest, I wouldn’t give out blank dolls. Or maybe only to people/artists you really know and trust. It’s a bit to much like blank my little ponies, and people might start selling the dolls they painted. Plus it would be a shame, somehow. I mean ED is ED because theses beauties are made by you. And no one else.

    Omg This is sooo amazing.

  23. La Pierle says:

    OMG !!! Added me to your waiting list ;)

  24. Helene says:

    I never use this phrase but today I have to : OH – MY – GOD! I never thought anyone would ever bring resin so far, but if someone could, it had to be you! When I saw the first photo I thought OK, where is the resin doll? Can’t wait to see how this line develops.

  25. Marina says:

    Мне известно про все эти методы. Замедлитель практически бесполезен без предварительного слоя краски. А это будет жутко выглядеть на такой малюсенькой кукле. Про воду тоже знаю.:)Я за пять лет в художестенной школе я не мало писала и акрилом и маслом и акварелью и пастелью и помню всячиские трюки. Какие то подходят в этом приминении а какие то нет. Все равно, спасибо большое за советы, Lisa.

  26. Andra says:

    This is really wonderful news! I just know they’ll prove to be a smashing success (I can’t wait for the inflood of pictures in the forums! And here we thought we were going to be ED-starved). I only hope you won’t stop making the porcelain nudes.

  27. Marina says:

    Never ever ever!

    In fact, I will be making more costumed porcelain dolls!

  28. MadamMauMau says:

    Absolutely beautiful and will please us resin addicts no end. I particularly like the idea of blank sculpts being available as many of us are used to painting our own dolls and enjoy it.

    One question; would you consider selling some with opened eyes so that glass eyes can be used with them?

  29. Marina says:

    I don’t have any open eyed sculpts, but I might consider trying one head just for fun. I don’t know how it’s going to turn out.

    I’m not a big glass eyes fan myself. They look kind of….flat to me.

    But I will consider your request.

  30. Sylvian says:

    Wow. Wow. WOW. I am so pleased and excited for you and for us, your fans. Imagine a resin doll with such aesthetically pleasing joints. These new girls are very beautiful new additions to your world. Different in feel from the porcelain girls but still unmistakably Marina. I think you will make a lot of people very happy with these.

  31. Jayne says:

    Sorry Marina, I realize yours aren’t airbrushed.
    I just meant I would love to try airbrushing one myself.
    Jayne x

  32. Marina says:

    I plan to get an airbrush, actually. I’ve always wanted to try airbrushing and now it seems I have the perfect excuse.
    I’m ordering it, a really good one, but it may be some weeks before it gets here. I also have to get a micro particle extraction system to remove resin dust and paint particles out from the air to not poison myself.

  33. Anne (Paris) says:

    Stunning work on the resin Marina! This is absolut good new! And the possibility to change hands and such, this is great!
    I think the blank nude possibility is great too for artists trying their own painting customisation! I may be interested, thought having a porcelain doll is still in my wish list!

    Congratulations! It was worth all these efforts!

  34. Anika says:

    Oh Marina, how gorgeous they are!

    I would so adore to paint one of these girls, what a treasure that would be!


  35. Kim says:

    Absolutely gorgeous Marina! Finally there will be more dolls available for us adoring fans. I’ll be adding my name to your resin waiting list for sure, although I still want a porcelain version.

    Your painted eyes are absolutely lovely, however, I would really love to see one with glass eyes.

    Results with the watercolor are fabulous. Did you consider and / or try the heat set genesis paints? I heard they are quite permanent.

    Best of luck with your new resin line! Can hardly wait to own one.

  36. Annina says:

    wow the prototypes are so beautiful, i’m really amazed! they look like porcelain.

    to be honest i’m a little sad though to see that they won’t be that much more affordable than porcelain dolls. i’m not saying these should be cheaper, i know why they will be the price they will be, with the special stringing/assembling and the painting and everything that is just as much work as porcelain dolls, but i was just hoping for a more affordable resin doll.
    one that used elastic and only had a painted face, or an option to choose that.
    with my resin dolls i have none that are body blushed because it wears off with the body oil, changing clothes etc. i had a fully blushed one once but it intimidated me, i was more scared to touch her because i would wear the blushing off.

    i love how they look though, just beautiful, i knew they would be amazing! really i’m not just saying this, i knew if you would make resin dolls they would be amazing because how could you create a doll that is anything less than amazing.

