And the new Mystery doll is…..Phryne!

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Some of you guys knew it right away! Boom, spot on – first try! Pretty impressive. I suppose that my work aesthetic and thought processes are familiar enough by now to anticipate the direction I’m going to take. I guess I’ll have to surprise you more in the future.

And speaking of surprises, Phyrne, although competed, will stay hidden for now. She is for my eyes only for the next little while, but you can glimpse her pretty legs. And read my artist statement about this project. Thanks everyone for playing my guessing game!

Phyrne the Courtesan.

A Courtesan is a high-class Prostitute. Courtesans were well-educated, cultured and independent career women of loose morals, who traded sex and companionship to the wealthy and powerful men in exchange for money, luxuries and social status. They were often skilled conversationalists and entertainers, adept at using their wit, femininity and sexuality to achieve wealth, success and sometimes real political power. Some were gifted entrepreneurs and negotiators who became so influential, that history still remembers them.

One such woman was Mnesarete, otherwise known as Phryne. She was a famous Greek courtesan in 4th century BC, who became a model for Praxiteles’s statue of Cnidian Aphrodite, one of the most extraordinary sculptures of antiquity.

She was not only a beautiful woman, but seemingly a clever, persuasive one too, because when she was put on trial for impiety, which in 4th century Athens was a capital offense, she was able to convince the jury of her innocence and avoid the death penalty. Although it is rumored that she bared her lovely breasts in court to elicit sympathy and mercy from the judges, I believe that her wealth, status and a network of powerful lovers probably had more to do with her acquittal.

Ultimately, it was her social prowess and an ability to manipulate people and situations to her advantage that gave her personality a winning edge, while her beauty became immortalized in stone as Aphrodite – the Goddess of love.

Materials: Crown: 18k gold-plating, sterling silver, bronze, 21 Garnets, 18 Fresh water pearls, carved Water Buffalo bone, lost wax casting, construction. Gown: Gold applique embroidery on fine tulle, 24k gold bead embroidery, 300 Swarovski crystals, 63 Fresh water pearls, sterling silver, bronze, 10k gold-plating, Czech glass beads, 1 Garnet, 1 Rhine stone. Doll: Ball-jointed, bisque porcelain, china-paint, steel springs, magnetic mohair wig, leather lining, 24k gold fired-on applique jewelry on arms and legs.

20 Responses

  1. Christianne says:

    Yet another masterpiece, with all the gems and percious stones on the list I can only imagin the rest…..

  2. Bertha says:

    Wow, can’t wait. She will definitely surprise us with her revealing costume, Jewellery and not to mention the face. Another masterpiece for sure!

  3. Sailor_orbit says:

    Beautiful! Can’t wait to see the rest of her. When will her final reveal be?

  4. Jayne Wourms says:

    Love her legs and can’t wait to see more. I am really curious about the carved water buffalo horn!

  5. Acela Tesch says:

    Her legs look stunning, I can’t wait to see the rest. You’re such a magician..

  6. Amal says:

    Marina, will she be part of a show??

  7. veronica says:

    cannot wait to see her!

  8. Crystal says:

    Beautiful! Kind of disappointed we won’t be seeing the whole costume. Maybe we could see her hands too?
    Anyway I trust you do what you do for a good reason!
    Anyway, an interesting character!

  9. Phoenix says:

    Wow, what a Beauty! And we just saw around 20 % of her yet ;-)
    I love the decoration on her legs! It looks like flowers!

  10. Karen Vail says:

    Another work of art. I so admire the detail of your work. Just breathtaking.

  11. Anthony says:

    GLORIOUS!!!! I love the details in the embroidery and her legs and of course the jewelry on those feet…. Just breathtaking!!! I cannot wait to see her face though, such exquisite work can only belong to an equally exquisite face <3

  12. What beautiful, stunning jewelled legs! I can imagine, what the rest of her will look like. The pretty netting with gold lace,really highlights her gorgeous legs! She will be in my dreams!

  13. Debi says:

    Wow, those are some gorgeous legs! I can’t wait to see the rest of her! ^-^

  14. Astera says:

    My curiosity is burning. We have a double mystery…the features of this new beauty and the reason for keeping her secret for some more time. Maybe Amal is right and you are going to make some of us very happy with a show?

  15. Carmen Eve says:

    can’t wait for the final reveal! reading all about the materials used, really would like to see how the water buffalo bones are used.

  16. MollyTheWanderer says:

    Her toes have the roman gene type shape! Can’t wait to see the rest of her!

  17. Crystal says:

    In the U.S. those toes would be considered “waspy”or blueblood toes, people descended from the Mayflower or first settlers. The second toe is longer then the big toe and the feet narrow.

  18. Boy says:

    I like the details around feet and leg. Look luxury and beautiful.

  19. Crystal says:

    I was just looking at your description of a courtesan. And the concept of them having “loose morals” is a little disturbing. I mean, it’s really a point of view or opinion isn’t it? So then if having sex for money is having loose morals, then what are the other morals she is loose with? It seems to be that they are judged for having a bad character all way round.

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