Behind Closed Drawers

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They contain all kinds of hidden treasures, including a couple of my older, first generation Enchanted Dolls.

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  1. Annina says:

    agh “?” = heart

  2. jacci says:

    is that actually pink hair on the other one or is it the lighting? looks awesome. those two are beautiful, the one with the dark hair looks like Necrophilia.

  3. Hazel says:

    Older but also beautiful! I wonder what is in the other drawers? :)

  4. jacci says:

    i was wondering that too, whats in the other drawers. its always a game to see how much you’re gonna show us, Marina. you keep everyone on the edge of their computer chairs. ;)

  5. Now I would like to find these treasures in my drawers. I find things like this:
    hehe. kissezzzzzzzzz.

  6. Enchanted Doll needs a permanent little gallery/museum for all these treasures to be on display :-)

  7. Ginie says:

    Lovely treasures indeed !

  8. We are going to have to call the Cruelty Association of Enchanted dolls (CAED). That is a sin to have a ED hiding in a drawer….please open the door!

  9. noxy says:

    Still beauuuutiful! I love this picture. Oh how I wish I could stumble across an ED in a drawer. lol.

  10. Jayne Wourms says:

    I will certainly volunteer to do your spring cleaning! I would love to purchase the blonde doll!!

  11. Crystal says:

    Oh my God! my Dream doll the Swan Princess! I haven’t seen her in so long! I wondered what happened to her! I adore her!!!!!11

  12. Orangey says:

    They are just begging for some stands! Your house must be like a fun little treasure trove of dolls and art. You should consider holding exhibitions right in the comfort of your home, haha.

  13. ziggytaku says:

    yes this is the Necro Snow White ^^
    and the other ED is Swan Princess the first i see, i was wondering if i was rite ^^
    miss this girls. poor things you should display them as they are they are lovely and unique :}

  14. Merri says:

    This photo is both beautiful….and disturbing. They are far too lovely to be hidden away in a drawer. :)

  15. Arianne says:

    Oh, poor ladies! Necro seems comfortable enough but the poor Swan is looking somewhat dis-jointed, especially around the neck. Marina, you must send pics of them getting good fresh Canadian spring air. Let them spend some time in the countryside. I live in Forks (yes, Twilight land) and would gladly have them stay with me for a spell. I am surrounded by hundreds of thousands of acres of forests and mountains, but no vampires or werewolves that I know of, be that good or bad… You decide.

  16. Issilyn says:

    It is a shame to keep such lovely ladies ferreted away.
    Hey Marina, maybe you should do more contests and the winners would get the old dolls you have stuffed in your drawers. It would be a win-win situation. You’d get to clean up and we’d get another chance a lovely ladies…=^.~=

  17. Astera says:

    These are two of my favorite dolls ever…
    I am afraid that Marina would not be willing to let go of such historical and remarkable pieces any time soon…;)

  18. The day will come when a ED museum will be. And seeing the evolution from the start will be remarkable. I think its a very good ideal she has these secret drawers with the past stashed away. But they do need to see the sun once and a while.

  19. giperborea says:

    Lovely beauties…Snow White has always been my favourite and the Swan Princess. Cool drawer by the way!

  20. Amal says:

    Marina, do you have any exhibitions lined up for this year??? :D

  21. Crystal says:

    I would definitely get a beautiful glass cabinet and display them. As the first of the dolls, they deserve a place of honor. They need to be treated like the priceless gems they are.

  22. Amal says:

    Hmm, Marina doesn’t strike me as the kind of person to keep her own dolls behind glass at home. Artists undoubtedly regard their own work differently from the way we do. Plus, there’s the squirrel to think about :-P

  23. Sylvia Leticia says:

    Waiting to be Loved… ADORABLE, whereever They are :-} *Warm Greetings*

  24. jacci says:

    Amal is right, a lot of artists don’t keep their own work on display. all my jewelry is in display cases in the closet. but you got to keep your goods stashed somewhere, and that cabinent is a perfect little hide-a-way.

  25. Dani says:

    Be still my heart. Those beautiful dolls in a drawer? I could give them a much nicer place to rest here in my home……….sigh.

  26. Merri says:

    You might like to check out the photos from Marina’s blog (Dec.21, 2011 & Feb.1, 2012) re the ED book. In the corner of the bookcase is a cabinet with a glass door that contains a treasure trove of Enchanted Dolls. Now that’s one cabinet that I would LOVE to have!

  27. jacci says:

    i’m starting to wonder if this is just a photo shoot set up for an early April Fools so we can all covet the dolls in the drawer.;) b/c why keep them in there if there is that lovely glass cabinent full of these beauties? the Feb 1, 2012 blog pic has a better view of the cabinet than the other photo. good blog spurlunking, Merri;)

  28. stefy says:

    I’m absolutely not surprised about this lovely picture…I met Marina and you should see how she handels her Beauties… if they were real toys for little kids!!! We were all shocked and wore white gloves only to look at them, not for touching them LOL…she told us we have to play with dolls not being scared to touch them…that is their main with them!!and this picture makes me also smile as I have two big drawers full of doll staff…one day a friend of mine told me: look in those drawers and I bet you’ll find a doll that you didn’t know you have!!! may be this happened to Marina as well and now she is happy she’s found these two lovely girls :-) Thanks for sharing anyway Marina, you daily feed our dreams!! xxx Stefy

  29. Amal says:

    I stand corrected! Although, that’s a very modest bookcase compared to the type of display cabinet I was thinking of. I’m guessing there are dolls all over her place – wherever there is space! :)

  30. Crystal says:

    I just think the swan princess is sacred! The first time I ever saw Enchanted Dolls was in a “Haute Doll” magazine I think 2008-9?, and the swan princess just took my breath away! But I guess maybe when Marna’s not working (when’s that?) she might not want to see any dolls, clean the palate as one might say. :)

  31. Oooohhhhhh, so beautiful! One of my favourite photos of Enchanted Dolls so far! :)


    Lightpainted Doll

  32. Orangey says:

    It’s so true, artists tend to treat their own work much differently than their admirers do- this is why Marina could bury my- I mean HER precious Cathedral in dirt previously.

    Still, they -do- look mighty cramped in there! ;) Which is why I admire porcelain, because one doesn’t need to worry about the paint rubbing off.

    I really miss your porcelain girls… awaiting a new exhibition.~

  33. lyne says:

    the way they’re curled up with their eyes closed you’d think they were just taking a nap in that drawer

  34. Maia says:

    I would love to open up a drawer to find those beauties inside!

  35. Karolina says:

    well… a different way of having “skeleton hodden in the closet” ;-)

  36. Wish those drawers were in my house!

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