  37. Ruth says:

    Congratulations, Marina! The resin dolls are exquisite–your hard work is making many people very happy, just as always.

    At this point, do you think you might eventually offer the male doll in resin also?

  38. Jú Serra says:

    Im’ gonna go over there to sell my soul to the devil and them gona order one of thoseee *w*

    and would be lovely to be able o costumize a BLANK doll…

  39. Margarita says:

    Fantastic News! I LOVE your dolls (and that’s when I first saw them in a doll collector magazine years ago..and still have it!) and the idea of resin (especially in my clutzsy world) is just fantastic! I think unpainted resin would be pretty great (for us that like to try and try again as we figure out the medium) I think painted eyes are so expressive, but I’ve been very spoiled with glass eyes…so I can see the pros and cons of that.


    Oh– and I’m with Ruth about the question of a male doll as well (I’m quite the fan of pairing up my dolls…)

  40. Monica says:

    Woohoo for the resin news!

    Well, for your question about blank dolls or not-blank dolls: Those who want to customize your dolls will do it for sure.
    If you wont state the blank option, they will buy the painted doll and wipe the paint off, and do their own customization im pretty sure of it. There is a BJD company, Volks who does not sell their dolls without makeup and creative buyers cant do anything else but pay for the makeup and wipe them off and paint by themselves.
    So, if im honest i have to tell you if i would have the money, i would buy a doll that i could paint by myself.(which i thought will be cheaper in resin form though :( )
    Or at least have the option, you see. It is always a nice thing to have painting option for those who dont dare or are not interested in customization though.

    As for your new experiences with painting- i dont know how much are you familiar wiht BJD makeups but we mostly use non oil pastels(heh yes or airbrush if someone has it) for the misty effect- it works wonderfully. And for the fast acrylics, try using thinner (sorry if you already know this) as it will lengthen the drying time, and will also smooth the paint down letting you paint very smooth and light lines.

  41. joan says:


  42. Hazel says:

    I’m glad to hear you won’t be quitting on porcelain dolls! I should like to own one (and a resin one, perhaps) as soon as I get my finances together. :]

  43. Crystal says:

    I would like to add my congrats in. I’m very happy that this will make your work more available to all those who crave it!
    And that’s fabulous!!!

  44. Frjunkie81 says:

    Theyare exquisite like anything you do, saw the announcement at IDEX and couldn’t believe it! Congratulations! Hope to own one someday! Very excited to see the finished product!

  45. winternight says:

    THIS IS WONDERFUL news!!! Congratulations to you Marina, I’m so happy you’ve been able to work this out to your high standards of quality and create such an outstanding product. So many more people will be owning a little piece of your work now… the new dolls look fantastic!!!

  46. rachael says:

    this is exciting news! i’m going to start saving now :) congratulations on your success, your work is beautiful and your passion and dedication to it is admirable.

  47. Anthony says:

    Mariana they are extraordinarily beautiful!!!! If I didn’t know any better I would have guessed these were porceline girls too!!!! Stunning just stunning!!! And very unlike anything I have ever seen before in terms of thr overall smoothness in resin!!! This is coming from a guy that has been collecting resin BJDs for going on 7 years. I am just completely floored once again by your sheer genius!!! Can’t wait to get on the waitlist for one of these beauties!!!

  48. Indie says:

    Overwhelmed with excitement!!! Simply stunning and true to what you originally created – they are still “enchanting”!! Please do keep us on the wait list and let us know about skin color options as I am still holding out for Mihret and Izel!! Excellent work, and yes, perfection indeed! By staying true to your vision Marina, you will by definition not disapoint!

  49. Natalya says:

    It is nice to hear this news. My congratulation with new dolls. I collect BJD and OOAK dolls and your dolls are always in my heart. Your dolls are amazing. I hope I can buy one of them.

  50. Dollutional says:

    Wow. Could renew my faith in resin. Unbelievable.

  51. Julie says:

    оеееееей!!!это вопли восторга, радости, удивления и нетерпения
    Маринааааа!! так держать-я уже отправила заказ и заранее принялась мечтать как Ей будет у меня уютно жить)

  52. Orangey says:

    Wow! I am so attracted to the no-leather in the joints thing! Amazing job, Marina! Honestly, they are beautiful! So close to the porcelains from the look of them. I am seriously impressed.

