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Click the image for a larger view (the auto-resize is distorting it) More coming soon.

To answer Noxy’s question:

Chad doesn’t seem particularly concerned about his slightly disfigured right thumb, so much so that I’m beginning to think he likes it this way. I don’t really mind it either. It’s quite beautiful in a way.
I don’t mind it if it shows up in photographs with dolls either-it adds character and highlights contrast between eternally perfect porcelain and the vulnerable imperfection of human skin. Although we spent almost an hour setting up and shooting the hand pose, we settled on this particular composition not because of the thumb, but because this angle looked best.

I love photographing dolls in Chad’s hands, but to be quite honest he is not the most co-operative model at times. Because I’m so meticulous at arranging the shot to perfection, changing angles, adjusting light and taking a million test exposures, it usually takes a while and he starts complaining within 20 minutes about cramping up and discomfort from being unable to move a muscle. (Sorry honey, it’s true)

We also start fighting and arguing over creative differences during the shoot. Things can get intense. So, some of the best photographs of my dolls were actually taken under duress. I still enjoy working with Chadasaurus. ( my nickname for him, I call him that almost exclusively. He calls me Marinamal. Chadasaurus and Marinamal. I love it.) I enjoy working with him because despite the character differences and occasional work-related tension, most of the time when we work together we create something beautiful.

13 Responses

  1. aneemal says:

    Oh Marina! This shot is amazing. She looks something like a small animal.

    Congrats Chad on your renewed career as hand-model! :-p

  2. annina says:

    ah! aaaaah!
    can’t talk, love photo!

  3. noxy says:

    oh I LOVE this shot! It’s gorgeous! I wanna use it for my desktop now! I wonder if I can make it bigger….

    Yay for the Chad hand model’s return! Was the pose planned this way with the intention of hiding the bad thumb? *shudders* Those injury pictures still haunt me. lol. But anyhoo, at least the rest of your fingers are still fingin’ well enough! I do love this picture. A lot! *stares*

  4. Ilona says:

    Just a wonderful shot. So tender! :)

  5. kelly says:

    Beautiful photo, so cute, and I love that you admit that you and Chad argue when you work together. My husband and I went to art school together, and we bicker like crazy when we work together on the same project! (I like to torture models, too… my photography stinks). I also appreciate that you were up ’til 4a.m. this morning.

    I want that doll… can’t… have … it….

  6. ~Mia says:

    She looks so cozy in Chad’s hands…

  7. noxy says:

    Ooo thanks for the answer! It’s good to know Chad will still be a hand model! I just seem to recall him mentioning his “before the thumb disfigurement” days, so I assumed that meant he’s no longer modeling. Silly me! I agree with you whole-heartedly, the perfect and everlasting porcelain against an all-too-human background… it fits these EDs, and your love of contrasting opposites, superbly.

    Models… they’re all so finicky aren’t they? Hehe. I love that you guys fight and argue, and yet you two are still so obviously in love. Wish it worked that way with my parents. And your nicknames for each other! SO ADORABLE! <3 Love you guys. :)

  8. Adriana Holanda says:

    Congratulations! I never see something so perfect in my life. It’s amazing and I just love dolls… but, did you think about manufacturing some chubby models? It could be nice too. Bye!

  9. annina says:

    does Chad have his own personal doll? which one?

  10. Marina says:

    Chad does not have his own, personal doll. Yet. I was actually thinking of modeling a face after him, but having dolls made after people that are close to me kind of creeps me out.

    And yes, Adriana, I am working on a voluptuous model.

  11. annina says:

    it would be cool seeing a Chad doll! :)

  12. Kamila says:

    Great shot, she looks so vulnerable! And there is that ambiguity in it – is he going to crash her or is he rather protective of her? Perhaps both, a love that hurts… What an incredible choice of a narrative, I love that book, I could read it again and again.

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