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From the moment I saw this entry in the email inbox, I knew it was a contender. It encompassed everything that I hoped this contest would be, from the early brainstorming stages to the final presentation. I can see the process involved, yet it isn’t overwhelming and excessive in it’s information. She stuck to the contest outlines, and came up with a great entry. I look at them as a triptych, but really, it’s the Doppelganger idea that is the true winning entry. It has this mysterious “how would that look in 3d” feel to it that keeps drawing me back to it, as if my mind is trying to solve the puzzle of how to make it. I love working out projects, and I sense that with this piece.

The 7 runners up will receive special gifts from me, while the 2nd and 3rd entries will receive even more special gifts, but the grand prize of the nude doll goes to Amal for her beautiful, thoughtful, and challenging submission. The grand prize doll will be a variation of a Lily doll.

THANK YOU to everyone who entered, I loved all the entries. I’ve been going back and forth through them all day and I am still amazed at all the great ideas. Congratulations are in order for everyone, as you all came up with very creative ideas. I’m already looking forward to the 4th annual contest next year!

Once again, Congrats to Amal!

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    *BIG HUGS*

  2. Orangey says:

    Oh my GOSH, CONGRATULATIONSS! And a variation of Lily, LUCKY YOU.

    I’m on a capitals spree, but seriously, congratulations, Amal!

  3. MissLK says:

    Congrats, Amal!!!

  4. Orangey says:

    “I’m already looking forward to the 4th annual contest next year!”

    You read my mind. But please, no more designing dolls, the competition chewed me alive this time, haha.

    Thank you so much for your generosity, Marina <3. I feel pleased knowing the doll will be close by (in the forum).

  5. noxy says:

    congrats amal!!!! wooooo!!!

  6. Eiko says:

    CONGRADS AMAL!!!!!!!!!

  7. Jayne says:

    Yeeha Amal, I’m so, so happy for you :)
    Thank you again Marina for your generosity and choosing a fabulous winner xxxx

  8. Amal says:

    I can’t speak for dancing around, laptop in hand, Lily in my hands!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Marina, I can’t express my gratitude – it will remain forever. You’re amazing, just amazing!!!

    I think I better ask my husband to wake me up again – this isn’t real!!!!!!! What else can I put instead of exclamation marks?! I know, <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    Thank you everyone for the kind words and congratulations! This community is such a source of inspiration and friendship!

    Congratulations to Maura and Karolin, I would have been happy to see either of your entries win!
    Thank you also to Chad for all your hard work in arranging so many entries online for us to see…

    I’m over the moon…. I can’t think what else to say!!!

  9. Astera says:

    Congratulations Amal: I told you my money was on you!:)

    Marina, thank you so much for the fun, the challange…and for liking Anne and awarding her a runner up prize!

  10. Amal says:

    Of course, and to everyone who took part – what a competition!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Signe says:

    Amazing! Very creative entry and I do love the tryptich feel. doppelganger drew my eye first. Well deserved winner! Congrats

  12. Orangey says:

    The second honor outside of winning a doll is having Marina create your idea in actual porcelain!

    Hip hip?


  13. Iris says:

    Wow! Grats Amal! :) And omg Lily! She’s the most gorgeous girl EVER. You’re so lucky! :)

  14. Orangey says:

    Coincidentally Lily is the website banner at the moment. Is it fate?~

  15. Vanda says:

    Congratulations! Beautiful!!

  16. Mari says:

    Even if it’s little bit late, happy birthday, Marina! Thank you for so much fun! Congrats, Amal!!! It was my favorite submission, definitely! Promiss us to show Your Girl when she will arrive to you, please!!! <3

  17. kissabug says:

    What a beautiful winning entry, and what a happy prize! Congratulations Amal and runners up! And Happy Birthday Marina! I’m so happy for everyone <3!

  18. Kamila says:

    Congratulations Amal, on both the exquisite entry and the well deserved award. Looking forward to seeing some images of Lily :)

  19. MigMig says:

    Amal, I so happy for you! Your skill and the beauty of your entry have deservedly won you Lily (and isn’t she a gorgeous one, is she?). I hope you are still dancing – just don’t drop your laptop!

    Three cheers for Amal!

