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On Friday this doll was shipped out to the winner of the 2015 annual Enchanted Doll Birthday Contest Kristen V, for her┬átattoo idea inspired by gender equality issues! The contest took place back in March, at the time of my birthday, but it took me a little bit longer to finish the grand prize. Kristen, I hope you like your doll. I really enjoyed making her for you, and I look forward to making one for next year’s Birthday Contest!



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  1. Phoenix says:

    She looks wonderful, Marina! I love especially her lips and her Manicure :-) Kristen, you lucky girl ;-)

  2. Els says:

    She looks amazing!

  3. Lynne says:

    She is sooo beautiful!!! I wish she was mine heehee!!

  4. Crystal says:

    She totally glows! Extraordinary!

  5. Merri says:

    Love her! Congratulations Kiersten! :)

  6. Anya says:

    if I remember right, the contest was based on the tattoo, not the artist’s statement. yet going back almost everyone (if not everyone) had an artist’s statement to go with their piece. there were plenty of beautiful tattoo ideas, though it seems that the winner was decided by her artistic statement about gender equality. so its kinda unfair to change the rules, when the artist statement was originally supposed to NOT sway the opinion.

    that said, (and I know I’m gonna get crap for this cause it seems like “haters” ie: people with opinions that don’t fit in with everyone else’s ) she is a beautiful doll and congratulations to the winner.

    • Sonia Anne says:

      Anya, Kristen’s tattoo idea was inspired by gender equality issues, as Marina says. It is more interesting when an Artist has a reason or meaning behind their idea.

      • Anya says:

        yeah, but the contest was based on the tattoo, not the meaning behind it. the artist’s statement was not part of the contest, yet that’s what was used to determine the winner. seems like a sway of opinion happened. just saying.

        contest aside, it is more interesting when an artist has meaning behind their designs. I’ve seen many of Marina’s dolls have an interesting meaning behind their pretty faces. some are darker meanings and some are more political. it IS interesting to have meaning behind a piece. I’m not knocking that. it just seems like the contest got twisted, though we can drop that cause its done and over. I was only pointing it out, though it is probably something a “hater” would say. I’m just basing it on terms of fairness. but whatever.

        • Sonia Anne says:

          Anya, I just don’t understand how you think that the meaning behind the tattoo was used to determine the winner and not the tattoo. But everyone is entitled to their opinion and I mean you no harm in commenting on your comments.

          • Anya says:

            because I went back and read the rules of the birthday contest. Marina said you could include an artist statement but it would not determine the winner, only the tattoo itself. but no worries. I’m not offended so its cool. the doll is still a beauty like all of them, and I do congratulate the winner, no matter what way the rules went, its a real prize to win one of these dolls and I acknowledge that. its not easy to win a contest of any kind, either this one, or one of opinions. so don’t worry, like I said, its all good.

  7. Jayne Wourms says:

    She is simply stunning! So beautiful!!

  8. Amna says:

    Do you know anyone who makes happy dolls?

  9. cha hof says:

    she is beautiful as always , I like that plant in the bottle.

  10. Sonia Anne says:

    It is all good, Anya. Thank-you. My sincere Congratulations goes to the winner.

  11. Sonia Anne says:

    This doll is beyond beautiful! I wish!!! I can dream….

  12. Cat says:

    Wow, she is so lovely!

  13. Kiersten says:

    She is SO amazingly stunning Marina! I managed to resist looking at the blog for days. I wanted my first glimpse of her to be when I opened her tin. She really is so beautiful, it’s hard to put it into words. I still am in such shock that she’s mine to love and cherish forever! I never thought I would have the privilege of owning one of your spectacular pieces of art! I have taken part in the contest for 4 years. I encourage everyone to keep believing, put all your honest heart and emotion into your submission and you might win. I never thought I would and then it happened! I believe because I felt so strongly and cared so much for what my design represented that it made a difference in how I created it. I felt accomplished just from my design alone. Making the top 20 was enough shock and honor for me. I can’t believe this is reality. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!

  14. Linda says:

    Kiersten is so lucky, what a beautiful doll. I think it is very kind of Marina to do this competition and offer such a lovely prize. Well done to the winner and to Marina for offering it.

  15. Crystal says:

    Awwww come on! We need something new on this blog!!!!!

  16. Ana Paula says:

    She’s amazing.I loved the hands,so delicated

  17. Daniela says:

    Marina come on don’t be so selfish, your dolls cost an eye of te face, not everyone can get them and you give the chance to participate in a birthday contest what is great but the doll is completely naked, I mean, no tatoos no accesories on her hair, come on marina! We admire you, give us a more complete doll
    Love you :*

  18. Marcus says:

    How can I buying one of that doll ???

  19. Marcus says:

    Very lovely beautiful doll I ever seen

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