  53. Maura says:

    Exquisite! In picture they look as good as the porcelain ones. How different are they to the touch?

    I am very happy that your hard work has been once again repaid with success! Brava!

  54. Isabelle says:

    My dear Marina !

    I can’t say how much I’m pleased to see those resins beauties ! And happy for you : congratulation ! They turned out absolutly breathtaking !!!

    I admit I’ll be so happy to get one of this blank ! I adore your way of painting your porcelains, but it would be so nice to add a little of my touch in your resin girls !

    And yes, I agree, airbrush is the best to make a nice and natural blush to resin dolls… I’m working with mine since 2004, and have found nothing better yet…
    Thanks a lot for making us all dream with your little jewels !

    BTW, Bamboo says hi ! ^^

    Isabelle, from France

  55. Beatrice says:

    What a fantastic news Marina!
    Can’t wait for one of them…

  56. […] straight on to her blogpost and look and behold, she is going to be doing Enchanted Dolls in […]

  57. d.ark says:

    Your new resin girls look fantastic!

    Look forward to seeing more pictures and what you do accessories wise in the future for them.

    Hope I joined the waiting list – Sent you an email anyway ^^ Would absolutely love to have an Enchanted Doll in my BJD collection.

  58. Anastasia says:

    I must preface this with the praise you deserve for tirelessly creating these beautiful dolls we have the pleasure of reading about in this blog. I love your detailed accounts of all aspects of the doll-making process you provide here. ^_^

    I agree with Annina and Monica as far as pricing and customizability. Many ED fans are avid BJD collectors and considering the disproportionate cost to their 36 cm size, it’s more than a bit disappointing. Just for the sake of comparison, Soom makes 80cm dolls for $700 USD non-blushed and with face-up and blushing, the price doesn’t break $1,000 USD. Taking into consideration the small size of the ED and its spring joint mechanism, it may still hard for many to justify the cost of the resin doll and hold out for a porcelain one, instead. As Monica mentioned, even if you choose to not let them ship out unpainted, what’s to keep someone from reinvisioning it as their dream doll? Very rarely do people keep their BJD as-is from the manufacturer nor should they feel obliged to do so. I think the option of a blank doll should be as readily available as the nude porcelain dolls you already offer.

    As the artist and sculptor, you are entitled to sell and manufacture your dolls as you see fit; you have no shortage of fans here and abroad.

  59. Uyek says:

    Congratulations on your adventure in using a new material!

    I have to say I was really jazzed to see the unpainted resin dolls. Not because I have any hankering to (or talent for) painting one. But because they allow one to focus on the sculpt and articulation.

    This led me to wonder: has there ever been an unpainted but fully fired porcelain Enchanted Doll?

  60. Clementine says:

    They look really gorgeous for resin dolls! such fine details :) Althought I agree, nothing can beat procelain as far as I’m concerned!

  61. Katherine says:

    I <3 the idea of resin dolls!!! that is a HUGE step, of course I knew there was no way that you wouldn’t be able to ace this! i love the fact that you will have “blank” dolls, but I do agree with you, when you make something even if it’s for another person you bond with it. Well good luck on whatever you decide!!!

  62. joan says:

    will the people on your porcelain doll waiting list be transferred to the resin doll list? are you going to have an add to cart process since the dolls are not going to be custom like the porcelain versions?

  63. ziggytaku says:

    this is awesome ^^
    will you make the boys too?????
    please do, please, please, pleaaaaase

  64. Lea says:

    Fantastic! It looks gorgeous~
    I want you to include me the waiting list please. I will sent E-mail to you~
    Hope to see the beautiful dolls soon!!^ ^

  65. sfhope says:

    I’m amazed at the look of the resin. As others have said, it looks like porcelain in the photographs. Beautiful!

    I wonder how you’ll feel, Marina, when (not if) someone paints a resin doll in their recognizable style. Will it be more of a “Jane Doe” doll than an ED style? And I’d hate to see a poorly-done faceup on an ED. But I guess every artist has to let go when they sell their art to someone.

  66. David (Candle) says:

    What joyous news! Will you be making Saphire? or Males?
    Please put me on the wait list. Please remember that I accidently got bumped on the wait list for the porcelain nude that I had been signed up for when the email went to my spam folder by mistake early last year.

