Birthday contest, round 1: Top 50 candidates!

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Dear contestants, sorting your post cards for two days had given me some serious wanderlust! From 425 entries, the top fifty (50) have qualified to move into the next round of the competition. I chose the cards that made me feel longing, nostalgia and wanderlust most intensely. I also judged them on a sense of aesthetic, presentation and meaning. The rest of you who didn’t move into the next round, you have my sincere thanks for participating and for making an effort. You guys surprise and inspire me!

In no particular order (yet) are the 50 contenders for the grand prize of Enchanted Resin Doll! I love these because…


I always wanted to go to the ancient city of Petra in Jordan, and ride a camel. One day I will. Thank you, Paula. (USA)


This delightful, embroidered card captures the spirit of vintage travel cards perfectly. Back of it is cool too. Both creative and excellent presentation of a hand-made card.Thank you, Rebecca. (Canada)


This one is mystical and mysterious because the bottom of the valley is hidden. Makes me want to cross that sea of fog and emerge on the castle island. Makes me want to go there. Thank you, Anna. (Russia)


This one makes me want to walk through that dark door at the top of the stairs. Thank you, Kait. (USA)


This one, is very atmospheric. It makes me want to put a pack on my back and walk all the way to the top. Singapore, Thank you, Joyce.


This one brings up memories of road-tripping in Italy. Our car got literally stuck in one of those narrow streets once. Thank you, Lucia. (Italy)


I want to go swimming there! I can practically feel the heat of the sun and the coolness of the water when I look at it. Italy. Thanks, Salvatore.


This one gives me a glint of the colonial past of Hong Kong, before the glass towers began gutting out from the lush cliffs. I feel like a time traveler. Hong Kong. Thank you, Bertha.


This one is very exotic and alluring. I love Alphonse Mucha and I can feel the sun and the glam of a Monte-Carlo beach at the turn of the century when I look at it. It captures the vintage post card spirit and the beginning of the jet-setting era. Thank you!


I love Thomas Kinkade’s idyllic, magical landscapes. I can feel the cozy warmth radiating from that little cottage. I can smell the sweet wood smoke wafting through the cold air from the chimney. I swear, that if only I manage to get close enough to peek through the lattice window, I will see a steaming apple pie cooling down in a warm, rustic kitchen, and hear the muffled sound of indistinct voices coming coming from somewhere in the house. I long to walk through the little green door, but no one can ever cross that bridge. It’s but a fragile dream of paradise and we’re standing on the other side, wanting to come home…Thank you, Zainab. (USA)


And this is my neighborhood a hundred years ago. It’s very trippy looking at it like this. Today the docks are gone, the Maples lining the street are old and huge and my building presently sits at the very end of the row of houses in the conifers. On my lunch breaks, I cross the street to sit on the beach. The rest is the same. Thank you, Marci (Canada)


This is how they imagined Moscow of the 23rd century in 1914. It’s a picture from the past of the future, but I think that ultimately, it describes the past more that it does the future. And yet it already looks kind of like that, minus the blimps. Soon though…Thank you, Yulia. (Russia)


Always wanted to go to this place. Looks incredible. Thank you, (other) Yulia.  (USA)


This one is so Nostalgic. Colonial era Vietnam. I can feel the heavy Saigon heat in the morning. What is it about Westerners that makes mementos of colonial South East Asia so alluring to our imaginations? Thank you, Michael. (USA)


This post card is different, but I really like the way it’s rendered. The pen strokes are lovely, expressionist and the landscape is surreal and chaotic, like our imagination. Original artwork. Thank you, Aleks. (England)


Wish I had an atrium full of plants like that. Thank you, Chiara. (Italy)


This one makes me want to go on a ’round the world voyage. There is so much of the planet to explore! Thank you, Robin (USA)


That’s what I call traveling in style. Makes me want to cross a desert like this. Print of original artwork. Excellent presentation of a hand-made card. Thank you, Karla. (USA)


I’ve always wanted to visit the castle of the legendary count Dracula. I hear that Romania is a land of fairy tales and horror stories, and really wonderful people. One day, I will visit and get to know some of them. Thank you, Mihai. (Romania)


This card is just so awesome…This simple and whimsical illustration captures the great Northern beauty of wild forests and rolling hills, and the spirit of adventure and comradery. The distance is rendered so compellingly,  that I feel like I can walk into that landscape and keep going beyond the horizon. Thank you, Malin (Sweden)


Mystical place. Beautiful Card. Makes me want to go to the Amazon. Thank you, Amy. (USA)


