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So I turned 30 yesterday, and I just wanted to thank all of you for your warm and moving birthday wishes. Thank you All. It’s so wonderful of you to remember my birthday. It made my day! It was a really good day. Here is a play-by-play. Just because, that’s why.

The previous night I had stayed up until 7am, finishing a new doll, and then I got up at 10am, having only gotten 3 hours of sleep. I couldn’t sleep while there was a new doll in the house! Still tired, I played with the doll and made her a wig while Chad started cleaning up. As I was working, I kept getting messages from you, and each one made my day brighter. Then came a delivery from Amazon; it was a new book illustrated by Lostfish! Then, Chad and I went to pick up my cake, after which he went home to clean some more, while I went shopping for a new outfit for my birthday party later that night. I generally dislike clothes shopping or grocery shopping or really any kind of shopping, unless I’m getting doll-making supplies. That I can do for hours. And yet, in only two hours I managed to acquire several new outfits, including two gorgeous coats from LuluLemon. They are so athletic AND pretty!

It was time to go home and get dressed up, and as I walked down the crowded street, arms full of bags, headphones over my ears playing the Gorillaz to drown out the bustle of other Friday night shoppers, I watched the old, green North Shore mountains loom over the glassy downtown and thought about my 30 years of life here on earth. Had I really been around this long already? It felt like a blink of an eye. Will I be sixty next time I blink?

I walked contemplating the transience of things, and yet I didn’t feel sad, on the contrary I smiled the whole way home, feeling very fulfilled by the meaningful friendships I had formed and satisfied with what I had accomplished so far, and grateful, so so grateful for the opportunity.

I came home modeled my new outfits for Chad, and soon after, friends began showing up. My parents stopped by to wish me a Happy Birthday. My sister stayed for the party. Chad wore a dress jacket, his luscious beard all fluffed up very fancily for the occasion.

I was in my studio, a little drunk and happy because I was surrounded by everything I loved. Here in this place and in this moment in time was the sum total of my 30 years on earth: Book shelves, Travel maps, Tool drawers, Work desks, Dear Friends, Dolls and Chad. And Birthday wishes coming for every corner of the world.

It was a very good day.

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  1. Glynis says:

    Oh sounds like a lovely day,glad you enjoyed your important day, and what l little cutie peeking round the corner!!

  2. Nune2010 says:

    I went to Chad’s Flickr yester and saw many many pictures of you from the past until now. I kept smiling to see you smile:-) HBD Marina.

  3. Anna says:

    That reads like a most perfect 30th Birthday. : ) Lovely to read. That face is beautiful. : )

  4. Hazel says:

    First of all, the doll in the photo is simply gorgeous. Her lips look ever so luscious.:>

    Your birthday sounds amazing! I’m glad you treated yourself and enjoyed yourself. You deserve it! Thank you for all the amazingness you’ve brought to the world in these 30 years! :D

  5. Blue Fox says:

    Happy shared birthday! (I turned 24 yesterday). Your work is unique and truly inspiring. Thank you for making it and showing it.

  6. Annina says:

    yay this was wonderful to read, thank you for sharing your birthday with us, and thank you once again for being you! :)

    Chad’s beard sounds great!

    and this doll looks ah-mazing! ♥_♥

  7. Merri says:

    Marina, what a wonderful description of your birthday – thanks for sharing! I just can’t begin to imagine all the beautiful creations that will materialise during the course of your next thirty years!
    Thanks for the sneak peek of your new doll. She looks absolutely beautiful and please don’t make us wait too long to see the rest of her.

  8. stolga says:


  9. Orangey says:

    Wow…. how truly wonderful to peek into your birthday experience a little, to peek just a little into your mind for a bit. Actually to be honest I’m younger than you and I feel a bit regretful about getting older, hoping to accomplish the things that I want to accomplish but not having reached there yet. I am so happy for you that you’ve been able to construct a fulfilling world for yourself, doing what you love and being able to experience some of your big wishes, with so much more on the horizon. I truly congratulate you on 30 years of life that’s also enriched the lives of others.

    Gosh… I know I will just LOVE your new doll! In fact I want her! Badly! Somebody write me a check for X amount of dollars this pretty will cost! ;D.

  10. Eva says:

    I’m glad to hear you had a lovely day. :)

    I thought I would struggle a lot more with turning 30 than I did. It’s a contemplative time and when you’re in a good place you can use it to move forward with more purpose and appreciation for all the good things you have.