  67. Marina says:

    Please send me an email with RESIN wait list in subject and I will go to a designated folder so that it doesn’t happen again.

    All who wish to be on the wait list for Resin dolls and haven’t emailed me yet, please do so because I won’t remember how many people I have unless I have a written record of it.

  68. Kimmi says:

    Marina, I am in no way rushing you because I know what a big deal this resin line is and that you’re so so so busy, I just want to make sure that my email regarding the Rococo shoes hasn’t gotten lost in cyberspace.

    And… CONGRATULATIONS ON THE RESIN LINE!!! These dolls are gorgeous, I really love the resin, but I also love the porcelain, so I guess I’ll have to get one of each! ;) I especially love Clymenestra. Hopefully I’m somewhat high-ish on the wait list, I emailed you shortly after your blog post.

  69. Eiko says:

    Marina, I emailed you with ‘Request to be put on the resin waiting list’ as the subject line, is that okay? Or do I have to resend it with just ‘RESIN wait list’ in it?

  70. Nina says:

    Oh my, I have waited for this for ever! I’m so glad you decided to bring out a resin line, I’m absolutely smitten with your dolls and I’d love some basic dolls to come out for individual costumization!
    I can’t wait to see your full sets coming out! ^^

  71. Marina says:

    Eiko, As long as there is a word resin in there, it will go in the wait list folder.

    Kimmi, Let me look through my emails. It might have gotten buried.

  72. Emmie says:

    Wonderful, wonderful. I am so excited. I am starting to save RIGHT NOW… I so want one of your lovely, lovely dolls!

  73. Mariella says:

    OMG , I always said to myself that I will get one of your dolls probably on 10 or 20 years (hopefully if I can survive!!) but I always wondered if you still going to produce dolls 20 years from now but if you are going to manufacture them well I can have highs hope that for sure I WILL get my dream doll :D

  74. minuet says:

    Is there any chance that you would offer these dolls with changeable glass eyes? Blank dolls would definitely interest me.

  75. Abigail says:

    Personally I would not let others use the doll bases because they are your creative patent. I think you would be creating your own competition.

  76. Marina says:

    That is a god point, Abigail, but that means that I also shouldn’t release a resin line either, because paints can be removed from resin and the doll can still be used as a canvas for repainting.

    What are your thoughts on that?

  77. hachu says:

    Blank ED’s? YES!!!!

    New Lost episode? wah? oh thank you for reminding me :D

    $1500 as a minimum price for resin dolls is too much in my opinion. I love the blushing and Enchanted Dolls sould not be enchanted dolls without your misty blush.
    But.. I wanna customize my doll!

    Already customized ED is just too painful to wipe! No WAY!! NEVER!!!!
    But a blank doll is a blank canvas for me to freely express my aesthetic ideals on a already artistically imposed, unique doll.

    So.. Please, blank dolls?
    :) I hope they won’t be limited either. I know some of us needs months to save up, and sometimes the unfortunate happen.

    Excited and Squeeing!

    PS: If a resin ED is in the thousands, I would buy a procelain ED. The price is about the same and the REAL enchanted doll authenticity and beauty will last forever, as opposed to the resin alternative.

  78. hachu says:

    Forgot to say:

    Thank you SO very much for coming out with resin dolls. Thank you. Reading this made my day, and even month.

    (And I admit, reading your frustration towards change gave me a giggle. Aren’t artist’s block supposed to be the worst? ^_^)

  79. Sharon says:

    Just stunning … And so exciting for you to dip your toes into something new!
    Had a thought on the paint …have you thought of using Genesis heat set paints :o))

  80. Ilona says:

    Oh, Marina…

    I’m a bit late with my reply but I am utterly delighted to see these wonderful beauties in resin! This is fantastic news!!!

    I have to admit, I don’t think anything could compare with your skill of painting your dolls but, at the same time, I am soooo eager to try my own limited skills and experience to give your doll life with my own paint and ideas… But I perfectly understand your being protective over your creations. I am even surprised (and delighted!) to discover that you did follow the initial idea of making resin dolls (although it seems that you never give up an idea until it’s beautifully realised, thank God!). I mean, I have to admit, I would be terrified of the idea of removable face up- a face up painted with your hand, your effort, your talent and patience! It must take a lot of strength to even consider selling your dolls that might be painted, therefore changed, by other people. I admire you for that. I think I would be more possessive. :) I am over the dolls I painted… Not to mention how hard it would be to do the same if I also made the dolls!