At first glance I can’t tell if this is an ice castle in the arctic, or a cool dwelling in some hot country, but I want to walk up that stairwell and find out. Thank you, Francis (Canada)


Love this vintage card from the old USSR and what it means to the person who sent it. I’m amazed that you would give me something so precious and dear to you. Thank you, Anastasia. (Russia)


This card messes with my mind. Looking at it, I feel like I’m on planet Pandora. I doubt it’s real, but I want to go there anyway. Thank you, Maia. (Sweden)



Beautiful card. Reminds me of the grandeur of St. Petersburg and makes me want to see it again. Thank you. (Russia)


I love severe Northern beauty. I long to stand at the end of the world like you did, and stare out into the Bering Straight. We flew over Chukotka and the Bering Straight on our way to Beijing, and all I saw down there, was hundreds of miles of desolation. I couldn’t look at it enough. Thank you, Olya. (Russia)


Simply a beautiful card. Thank you, Julie (USA)


Northern lights are a part of that severe Northern beauty I love so much. They literally take my breath away. I had the privilege of observing them once not far from Vancouver, which is pretty rare this far down south, and I never thought I’d see them here. The sheer scale of them was awe-striking and frightening. Ethereal sheets moved gently above our heads and jutted vertically into the invisible thickness of the atmosphere, marking its height with green glow. I couldn’t sleep until the sun came up. It was one of the happiest nights of my life. Thank you for reminding me, Linda. (USA)


Another beautiful card that calls me to visit and gets me all dreamy. Thank you, Maria (Bulgaria)


Although this is not a picture of a place on the planet, this card does make my imagination soar. It inspires me. Thank you, Martin. (London)


They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but it’s an interesting travel post card idea to paint a picture and create an atmosphere by describing it. I like it. The description of this place gives me the chills. Thank you, Carolyn. (Canada)


Holographic cards don’t scan well, but I feel like I’m almost there, launching a lantern into the dark sky myself and feeling its warm glow on my face as it slowly lifts away from my outstretched fingers. Thank you, Joy. (Taiwan)


My eyes want to eat this card and I feel a surge of endorphins just looking at all the colors. Thank you, Anda, for this feel-good card. (Thailand)


Love the original (and creepy) take on the travel card idea and the inverted light-on-dark color scheme. The story on the back makes it complete. We’re all drawn ghost stories and haunted places. Nicely done. Thank you, Irina. (Estonia)


My scanner didn’t do this holographic card any justice either, but when I look at it, it looks magical there. One day I will visit this place. Thank you, Beatrice. (Taiwan)


This card is blast from my past. This image is has a symbolic power to any Russian of mine and my parent’s generations and it represents the cheer of New Year’s celebrations. I can practically smell the fresh pine and my mom’s holiday baking. Thank you, Anton, for this precious reminder of the bright moments from the country of my childhood. ??????? ??????? ?? “?????? ??????”…(Russia)


Love this vintage card of the Neuschwanstein Castle. It’s classic gorgeous and it pushes my emotional buttons. Thank you, Fayann. (USA)


At first glance, the image on this card is unremarkable. It’s what’s written on the back that makes it profound. This is a family home left behind in pursuit of other dreams, to be visited only as an occasional guest. The furtive and awkward angle of the photo, taken over some shrubbery, suggests a secret glimpse of a longed-for place that’s been forever consigned to the past. Just out of reach. Very moving. It makes me think of the places and people I left behind in the course of my life. Thank you, Anya. (Russia)


I’m not much of a beach vacationer as I don’t really like relaxing very much, but this looks just so wonderfully relaxing, that I can’t help myself but feel relaxed all over. I can practically feel the soft sand dig compress under my feet as I walk into the water. Thank you, Aya. (Philipines)


Venice is already a magical place, but this card is making it seem otherworldly. I don’t know if this is a print of the sender’s original artwork (let me know in comments), but I want to step into that square and dance all night long. Thank you , Gabrielle. (USA)


I love the presentation of this card (parchment envelope with calligraphy and a wax seal), the attention to detail (hand painted stamps and postage water marks), and the narrative of this card (Around the world in 80 days). This is a trifecta of solid art work. Original art. Thank you, Kate. (USA)


This Original Artwork card is fantastic. Another trifecta of presentation, detail and narrative. I love the woman traveler in her elegant adventure-suit. I identify with her. The vintage, slightly Seampunkish look is very well captured. The back is pretty impressive too. Thank you, Irena. (England)


This card is simple, lovely and well laid out and presented. The artwork is original. I like the raised, textural relief on it, that makes the painting pop off the surface of the paper. Thank you, Laura (Portugal)


You nailed it. I think it’s always winter time in the Land of Enchanted Dolls. Print of original artwork. Love your presentation. Thank you, Christine. (Canada)


This is another embroidered card that I had to include. I love the raised relief and the color gradation on this one. But most importantly, it makes me want to go there. Thank you, Lotte (Netherlands?)


