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I have some more pictures to process tomorrow moring, but Lily will be going up on Ebay later in the afternoon of December 27th, at 5pm Pacific time. That’s tomorrow.

I will be putting more pictures up before that though and making the final announcement, so, watch for it.

And just in case you are wondering what Lily is holding in this picture- that’s my recently removed wisdom tooth.

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  1. Eiko says:

    Auw, getting your wisedom teeth removed hurts a lot. I hope that you’re not in too much pain.

  2. Ilona says:

    Oh dear. Your wisdom tooth! Quite a thing to hold for this little beauty. Interesting scale as well :)

  3. silvana says:

    hehe!! Look the Lily’s face. I think she is scared with your teeth…hehe…Now i have an idea how much is small ED hands….wow!

  4. mike says:

    I agree with Silvana, never had any idea of the size of the ED’s. Your wisdom tooth really shows their scale.

  5. Crystal says:

    Oh my God, I thought it was some kind of pastry or muffin at first! LOL!

  6. Heidy says:

    I agree with Crystal, I really can’t believe that was your wisdom tooth there! I removed my wisdom teeth some years ago, and the 4 of them! And it didn’t hurt, even I was feeling pretty better thee next day! I needed to get rid of them because of the lack of space between teeth, I miss them, anyway! Between, I do love that sweet, divine Lily of yours, she’s so lovely!!! She looks like she’s very interested, and intrigued, also, by the teeth she holds. Amazing, yet delicated she is…

  7. Michelle says:

    Congratulations on your auction! We were all watching with much anticipation. She’s beautiful and hopefully will go to a wonderful home.

  8. 好可爱哦..要打劫>///<

  9. alina says:

    I normally never like dolls … but I have to make an exception to your dolls!! They are stunning – a piece of art!!

  10. Abbas says:

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