    I hope the rest of your 31st year is swell! *virtual hugs* :D

  11. Carmelo says:

    Wow Marina-Reading that just touched my soul. I will be turning 30 in July and have already started to have those same feelings myself about my life and friends. I shall never forget years ago before all the message boards and notoriety when I had e-mailed you for guidance on art and dollmaking in particular.I was shocked when you sent me an email back for one and even more surprised that you recommended a specific book (learning to be a Doll Artist-by Martha Armstrong Hand). I can’t thank you enough for the inspiration your art has given me. It has been a long journey to gather the courage to finally attempt my own artistic adventure but for the first time I approach it with hope and faith! Thank you for being a beacon of light to guide the way.

  12. ranjiangzi says:

    wow~wonderful live~
    it’s late,but remember,happy birthday-3-
    new head is beautiful~AND!!Never stay up all night please,Marina!

  13. Signe says:

    A good day indeed! Cherish it and try to collect many more. You won`t be 60 in the next blink, but the years will go faster and faster leading up to it. Just keep celebrating!

    And Chad.. you are the best doing all the cleaning up!

  14. Kasia says:

    Life IS wonderful in every little thing we do! Turning 30 is only the begging…with a talent YOU have, nothing is impossible! I’m far further than 30 and still happy, young and crazy! Wish you all the best and many Happy Birthdays!

  15. DeNetdra says:

    You are truly Blessed, i hope for wonderful story like that when my birth day comes. Happy RE-lated New Year

  16. Amoreen says:

    Wow, Marina! Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous day!

  17. Sounds like you had a lovely relaxing Birthday. You “sound” more calm and at ease, giving in to girly frivolities. The LostFish book seems really beautiful, it’s on ms wish list too.

  18. giperborea says:

    Happy Birthday!!! Sorry for a belated wish((( Thank you for describing your day, I think it’s a dream birthday and a dream life you have, to have achieved so much by 30. I wish I had))) You know, your work has inspired me to create things by hand and I am loving it, thank you!!!

  19. Karen Vail says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Marina. So nice to hear what a wonderful day you had. You should make a doll of you.. make her to express all the things you felt on your birthday yesterday. Then you can hold on to her, and the feeling you felt yesterday – when you ARE 60. :)

  20. Ruth says:

    Thank you for letting us vicariously share your special day! I am glad it was filled with happiness and contentment for you, and I wish you more of the same in the coming year.

  21. 30 so young! Before you know it, 40s 50s are going to flash in front of you. I remember being told enjoy cause it goes fast,so much to a point Im on panic mode.

    She looks adorable, can’t wait to meet your new doll in the house.


  22. nelly says:

    Glad the you have a good birthday you are really bless,wish you the best today and forever :-) .

  23. maribel says:

    Congratualations, Marina
    I hope you have many many more birthdays so that you can graces us with your charm and bring us joy with your dolls!


  24. Jayne Wourms says:

    Happy Belated birthday Marina!
    It is so nice you had such a lovely day! I totally agree about shopping for clothes, I would rather have my teeth pulled out. Although I hardly ever post on the forum anymore. I do read it and I am very excited about seeing the new dolls and the new directions your ambitions are taking you in.
    I am forever an admirer.

  25. Un très joyeux anniversaire pour une si talentueuse jeune femme !
    Vous méritez beaucoup de bonheur, un bonheur aussi grand que ”l’Enchantement” que vous faîtes naître .
    L’art rapproche les gens et fait battre plus vite le coeur de chacun.

  26. Cjoy says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Marina!

    Thank you for sharing!!!!!

  27. Mila says:

    S dnem rozhdeniya, Marina! Uspehov i schast’ya. Mila

  28. Aeroksana says:

    So happy to hear that your birthday bring you, dear Marina, a lot of good feelings! Thank you for sharing your impressions!
    Wonderful gentle and lively little face in the photograph – rather like to see the whole doll!

  29. Madz says:

    Hi Marina! Glad you had fun on your birthday. :) Stay inspired!

  30. Jon Songserm says:

    Happy Birthday Marina, stay O and, keep inspired to us, wish you have very best year Ever++

  31. Marina please come back and show more, the more I see her face the more I get a religious ora. She has a glow to her, maybe its just the way the photo came out…

  32. Isabel Pacheco says:

    How much happiness you have new news, I’m happy that every detail of new dolls make my day. As always blessings for you and chad, I love this new face, and look forward to the final draft, I guess as always will be spectacular :)
    Congratulations Marina.

  33. Belated, Happy Birthday, Marina. Thank you for giving us a peak into your special day. What a treat that is.

    Here’s affirming your continued success, prosperity, good health, creative fulfillment and all the love your heart can hold, and so it is!

  34. Rebecca says:

    Oh, I missed your birthday!

    So have another birthday wish,
    for all things lovely and wonderful,
    for inspiration when you need it,
    for well-earned rest,
    for a year full of magic and wonder.

    Happy birthday, Marina.

  35. Rux says:

    i’am a lttle bit late ( a lot) but Happy birthday!! I wish you health to enjoy your life and creativity:)! and hapiness!

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