And Then There Were Ten

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Greetings Contestants! Welcome to the second round of eliminations. You are the finalists still in the running to win a resin Enchanted Doll! I’m going to give a short critique on the strengths and weaknesses of each work. I hope it helps those who didn’t make the finals, win next year! Here we go.

You will notice that what all of the finalists have in common, is an outstanding aesthetic presentation of their ideas. The importance of an effective and coherent presentation can not be understated, as it creates a powerful first impression in our subconsciousness. Another reason a well-laid out presentation is effective, is because it demonstrates the artist’s commitment to their idea, and shows consideration for the quality of viewer’s experience of their artwork. All the finalists left me with a very positive and engaging viewing experience, while presenting unique ideas. That is part of why they made the cut.


#86 by Anne

Biggest Strengths: Incorporation of architectural elements into both, tattoo concept and presentation; delightful use of colour; excellent interpretation of source material. Weakness: Both tattoos are a little bit too big in relation to the body, giving a slightly crammed and boxed-in appearance on the torso. Suggestions: Let compositions breathe by shrinking, spacing them out a bit and continuing some elements out to other body parts. Thank you, Anne! Great work!


#92 by Anna

Biggest Strengths: Great use and incorporation of joints in the design; keen sense of scale and proportion. Weakness: lack of colour detracts a little from the impact. Suggestions: explore colour more. Thank you, Anna! Great work!


#103 by Ran j

Biggest strengths: Simplicity, elegance and flow of design in relation to doll anatomy; gorgeous rendition. Style of tattoo reminds me a little of Takato Yamamoto’s work. Weakness: While the idea of a skeleton tattoo isn’t entirely new, it is redeemed by its’ delicate beauty and strong composition on the body. This design is very well suited to the medium and scale of my dolls. It looks great as a 2D painting and will tattoo on porcelain very well. Suggestions: Slight lack of continuity in the front composition, between the bones on the chest and flowers on the abdomen; perhaps incorporating bone elements somewhere into the floral design would tie the composition together better. Thank you, Ran! Great work!


#129 by Kiersten V

Biggest strengths: Provocative, meaningful and emotionally evocative concept; profound socio-cultural comment on violence against women. Weakness: Rendition is sufficient enough to convey the powerful message of the tattoo, but I feel it could be pushed a little bit further aesthetically. Suggestions: Explore the texture and line-work of scarring more. Thank you, Kiersten! Great work!


#204 by Mai M

Biggest strength: Great use of doll anatomy and scale to convey a sense of armour; successful incorporation of headdress to support the tattoo. Byzantine element is delightful. Weakness: Too much symmetry stifles tension a little. Suggestions: Consider adding an unexpectedly chaotic or asymmetrical element into the armour design. It might add more dynamism. Thanks Mai! Great work!




#225 “Fire Bird” by Karla R

Biggest strength: Memorable presentation; great adaptation of tattoo design to doll anatomy; successful incorporation of a 3D design element into the tattoo. Weakness: While the tattoo may be a bit too simplistic, it works in the context of the character design. Suggestions: I would like to see a more complex 2D element included somewhere into this tattoo design, one that would be a challenge to engrave. Thank you, Karla! Great work!


#244 by Anita D J

Biggest strengths: Intriguing minimalist aesthetic. Weakness: Perfect mirror symmetry places the flowers into the same visual space and forces them to compete with each other for attention. Suggestions: A little asymmetrical element, such as experimenting with different heights for flowers, or making one stem more ornate than the other would make the design more dynamic. Thanks Anita, great work!

249-3 249-1

#249 “Embrace” by Amal

Biggest strengths: Powerful, explorative and stimulating concept with social commentary on body politics; excellent supporting material and visual thought exploration. Weakness: The aesthetic of overall composition needs to be pushed a little bit farther to support  the enormous conceptual potential of this piece. Suggestions: Be braver with portraying symbolism of physical contact and personal boundaries. Thanks Amal, great work!


#296 “The Egg Timer” by Merrilyn C

Biggest strengths: While the concept of a biological clock is nothing new, it is rendered here in a very beautiful and whimsical way; great adaptation to doll anatomy; Interesting juxtaposition of highly valued Faberge eggs made by a man, with much less valued woman’s eggs that procreate our species. Weakness: Could be interpreted as a little retrograde in sentiment. Suggestions: Perhaps a little bit more emphasis on the body politics and gender roles would make this whimsical piece more powerful. Thanks Merrilyn, great work!


#304 “Medusa” by CiCi

Biggest strengths: Unique interactive (eye) elements in the tattoo that allow it to change – very creative; Excellent presentation of ideas; great use of body lines in design composition. Weakness: Design on the abdomen reminds me a bit too much of my tattooed doll Mermaid Song; Design is a bit too busy and too bottom-heavy. Suggestions: Allow design open up and venture some down the hips and legs; Step away from the traditional image of Medusa and explore other options. Thanks Cici, great work!