    I am so happy that you’ve decided to go ahead and not give up on the resin line!!! I personally prefer the porcelain dolls but have already started dreaming like crazy of a resin one… But I simply don’t know what the options are, if any. I am desperately hoping for my porcelain Edie… I think I always will.

    In the meantime, I keep watching your blog and all the news and I’m as speechless as ever. I also thank you for the inspiration you never cease to provide.

    I hope all is well with you and Chad.

    Warmest hugs from London xxx


  81. Bethany says:

    I love your idea for the resin EDs! They are beautiful. I think it would be a nice idea to have the blank dolls. It would be a nice high-end custom doll for people who like to make custom dolls. It would still be your designs so reasons for worrying about someone who buys your doll being your competition is not really there. I have seen other higher-end dolls being sold as blanks for other artists to paint and make their own. I think it is a good idea. But, if you are opposed to it, selling your beautiful dolls just the way they are is wonderful too. Good luck in all your ventures!

  82. DagmarP says:

    I must say I am very pleased to hear this new development. My dream is to one day own one of your exquisite creations, but until then, they’re on my wish-list, and I will definitely continue to watch your improvements.
    I understand your minimal distaste in resin, but if it allows someone who is much more clumsy (such as myself :D ) to own one of these delightful creatures, then I think it would make the effort all that more rewarding.
    On a side note, I must admit that your passion for doll making has turned my love/interest into reality. Though I doubt my passion will reach the extent that your’s has, I’m loving the process that it takes to create them. Thank you!
    As always, keep up the magnificent work!

  83. Kamila says:

    Do I really need to say this? YOU ROCK Marina! I’m speachless.

  84. Marina says:

    LOL. Thanks. Yes, in fact you do need to say this. Now I know.

  85. anna says:

    i think you should keep your dolls a bit of a mystery and not sell the blanks…they’re your babies and your work of art and life…keep it that way.
    really great stuff! xox

  86. che says:

    As a collector of Asian Ball Jointed dolls I am an avid customizer, frequently painting the faces the dolls I own.

    I think it would be stellar to offer blank resin dolls for those of us who #1- cannot afford your dolls and are forever doomed to admire from a website. And #2- while they are your own original sculpt and no amount of painting will ever change that. Even if people resell them they will ALWAYS be Enchanted Dolls.

  87. che says:

    I forgot to say I need to sign up for your waiting list now!! :)

  88. Iblisxica says:

    Is adorable, the most beautiful doll I ve seen so far!!
    I like ONE!!!! (or two)… <3 ^_^

  89. Rinse says:

    Holy god, please, yes. I swear I died of happiness when I heard you would release resin dolls. Your sculpts are gorgeous, and made me ever so picky with current resin dolls, wanting to see the level of detail you put into yours. I really hope you will consider your open eye dolls allowing glass/round etc eyes!

  90. ruthe says:

    these are so incredible! i would want an unpainted one if i could afford it, to leave it as is. there is so much beauty in it, so much artwork without the paint as well.

    so amazing! i cant keep my eyes away from this site for long..

    love it!


  91. Joy says:

    The resin dolls are very impressive, so beautiful. After reading the above comments and also thinking what I would want, my feeling is that you should only sell the resin unpainted. It seems that most people want to have a go themselves at painting the dolls and that conbined with the fact that a painted resin doll is not much cheaper than a porcelain doll. I feel it may be better to keep the porcelain dolls as the only ones availble painted by yourself and totally justifing the price, and make the resin ones available at a much lower price and people can do what they want.
    I also love the way the unpainted resin dolls look like sculptures.

  92. Amia says:

    I wonder how much you are going to charge for individual resin nude doll?

  93. Marina says:

    I haven’t figured out the exact price yet as all the productions costs haven’t been accounted for, but an average price is stated in the body of this blog post.

  94. Hallowedresin says:

    Resin ED’s! And possibly blank ones? :D

    Oh, my heart is beating out of my chest! What I would not give to be able to paint one of your delicate beauties.