This card is porcelain! The back is also quite remarkable, so much so, that I can’t say which side I like more. Original artwork. Love the effort and the result. Thank you, Virgine (France)



The ornate doors of this card beckon one to open them and walk through. Great combination of photo and original artwork with interactive elements. Thank you, Mai. (USA)


This awesome card folds out into an old parchment map of the Azores Islands! I feel like a pirate sent this to me from a deserted island with all his treasure. Original Artwork. Creative presentation. Thank you, Maria (Portugal)


Oh the romantic vision of Africa, the land of adventure-seekers and explorers. This card paints it well in a warm, nostalgic, promising light. Thank you, Ronel. (USA)


This card makes me think of my favorite quote by Paul Bowles from “The Sheltering Sky” novel. It’s a little sad, but it makes me appreciate every single sunrise. Thank you, Sophie. (USA)

“Because we don’t know when we will die, we get to think of life as an inexhaustible well. Yet everything happens a certain number of times, and a very small number, really. How many more times will you remember a certain afternoon of your childhood, some afternoon that’s so deeply a part of your being that you can’t even conceive of your life without it? Perhaps four or five times more. Perhaps not even that. How many times will you watch the full moon rise? Perhaps twenty. And yet it all seems limitless.”-Paul Bowles.

And there you have it, folks, these are the top 50 candidates. Thirty of these will move forward into the next round tomorrow. Thank you all for participating. Your cards have given me a wonderful opportunity to reflect and contemplate. Congratulations to those still in running and good luck.


59 Responses

  1. Jon Songserm says:

    Congratulations!! to all top 50 candidates. ^^

  2. Hazel says:

    Wow, these cards are breathtaking! Congratulations too the top 50! :D

  3. Sylvia says:

    I read everything from the beginning in hope i would see my own Card somewhere at the end, which did not happen, but I’m still feeling cheery that i could at least participate this time.
    Congratulations to all 50candidates, the one lucky winner at the end and thank you Marina for this opportunity.

  4. sara says:

    A little sad mine wasn’t in the top 50, but oh well, the cards were amazing anyway!

  5. Merri says:

    Wow, some amazing, beautiful and diverse cards! I’ve already chosen my favourite. Guess there’ll be some serious nail biting over the next few days! :)

  6. Syaron says:

    I never actually thought my little endeavor would make it anywhere near the chosen few. But I really feel honored to have even bee able to try. Bless you Marina for being the cherished treasure you are. The cards you chose are stunning.

  7. Bertha says:

    Congrats to those into the top 50, those didn’t try harder again. To-morrow is another day! Thanks Marina has to make such a hard decision.

  8. Jugend Moth says:

    Im really happy to be in these 50 chosen ones, thank you Marina! But tomorrow another day..:D
    All cards are simply amazing! I already have favorites!

    P.s. I hope we can see all entries one day! :)

  9. TK says:

    Congrats to the top 50! Some very beautiful and unique entries!

  10. Sylvia Leticia says:

    Congratulations to the first 50 Finalista!!! Mine didn’t make it, but Happy the same for participating :-} ***FELIZ CUMPLEANOS MARINA***

  11. My heart was pounding seeing all these beautiful post cards one after the other, already convincing myself I have not been choosen. But I am in the top 50 who was picked…. Thank you!

    425 enteries WOW!

  12. kera says:

    I’m kind of bummed that most of those picked were store bought cards.

  13. alena says:

    It is a pity that my card did not pass the first round. But I’m happy for Anton from Russia. My mother also has a card in Soviet times and sometimes I think of it, remembering his childhood. I guess he kept it from his childhood for a special occasion, and now it will awaken in you the desire to get into the country, the way in which the matter is closed and even more desirable

  14. Rubyyyy says:

    kera I’m totally with you, I’m a little sad because my one diidn’t get in but at least I had put lots of work in it….when other people just went to the store and bought one. such a bad choice! :(

  15. An Bidault says:

    I’m with you guys, I’m kind of sad to see that most of the cards were picked up from a store when I’m sure that a lot of people put tons of effort into creating a unique card. That’s what I believe I did.
    Still, you have a lot of beautiful cards there. Good luck to the 50 finalists!