And these are the finalists. Let’s have a round of applause for them.

Tomorrow night I will announce the final Three. Good luck, contestants!


Gallery of all the entries

Gallery of the top 10 with full descriptions



161 Responses

  1. Anthony says:

    I am so glad to see my top three made the cut^^ All of these works are absolute magic!!!! Bravo everyone, congratulations and the greatest of luck to those in the final round.

  2. Dorota says:

    Really beautiful and interesting works :) Unfortunately, I didn’t make it on time… Good luck, contestants!

  3. Mai says:

    Thanks so much for the valuable critique, Marina! I appreciate your professional opinion. Very honored to be included with these fantastic finalists. :-D

  4. Annina says:

    Yay, congratulations to the top 10 and I’m especially thrilled to see Mai’s, Amal’s and Merrilyn’s entries here, since you guys are forumites! Good luck to all! :D

  5. Merri says:

    I’m almost speechless….thank you Marina, I value your critique.

  6. Dark angel says:

    Absolutely gorgeous entries !
    They deserve for sure to be on the final cut. :)
    All those pieces are intriguing and beautiful.
    Wishing you all good luck !

    Thanks again Marina for this contest and amazing chance to participate.

  7. Amal says:

    Marina, your words leave a lasting impression on me. I want to revisit this project and improve on the drawings to create a stronger body of work. Thank you for motivating me! I wish I had filled my days at university with projects like this! It is generous of you to take the time to critique our work. If only each finalist could win, in order to experience the joy of ED firsthand – as I am already lucky enough to have done! Good luck to all!! <3

    • Ran says:

      Marina said what I want to say~~thanks for this contest,I can see Amal’s gorgeous work once a time.You like philosopher more:)

  8. paulina says:

    Marina, Thank you very much for this opportunity, I did not come to be among the finalists but hope to do better next time XD. I greatly appreciate the time you invest in make the criticism and analysis, I hope to improve my presentation on upcoming contests in several aspects because of them.
    I hope to see soon the winner! It is wonderful to see how many entries received this contest, passing through the galleries is an endless pleasure, how much creativity and effort are in each entry, I wish the best of luck to to the ten remaining finalists. Personally, I loved the fire bird with that delicate and ornate tail, a concept of great fragility and elegance. The Byzantine armor seems to me a beautiful balance of beauty and power, very baroque and detailed, also Medusa is my favorite and it seemed very clever the details of the eyes closed. Greetings to all !!!

  9. Kiersten says:

    I am so grateful for your evaluation of my design. While I was satisfied with the design before submission, I can see much potential to play with it more in different texture and style. I could see you being able to transform my original idea and design into something truly breathtaking for your dolls.
    I’m most pleased that this subject can gain recognition through my submission. Thank you so much!

  10. Hazel says:

    Congrats to the final ten! :D

  11. Ran says:

    tian le lu~~QAQ
    Marina thanks for your revalution of my work and very useful suggestion.When I am designing the front composition I even imagine more bone and leaves tatoo on her fingers or shoulder joints,I think for me,the most lack of is patience this time>–<

  12. Ran says:

    Why…….I don’t mean it…something wrong with my computer!GoshQAQthat’s why I’m not comment your blog I’m so sorry this time……..
    the left part:
    And agree with the weakness you said.Thank you for this contest,it let me to see so much different and newfangled concepts,I can learn more from them~
    Tomorrow…it’s the first time,I have no courage to view your blog…it’s too cruel to every finalists…
    Good luck for everyone!>-<
    ps:Can I delect the last comment?!Sorry the computer eat my behind part!!!(shame on myself…..

  13. Karla says:

    Thank you so much for your critique, I’m so honored. I really appreciate it! And I’m really excited I’m here, now to wait what happens.

  14. luis G says:

    Congratulations to all his works are very beautiful ¡¡

  15. Elena Kurtik says:

    I read your comments to the works with a great interest. Thank you, Marina! Now I think that you can lecture well.
    I so wait declaring the winner! My idol is #103. It is really charming work. Greetings you, Ran J!

  16. Aeroksana says:

    Oh, what a valuable constructive criticism! Super Useful! Thank you 1000 times, Marina! ♥

    I dream that it would be interesting to know the conditions of the next contest already now, in order to have a very long time to develop the whole project! In this case, would be expected that everyone will be able to invest a maximum of its potential, nor excessive anxiety or lack of time, only a flight of thought! Ahh!

  17. anita says:

    Thanks for the feedback! This is very exiting:)

  18. xlpincxrr says:

    And Then There Were Ten | Enchanted Doll

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