    I’ve been a fan for years, so I’m doubly excited to hear this. I hope you will update us on how much you would consider selling the blank ones. I was hoping you would move towards resin, and what a lovely stroke of luck – that you’re doing some of these as well as your gorgeous porcelain ones.

  95. Amia says:

    Okay. If you ever begin to make Ruby, please let me know. I think I’m also on the waiting list for porcelain. Please put me in the resin waiting list instead of the porcelain.

  96. St. James says:

    I have long been a fan of your porcelain dolls. They have always made me feel as though I was watching a Kay Nielsen illustration come to life and clothe herself in a costume designed by Gustave Moreau. Financially they are far from my reach and I had accepted that I would only be able to admire them online, so o read that you now will be releasing resin versions is very exciting! I never imagined that one of my favorite art doll creators would release a resin doll, let alone a blank doll that I could even customize myself!
    I would very much like to be placed on the resin waiting list, and I would happily leap to the top of the waiting list if you made these beauties with hollow heads so that they could wear urethane or glass eyes. I got rid of all of my other dolls once I began collecting Asian ball-jointed dolls because they suddenly looked very flat and dead without the depth and soul that glass eyes lent to them.
    Resin is a very different animal than porcelain. I find that once the resin is coated with a sealant that will give it some tooth, pastel chalks behave almost as beautifully as airbrush. As a painter myself, it was very difficult to adapt to the new medium, but after a few years of painting on resin, I tend to turn to chalks for most of my blushing work and just highlight in paint.
    I am very curious about how the internal spring system will be maintained inside the resin bodies. Is it removable or replaceable? Are there metal parts embedded in the resin or do the springs loop onto resin hooks? Many resin BJDs with metal parts embedded in the resin have long-term durability issues because resin is such a soft material.
    Thank you so much for your hard work!

  97. Marina says:

    St. James,

    My steel spring articulation of resin dolls is nearly identical to that of porcelain dolls: Nothing is embedded into the body-11 steel springs hold 15 steel pins with a carefully calculated force of tension and compression. Springs and Pins interact and hold each other in place.
    Quick cement glue is an extra measure to stop the pins from sliding out.
    The springs can be replaced, but it’s not as simple as pulling out elastics, while hands and feet are designed for easy replacement should something happen.

  98. Marina says:

    And please, once again- whoever wants to be on the wait list for a resin doll has to email me as well. Otherwise I have no record of it in my files and I can’t possibly remember everyone based on this blog post alone.

    Please don’t forget to EMAIL ME with a subject “resin line wait list”.


  99. Doreen Snyder says:

    Hello Marina,
    I seem to be having trouble sending an email to your address for a resin doll wait list order. The email keeps coming back to me as an error…Just wondering if anyone else is having the same experience?
    Thanks Again, Doreen

  100. Annarchy says:

    First I just have to say that the new resin girls look fantastic! They have that same ethereal, dreamy feel as the porcelains- almost like longing given human form. Can you tell I’m a fan? lol
    I have to agree with so many who have suggested selling unpainted resin dolls. As someone who has been collecting and customizing Asian ball-jointed dolls for about seven years, I can say without a doubt that if you only sell them painted, there will be people who will wipe the painting as soon as the doll arrives so that it can be painted to suit their particular vision. This easy customization is a large part of the appeal of the resin dolls. That said, I hope you will still paint some of the resin girls so that I can drool over your painting style. If you’re worried about people trying to pass off their painting as yours, a certificate of authenticity with a photo of the painted doll it belongs to could help deter anyone from claiming a doll they painted as work that you did. You could also sign and date the back of the head.
    One more thing I want to mention: I really, really hope you will consider trying a head that can take glass type eyes. I know so many types of glass eyes can appear flat, but have you looked at urethane eyes? They have an incredible amount of depth and I think would be a gorgeous compliment to your girls’ style.
    No matter what you do, I’ll be looking forward to it. I only stumbled on your website a couple of months ago, but you’ve already really inspired me. As an artist myself, I can appreciate how much work you put into these dolls, and it really makes me want to push my own work to the next level. Thank you for sharing your passion, vision, and creativity with the rest of us.

  101. Doreen Snyder says:

    Hello Marina,
    Just wanted to let you know my email had been received.
    Thanks Again, Doreen

  102. carol says:

    Thank you so much Marina for adding me to your wait list for your first Resin doll. Keep up the excellent work. Thank you again. Carol.