  20. Emily P says:

    Congratulations on an absolutely STUNNING entry Amal!! I love your sketchbook of the process of your thoughts – simply beautiful. Congrats on your well deserved Lily Doll also, let us all have a peek of you and her celebrating yeh? :)

    Well done everyone, it really has been a fun few weeks hasn’t it!


  21. Congrats Amal! I can only imagine how excited you must be. Wonderful work!

  22. Cay says:

    Congrats Amal !

  23. Annina says:

    oh yesssss Amal, i am sooo happy for you i can’t even tell you, i’m jumping around the house for you, oh oh!
    i knew it would be doppelganger! :D

  24. Astera says:

    And of course, congratulations to Karolin as well and many thanks to Chad for his hard work helping Marina managinf the Entries (the 2:00 am wake must have fried my brain and I forgot half of what I meant to say!).
    What a memorable day and what an honor to be selected among the three finalist…my head will be spinning for the rest of the week!!
    Finally, thank you all for your encouragement and congratulations!


  25. Jean says:


  26. Kate says:

    Congratulations, Amal!

    Any chance we might see Gynoid made into a doll someday? I love the idea of being able to see the inner workings of the Dolls… something I tried to get across in my entry, but Amal executed it much better!

    I’m so pleased now, instead of only having Marina’s dolls to admire for inspiration, there are all these other works of art here to look at as well!

  27. giperborea says:

    Happy Birthday Marina (I’m sorry it’s belated)!!! Congratulations, Amal, your entry was beautiful, thoughtful and truly winning )))

  28. Congratulation Amal

    I loved the drive it had to submit an ideal, without realy knowing as to how far we could go with an ideal (always keeping in mind can it be done, how could she do this, would I buy this doll? etc). This was a first for me.
    For me Nigel was so beautifully done and hand drawn, but not in the top 10?
    Looking at all the submitions I had more of an artisitque quality critique(like your dolls hand made). Not understanding how some got to the top ten. So I do appreciate on how you Marina explain on how you chose and why. I guess it just hit me, we were not sending you art that you would have to put on your wall…loll Thank you again it was an eye opening experience.

  29. Ahmad says:

    congratulation Amal … really fantastic effort and fantastic result… proud of you

  30. KarolinFelix says:

    Amal – I’m very happy for you!
    I must say that your entry was also my favourite! <: It was intrguing… I love the idea of Pandora.. but Doppleganger is a fascinating mix of abstract and reality. Very nice. And I like the way of how you draw. Pretty!

    Your Lily will be special <:

    And congratulations to all participants and jury.

    Sorry to write so late – my nice boyfriend dragged me to a wonderful cheer-up cake and icecreams <:

  31. Giulia says:

    I accidentally foung this site…you know, you’ra amasing…so beautiful, so delicate…I still can’t belive my eyes…

  32. Giulia says:

    * found
    sorry I’m a bit absent-minded today) ^_^

  33. An Bidault says:

    Ohhh congratulations Amal!! Enjoy it :) I’d have loved to be in your place :( but still wish you enjoy it. Maybe next time will be my turn ;)

  34. Hazel says:

    Happy Birthday, Marina! And congratulations, Amal! :D

    Gosh, I wish I hadn’t been so busy this year… I totally missed all the excitement! The thrill of waiting for the winner must have been so intense!

  35. Orangey says:

    Hazel: It was -intense- for everyone! Marina was scrambling to decide the winner, we were refreshing the blog 20 times per second to find out the winner. Haha. Can’t wait for next year.

  36. Regina says:

    Congrats for the winner and a late ‘Happy Birthday to Marina!

  37. Marcia says:

    I’m so happy for all the winners, they are all beautiful and thought provoking entries. Congratulations to everyone!

  38. Karolinfelix I would love to see your creation on Marina’s Tins. You never know, maybe one day.

  39. Happy Birthday Marina. Congratulations to all the entrants and to Amal. I really loved this year’s theme. Going through the entries was such a pleasure. So many amazing ideas and all of the entries were from the heart. What a fantastic way to celebrate your birthday. Again…thanks for sharing your day with so many of us.

  40. HAN530 says:

    I am a Chinese student, when I saw I was shocked when enchanteddoll, were deeply attracted, and I also like the design of a person you really wanted to be, Oh, be my dream a little It!

  41. Constance says:

    sighs. im so in love with lily ima marry her. its too beautiful. cant take it anymore.. off to dream of her forever ='(

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