  16. Astera says:

    Hi Marina! The Venice card is mine! :D I signed it for all the family (myself, my daughter-who cannot write yet!- and my husband Gabriele) as you would do with a real post-card when going on vacation somewhere.;)
    The image is a so-so print of the original that you can see here
    So happy you liked it!

  17. jacci says:

    a lot of the cards are really beautiful, but that “land of the enchanted dolls” one, thats totally playing to the audiance.

  18. Issilyn (Rebecca) says:

    Congratulations to every one who made it! They are all so great. I don’t envy Marina having to decide the winners, but I’m hoping mine will make it farther. ( The embroidered one, second in the list) YAY!

  19. Jugend Moth says:

    I also was disappointed that so many “picket in store” cards were chosen. I saw people working for weeks on their cards to make real peace of art. But they didn’t make it even for first round. It’s really sad.
    But let’s be honest. Not all fans of Enchanted Doll have good drawing skills. And they would also like to be able win Marina’s dolls. And they got that chance. I think it’s fair enough

    P.S. Astera, your card is amazing! Congratulations!

  20. Kait Craddock says:

    What beautiful cards! The handmade post cards blow my mind. There is so much talent in this world. Thank you for giving this opportunity to us not only to win a beautiful doll, but also to see the work and minds of others. Every card, handmade or not, means something to someone, making them all special. Best of luck to everyone. They sure will have a hard decision!

    I have never been picked for anything before in my life so to see my post card of the staircase in the Rouen Cathedral is breathtaking especially a few days after my birthday. I wanted to choose something that made me feel the way that Enchanted dolls make me feel. The intricacy and beauty, and the strength at the same time. As well as the unknowing of what lies beyond what you can clearly see.

  21. Glynis says:

    I know what people are saying, re the shop bought cards,beautiful as they are,I found one of an old street in an old part of my town,then thought it would be better to try to make one from scratch,as Marina does with the dolls,I’m not in any way artistic but I was pleased with my effort,which I suppose is a result in its self,stretching my limitations,anyway the cards are gorgeous and I’m just glad I don’t have to choose!! Good luck to the 50 x

  22. Jacci I don’t know you, but I must say thank you(not sure what playing to the audiance meens)At first the ideal of a postcard blanked me. So I created my destination of dreams.

    In my world its
    The land of Enchanted dolls by Marina Bychkova. You have created a world of your own filled with magic that we cling too.

    Wishing we could of sent the original drawings but was 11×14

  23. Maia says:

    Wow, so many beautiful cards. Very wanderlust indeed!And some of the handmade ones are just amazing.

    Love to see so much beauty…

  24. Marina says:

    You guys, please remember that the hand-made aspect of the card was never the main qualifying criteria for the contest.

    The criteria is that the card inspires wander lust, regardless of whether its hand made or store bought.

    In fact, I didn’t particularly want contestants to spend so much time working on their cards, but most of you guys chose to make your cards instead. And I chose the ones that fit the criteria of inspiring wanderlust in me.

  25. Rubyyyy says:

    I totally understand Marina, but I think you should’ve given more value to the effort that people did…

  26. Diana says:

    @ Rubyyy: Exactly true! I spend all days of my one-week-holiday for creating and wasn’t chosen too. That was the last time that I tried my luck and wasted my time!
    Good luck to the rest and especially to the ones who only bought a card, made no effort and made it to the next round nevertheless. You guys had been lucky!

  27. Anastasia says:

    Wow, so many beautiful cards! And they are really inspiring and breathtaking!

    I’m glad you liked my card too among such a great number of beautiful ones.
    And answer about giving you such a treasure from my childhood… well, this card inspired me a lot and i just wanted to share this card with someone, who is always wandering and looking for beauty. The wind of something new is blowing from this card even though it is so old, and i wish you would feel its’ cooling touch.

  28. Annina says:

    congratulations to the chosen 50 and good luck for the coming rounds! :) there are some very beautiful cards here!
    mine wasn’t chosen but i will share it on my flickr soonish. i thought it was a great theme for a contest, thank you Marina for this opportunity as it got me started with drawing again which i am very happy about!

  29. Mai says:

    Oh, so glad that you liked my card, Marina! There are indeed some strikingly compelling masterpieces here; I feel very fortunate to be included among them. For anyone interested, my card features Ely Cathedral, in Cambridgeshire, England. Inside photo credit goes to Barrie Tumbridge Photography, who was kind enough to allow me use his beautiful image.