  103. LindaB says:

    Hi Marina,
    Just another comment regarding your creation of the resin dolls…and another fan who would love to own one someday. I have to say, I’m really excited at the thought of you selling blank dolls to customize…that would be like a dream come true for me, because you inspire me to want to make my own dolls, and I have absolutely NO idea how to even do that! LOL! But, if I could customize one of your beautiful creations, that would be so awesome! :) I also wanted to suggest, most humbly, that soft pastels (NOT the kind with oil) work beautifully on resin for blushing. I don’t know what kind of sealer your using or anything, but I just wanted to put that out there for you – since you were having issues with the acrylics.
    Anyway, take care! And thank you for the resins. Can’t wait to see more of what you do with them!

  104. ~joanna says:

    Marina, you are just going through another learning curve with the paint, you will get it and master it in shortly.

    Your work just brings tears to my eyes over the beauty of the work and the passion that you work with from the heart.

    i spoke with Katrina with Dollfair, at last months IDEX in Tampa, Florida… I was really floored when i walked by her booth and had to do a double take because of the large poster of your work was on display. I have told so many people about your exquisite work and was just telling my sister and WOW, there was your poster of your work.

    Katrina told me about your journey in trying to find a company to handle in making your work in resin, i can only hope that bad KaRMA hits them soon and they make amends to you. I know that there are people who are unethical but that was really unethical.

    Just keep creating with passion from you heart, with each piece and medium that you master, you continue to astound me with your wonderful talent and hard work.

    Just absolutely beautiful, exquisite, detailed work. You just continue to keep me in *AWe*.

    Thank you so much for sharing…

    ~joanna from Florida.

  105. GiGi says:

    OH MY GOD YES. YES. A thousand times YES! I’m late to this news but I don’t care this is super exciting for me!

  106. tinybear says:

    the thought of owning one of these amazing creations in resin ..OMG ..
    I have collected resin BJDs for years now , and although I admire the porcelain ED ,lets face it ..who wouldnt ..its resin Im drawn too
    I would also like her blank ,simply because I paint myself and love working on resin
    ..and also make wigs ,I always use my dolls as the past I have accidentally scuffed faces,I know if I damaged one of my own face-ups ..I can fix it ..if I damaged or wore off one of Marina`s work I would be heart broken , so a blank doll would be prefect for me of Marina`s dolls in resin ..would just be the crowning jewel in my collection

  107. Rachel Bjork says:

    Kay’s eyes are so full of depth, like pools of pure emotion. Love it!

  108. Camomila says:

    Omg, I’d do anything to have one of those. I need to save money like, URGENTLY. They’re so indescribably beautiful, Marina. Really, it’s been a long journey, but what fantastic achievements it brought!

    I’m so happy for you. I’ve been one of your admirers for quite a long time now, though I didn’t have enough to get myself one of your porcelain beauties. Now I’ll try really hard to save enough for one of those in resin. They’re absolutely fantastic. And even though you had such huge frustrations during the painting process, the result is incredible. So very similar to the porcelain ones; Full of emotion and life. Not to mention how smooth and beautiful they all are. Uuggh, I need one badly. A blank one would also be wonderful.

    Anyway, congratulations on this new line and best of luck with everything. You certainly deserve it.

  109. Arny says:

    Марина, у вас совершенно обворожительные куклы! Скажите, а какую марку смолы вы используете или какой формовочный силикон? Если технологическая тайн – то не говорите)
    И вообще, это все вы делаете сами: снятие формы с мастер-модели, отливку, обработку?

  110. Sonia Anne S says:

    Marina, thank-you for the resin creation! Good Luck with this line!

  111. Евгения says:

    Доброго времени суток всем. Прошу прощения, что с таким вопросом лезу сюда, но Вы , Марина, знаете русский, а я английского , увы не знаю. Сам вопрос: сколько стоит одна кукла в среднем , и можно ли будет купить ваши куклы в Москве (когда- нибудь). Заранее благодарна за ответ.

  112. Jon Songserm says:

    I’m so excited about this news!

    I’m still do my part time job for order yours doll. May be in next 3 years I could buy it.

    Love your hard work, thank you for the beautiful thing that realy touch me!

