Another Clue to new doll’s identity

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Well, how about now?

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  1. Tiffany says:

    Princess and the pea!

  2. Cay says:

    la princesse au petit pois ! So cute !

  3. Crystal says:

    She’s Fabulous!!!!!!

  4. Astera says:

    But of course! She is the princess on the pea!!! (I was off with Sleeping beauty but, well, there was something about her to do with sleep…or lack thereof! :D)…love the outfit and bedding you created for her. Your take on fairy tales is always fascinating.

  5. Aw! Princess and the Pea!

  6. Eiko says:

    Nada got it right on the forum. Very lovely doll.

  7. The Old Maid says:

    Yep, I think it is Princess on the pea! I played her once LOL! I love your collection of fabrics and pillows:)

  8. Biscuitbear says:

    Oh wow, she’s totally magnificent.

  9. Kara Miranda Lawrence says:

    Hi Marina (and Chad)

    I noticed right away that your JPG image name gave away the secret ;)

    Amazing job as always!!


  10. Serena says:

    When I first heard this story when I was a kid, I thought it was the “Princess and the Pee”. =X

  11. Crystal says:

    I can’t wait to see the whole bed!

  12. Ann says:

    Princess om the pea off corse!

  13. Orangey says:

    Wow, how incredibly beautiful is she? I looove her face. Her face just became an instant fav of mine.

    Another wonderful job on this girl, the costume is lovely too~

  14. Carmen says:

    I can definitely see who is is. Wonderful!!! Just love all the details in the accessories and props. And her lacy shorts are to -die -for. She I can take her home so she can stop crying :(

  15. Anna says:

    OooooooH!! The princess and the pea!! She is gorgeous! :) Such an angelic manner!! I Looove love love her outfit!! just love it!! So fabulous!! :) And the matteresses!! Wonderful!! Excellent job! and great photos!! I would so very much like to own this doll!! Just Amazing!!! :)

  16. Hazel says:

    Ooooh…. The princess and the peaaaa! :D
    She’s absolutely gorgeous!

  17. giperborea says:

    Принцесса на горошине)))

  18. Annina says:

    ah *happysigh*
    just so cool, so sweet. i love those matresses, all the colours. LOVE her bloomers and the sleeping mask, just so cute!

  19. Annina says:

    i couldn’t properly express before:
    it’s just so sweet with a sleep themed ED, i’m in love with the idea and now i’m thinking of pyjamas. oh, ED pyjama parties!!

  20. I have to agree I think its the Princess and the pea. Your too much!

  21. Nune2010 says:

    Wowww. This girl is very lovely! So stunning :-)

  22. Iki says:

    Marina, OMG, Did you made all those beds???
    You are my hero.
    Love her outfit

  23. Nune2010 says:

    Oh I just noticed that she’s got a newest corset,too! So cool!

  24. Silvana says:

    hehe…she is a princess of the pea….you are a genius….i loved!!!

  25. She is a delightful surprise is divine, as always a great job I loved everything about this new character is amazing. More photo Marina I have a compilation of every,good luck in Moscow and congratulations for a wonderful work is just lovely .. I loveeeeeee.

  26. MigMig says:

    So beautiful, sleepy doll – and the bloomers are to die for . And I envy her the pile of gorgeous mattresses, too!

  27. MollyTheWanderer says:

    You had too much fun assembling all those pillows and rugs and stuff.

    Ah, princess and the pea. See, I was all confused when her hair was still in curlers, I thought they were a part of the finished product.

    She’s gorgeous, I love the use of the corset. Its such a versatile piece.

  28. Kristina says:

    She’s gorgeous! Сhoice of fabrics suits her perfectly well.

  29. ollie99100 says:

    i love the bed and how its just asif the mattresses were just thrown on

  30. DeNetdra says:

    Instantly when I saw all of the matresses I knew that I was the princess and the pea I have always loved that story, and now a loved doll to match. So wonderful the are the creations that you create.

  31. Carlos valdivia says:

    Nunca he visto cosa tan buena, no soy aficionado a las muñecas, en verdad nunca he visto tanta arte junta.

    Verdaderamente me has resultado inspiradora.

    un abrazo

  32. Kate says:

    Princess and Pea! ahhh, what a Beautiful Fairy Tale. You seem to live inside the Tales of the Blissful Creator, or how else would you be able to capture the Theme of the Fantasy all in one Doll….. so Impressive ….

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