  30. Cynthia says:

    Congratulations to the 50! They are beautiful:)

  31. Carolyn says:

    Thank you Marina!

  32. Orangey says:

    I think the way Marina was going to judge the cards was already stated very clearly, so there is no need for any bitterness about it, whether you chose to make it, buy it, or otherwise acquire it. Just my opinion.

    I really loved seeing all of the cards, and reading your notes on them. My favorites were probably the holographic cards from Taiwan, they were the perfect mixture for me, as I love holographic cards, Taiwan, and golden, glowing, warm atmosphere.The one from Beatrice is striking.

    But, I think all of the cards are quite equally matched right now, I have no idea how you will choose, but I am looking forward to the upcoming days!

    Unfortunately I could not enter this year, but the contest is still fun to view!

  33. Mark says:

    It was so nice of you to write about each finalist!
    Good luck everybody.

  34. Karla says:

    Congratulations to the 50 finalists!
    I’m so happy I´m in them!
    All are beautiful entries. Even if they´re not for me, I liked them and got inspired from seeing the photos and art.

    I love the Moscow card.

  35. Candice says:

    Well put Orangey… I was thinking the same thing. I spent a couple of weeks on mine too, but didn’t feel that that should pull it ahead of the rest. I felt inspired by her contest, and created a post card for that. I remember thinking after I mailed it that I realized that I didn’t care if I made it to the end because I met my goal of participating.

    I wish people would stop saying how Marina should have made her decision. You’re forgetting, that this is her contest, she is the artist who has decided, of her own free will, to give away one of her pieces of artwork. Consider how disheartening it must be to read all these comments the are essentially scolding her. Perhaps next year she’ll cancel the contest because it’s too much of an emotional slap from those who want it done their way.

    I’ll step down now, but please show Marina more respect. Those of you upset with her approach are shining a bad light on her fans. We’re not all ungrateful.

    Thank you Marina. Ignore the nay-sayers and move forward with confidence and wander-lust. *grin*

  36. An Bidault says:

    It’s not my intention to sound bitter. It’s just that I wanted to win so hard that I put all my creativity and heart in my card. I really thought I had a shot and losing against bought postcards hurts pretty much.
    Maybe they mean a lot to some people, but for me they just lack magic.
    I’m sorry to say this, I don’t intend to be a bad loser.

  37. Sabrina says:

    It took a lot of effort for Marina to explain why she like each card, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about each one! Mine was a store bought card (not in the top 50) but made locally, and I had the best time looking for it. Many had a good time drawing and creating– I even considered trying to make one myself (but for only a brief time :D). Thank you Marina for the inspiration, and for a good time. I look forward to the rest of the contest!

  38. Sailor_Orbit says:

    I really like the umbrella card! that’s the one that made the most impression on me (the one I remember after looking through them all). and of course I am a fan of crystal tokyo, so I have a bias towards that postcard XD

  39. Kait says:

    I was thinking the same thing Sailor_Orbit! I adore the Crystal Tokyo card!

  40. Jayne Wourms says:

    I actually loved the premise of the contest this year. I love the fact that all a person had to do was choose a card that sparked a yearning to wander and think the 50 cards that were chosen did that perfectly! I glad it isn’t my job to pick the winner though, I would have a tough time deciding. Congrats to everyone who made it through round one, roll on round 2!!

  41. Diana says:

    I and the other disappointed ones are only stating their opinion as you stating your opinions and I think that is more healthy then biting your tongue and swallow it! Marina will surely keep doing her thing otherwise she wouldn’t have come so far in life as an artist!

    Good luck to the remaining contestants. I hope that a self-made card will win!

  42. Irina says:

    Marina! You did a huge thing with those postcards.
    It is so lovely of You to write this words about each one You picked so far.

  43. Beatrice says:

    I’m glad that you like my card! this is a beautiful contest let everybody can share something with you.
    And thank you always share the Enchanted Doll world with us!