    Best regards,

  113. Whether it is possible to get such doll?

  114. Кумо says:

    Я тоже не сильна в английском, как и Евгения.
    Я под большим впечатлением от ваших кукол, Марина. И так хотелось бы купить…но они, наверное, очень дорогие, да? Если эта новая линия стоит от полутора тысяч канадских долларов, то фарфоровые, наверное, от трёх-четырёх?

  115. millie says:

    I love your work; I only wish I can afford it… are there any available here in US?

  116. Lira Hoshi says:

    Добрый день!

    перво-наперво хотела высказать вам свое восхищение. У вас просто потрясающие куклы!!!
    Эти заплаканные глаза… будто слегка обветренные губы, взгляд полный тоски…. я могу представить сколько же эмоций вам потребовалось вложить. Сколько жизни… ведь и куклы недаром выглядят живыми….

    честно говоря, их так и хочется одеть в старинные костюмы и фотографировать ( в первую очередь), во вторую, одеваь все и подбирать раз за разом кадры, где свет будет идеальней, а кукла живей…

    есть ли у вас куклы, что продаются хотя бы в России? (я из Беларуссии и если до россии я могу добраться за вашими потрясными куклами, то до канады точно нет)

    И где их можно приобрести при небольшом бюджете? (я понимаю, это наглость, только мечты обычно не ориентируются на количество денег в кармане).

    Заранее большое спасибо за ответ.

  117. nichearah says:

    oh!! best so and beautifully!! i love it too but when i sew her i am sly…^_^”

    น่ารักจังเลย สวย สวย สวย แต่ อาย :)

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  129. Lucy Harper says:

    These dolls are beautiful. The body sculpt is one of the best I have ever seen. I would love my own enchanted doll but alas could never afford one. I like porcelain because it is so beautiful and cold to the touch and then as you handle and play with the doll it warms up to your body temperature. This is for me personally a really rewarding medium. Sadly I only have one porcelain doll which I get afraid to have out on display and don’t play with that often because I have a 5 year old little boy.

    Resin is wonderful – at the price the blog talks about I doubt anyone would clean off the faceup/makeup because then it wouldn’t be a one of a kind enchanted doll. It would merely be the enchanted doll sculpt. I would be very interested in a line of dolls in an enchanted doll body line but without the make up so those of use who could never afford the beautiful art of the full doll package could at least get a little bit of the enchanted Doll Marina experience in our own way.

    This however is entirely dependant on what your vision of enchanted doll is. I love your black dolls, as a black women I am sick of seeing dolls who are just sexy and stereo typical. I love to think of your black porcelain as a little piece of the romance and fantasy you are almost excluded from as a woman of colour. That is said I would probably only purchase my own enchanted doll if it was a doll of colour and then I would probably have to mortgage everything I own…


  130. Linda says:

    Marina, you’re dolls are amazing. when you quoted a price of $1500-2000 per doll, is that nude or with costume. If nude, how much would an average costume doll cost? (Both porcelain, and resin)

  131. Nastya says:

    Марина,здравствуйте!Простите,что пишу не на английском. Меня зовут Настя,я узнала,что Ð’Ñ‹ собираетесь выпускать ограниченное число «пустых болванок»,если это правда,пожалуйста подскажите,где их можно будет преобрести? Я просто сама занимаюсь живописью–учусь на живописца,если хотите,могу Вам прислать посмотреть свои лучшие работы… Я очень бы хотела попробовать создать куклу, мне очень-очень нравится Ваша работа! У Вас действительно самые необычные куклы и Ð’Ñ‹ первая,кто создал такой стиль!Я восхищаюсь!

  132. Kayden says:

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  134. Tatiana says:

    Простите, Марина, а у Вас учеников нет случайно??

  135. Melvin Nemenio says:

    Hello marina,

    I just recently know about dolls like this since 3days ago. When I got to see your link in one of the ads that pop out in my laptop. I got addicted on your works on How you make this dolls come alive. My Barbie just broke her neck of trying to change the hairstyle every now and then. And your resin dolls are perfect I love to have one how can I order those beautiful piece?

  136. read this says:

    I simply want to mention I’m very new to blogs and definitely loved this blog site. Likely I’m want to bookmark your blog . You amazingly come with fabulous posts. Appreciate it for revealing your website page.

  137. Anna says:

    There she is!! What a treat! Great to visit older parts of your blog, wonderful Marina x

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