Baby it’s cold outside! – Winter fashion for Enchanted Dolls

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With Polar Vortex snowstorms raging in North America, I decided that my dolls needed some luxurious warm clothes, so I had some made for them. These are one of a kind, faux fir ensembles of matching hats and coats, made in the Russian tradition of winter wear. They fit both porcelain and resin dolls, although it’s a roomier fit on resin dolls and a tighter fit on porcelain.

1) Winter Romance.
coats 12

1) Midnight Train.
coats 3

3) Siberian Tales.
coats 5

4) Bohemian Beauty.
coats 10

5) A Night in St. Petersburg.
coats 11

6) Northern lights.
coats 13

7) Moscow Dream.
hats 2



26 Responses

  1. isabel Pacheco says:

    Waoooo so beatiful Marina I love.

  2. Sabrina says:

    They look so cozy and warm!

  3. Christianne says:

    Marina they are stunning, the one I love the most is Midnight train…love love love…I have to say I realy appreciate you having them made in faux fir…I thank you..

  4. Anthony says:

    Glorious!!! <3 OMG just gorgeous…. The second and third to last photos are my favorites…. That girl is so gorgeous, Marina what is her name? These are just absolutely gorgeous… Happy Birthday to me :-D

  5. Bertha says:

    Love all these gorgeous dolls! Hardly see them in fur coats before. Where can we get them! Marina your imagination never end!

  6. Bertha says:

    What gorgeous dolls! Hardly see them in fur coats before. Where can we get them! Marina your imagination never end!

  7. Sailor_orbit says:

    Oh my gosh I am in love with your asian porcelain!

  8. Jayne Wourms says:

    I love the coats and especially the ones with matching hats. They look so cozy!

  9. THE PINK SHOES! In the last photo… omg! Please can we get a better view of them… they look magnificent!!!
    Are the coats available?

  10. Astera says:

    For me it’s a tie between Midnight Train and Night in St. Petersburg. The porcelain dark haired beauty looks perfect in these warm coats. Her eyes seem to be peering at something or someone partially visible in a snow storm…

  11. Oh, they are gorgeous! Your dolls will keep warm. I love them all, but , Siberian Tales is my favourite! In Siberia, they would need, very warm coats! Some of my Dad’s relatives, live there and they tell us, it is cold there. Can we please, buy some? Thank-you, Marina.

  12. Maia says:

    OMG, gorgeous!! Winter Romance, Northern Lights and Siberian Tales (in that order) took my breath away just now! Thank you for sharing pics, so beautiful.

  13. azure says:

    the dolls are beautiful, never been a big fan of fur though. it kinda creeps me out. I’ve never wanted to wear it. but your designs are beautiful nonetheless. its amazing all the tiny intensely intricate clothes you make for your dolls, Marina

  14. Harry T says:

    Hello, I would like to purchase two dolls. What s the price and how to order?

  15. Binnur says:

    Are the pink shoes available for purchase, Marina?

  16. Amal says:

    Bohemian Beauty and Northern Lights are my faves, but for the latter I might be biased because of the hair ornaments and the name (favourite story)…

  17. Crystal says:

    Siberian Tales for me! Then the Bohemian Beauty!
    I wonder who would wear what? I’d love to see Dove in the Siberian tales coat, Tess would be the Bohemian. What fun they all are :)

  18. rux says:

    Wow!!! I love them all, but if i had to chose i have two favorites: the 2nd (Siberian) and the( 5th A Night in St. Petersburg.)
    We had no snow so far :(…
    Hugs and a creative new year 2014 !! :)

  19. Sylwia says:

    Winter Romance and Siberian Talea are my faves but every fur is so beautiful I could wear each of them!

  20. Christianne says:

    Tuesday morning -46 with wind chill factor…baby its real cold here! Marina need something to warm our hearts.

  21. Crystal says:

    Hey! I just had a thought, a great Birthday prize this year would be a resin girl with the choice of one coat!

  22. Mai says:

    Wow~! So luxurious and elegant. The matching hats are a nice touch.

  23. I would like to attempt to sew a faux fur, hat and coat. I think it would be hard though.

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  25. Agnes says:

    OMG you used real fur….. now poor creatures have to suffer for objects too. really, there’s nothing original in killing. ! you just made your dolls look tasteless.

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