Birthday Contest Elimination Round 3

7 years, 6 months ago 9
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Below are 10 more entries that have been ELIMINATED from the original 50 card. Remaining 20 NOT shown here, are still in the running to win an Enchanted Resin Doll on March 16th. Thanks for your effort you guys. Good luck next year.




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  1. Dianna Bird says:

    WOW all the cards are gorgeous. I can see where the one I sent could not compete. Have fun choosing.

  2. Sailor_Orbit says:

    yaaay crystal tokyo and umbrella is still going!

  3. Rebecca ( Issilyn) says:

    Yay! I’m still in the Running! Thanks for rooting for me Sailor_Orbit. Good luck to the remaining entries!

  4. Orangey says:

    Getting closer!~

  5. maria soares says:

    Marina, is possible, or can you tell us if our card have arraived…because we have send it in january, but since you don’t show all the cards we don’t know it!

  6. Astera says:

    Oh…well, my luck as usual fails me!
    There is always next year, though…;)
    Meanwhile, I’d like to tell you how honored I am that you chose my card in the initial selection: that’ s quite a satisfaction per se.
    Thank you so much for the fun and challenge of the contest! (Let alone the prize).

    My favorite entries are still all in the game! Good luck ladies!

  7. An Bidault says:

    I liked the venetian scene very much. So sad it is now out :(

  8. Sylvia says:

    My favorite(the umbrellas at Chiang Mai) is still in~ good luck to everyone though

  9. jacci says:

    well my two favs are gone, the staircase and the doors that open. it’ll be interesting to see what inspires Marina’s wanderlust enough to eliminate 19 more cards.

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