  44. stefy says:

    First of all congratulations to everyone who decided to take part to this contest. I read with deep attention all your comments and I’m sure Marina will do it too. I’m a bit sad seeing that some people are disappointed (if this is the correct word) for not being chosen after a hard work but I’m sure Marina has appreciated all your cards and it must be really difficult to exclude one in favour of another one….in any case the winner will be just one!!!. it could have been easier for her to make the contest and only say…”the winner is….” but she doesn’t and on the other hand she gave 50 people the honour to show their own card to the world through her blog…and believe me she has thousand of people entering her blog every single day. She was very clear while opening the contest about its rules and it was no matter if the card was hand made or just store bought….so if you decided to partecipate to it you should have considered this main rule and accept it.
    Believe me Marina is a very sweeet person and if she could, she would please all her fans.
    Personally I looove the Venetian carneval one and I can imagine Marina dancing in San Marco’s square like a butterfly…this is only my opinin of course :-)

  45. Phoenix says:

    Yes, the rules were clearly stated but I think most people who wasn’t chosen even though they put a lot of work into it and post here just wanted to get the disappointment off their chests. I am like that too. And as long as people do it objectivly I don’t think that this is a crime. I am sure we all know that the contest is in general a GREAT and VERY generous gesture from Marina!
    Good luck to the rest! I like the Chrystal Tokyo card most. I LOVED Sailor Moon :-)

  46. Aeroksana says:

    Dear Marina, 425 postcards – this is probably a stack from floor to ceiling! I respect all of great work to review, evaluate and make a choice! I loved the top 50, they are wonderful and full of inspiration to travel! I loved that you gave an explanation for each card. My card has not been selected, to my regret. However, in my apartment sounded happy voices, as card from my brother’s wife has been chosen by you! This is a card with a castle on an island in the ocean of mist. My family still has a tiny hope to win :)
    Honestly, when I was doing my card (it was compiled on a computer and then printed on my printer and laminated) – I was just sure I was worthy of a prize :) but then I calmed down and down to earth. It’s a competition, and there’s nothing to say in advance! It will be as God wills, I think :)
    Thank you, dear Marina, for this contest! Thank you for the keenly felt huge splash of creative forces in my life! ?
    Also today, I want to congratulate you on the International Women’s Day on March 8! I wish you a lot of sunlight, joyful experience, gentle hugs and happy faces of your loved ones around you! ?

  47. Aeroksana says:

    Dear Marina, 425 postcards – this is probably a stack from floor to ceiling! I respect all of great work to review, evaluate and make a choice! I loved the top 50, they are wonderful and full of inspiration to travel! I loved that you gave an explanation for each card. My card has not been selected, to my regret. However, in my apartment sounded happy voices, as card from my brother’s wife has been chosen by you! This is a card with a castle on an island in the ocean of mist. My family still has a tiny hope to win :)
    Honestly, when I was doing my card (it was compiled on a computer and then printed on my printer and laminated) – I was just sure I was worthy of a prize :) but then I calmed down and down to earth. It’s a competition, and there’s nothing to say in advance! It will be as God wills, I think :)
    Thank you, dear Marina, for this contest! Thank you for the keenly felt huge splash of creative forces in my life! ?
    Also today, I want to congratulate you on the International Women’s Day on March 8! I wish you a lot of sunlight, joyful experience, gentle hugs and happy faces of your loved ones around you! ?

  48. Amal says:

    What a great collection! Congratulations to those featured here – and good luck for the next round! Commiserations to those who were knocked out, but for sure all the entries were appreciated. It wouldn’t be a contest without you.

    ‘Losing is painful, but not as painful as knowing there was something more you could have done…’

  49. Patricia says:

    Congratulations to all 50! There are some beautiful images and ideas. I love the concept of the armchair traveler in the written postcard because so many of us travel through the pages of a story. The unlimited potential of the imagination!

  50. christine says:

    Hmmm, my card which was very fragile and vintage did not make it and I sent it before the rules changed to being able to use envelopes and I didn’t feel I could send two.
    Anyway, looking over the choices shown I have 17 favorites that inspire wanderlust in me and another 6 that are quite interesting and 26 which I find to be, simply put, boring.
    Someone will be a very Happy person. Congratulations to that lucky one.

  51. Robin says:

    My 12 yr old daughter entered the contest this year with an original design she drew and painted of Las Vegas. She knew she would be going up against people that make their living as artist and that her chances would be 50/50. She did not make the top 50 and she was sad that she would not own an ED doll now. But she never judged Marina for her chose. That would be disrespectful to the people who’s cards were chosen and to Marina.
    Everyone will have an opinion on what card they like but some of these comments are disrespectful to a person who is giving a gift to a fan on her own birthday.
    I’m proud my daughter choose to do her own art in ordered to show Marina what was in her mind, even if that meant she may hurt her chances. After reading some of the comments I’m now also proud of how she handled her disappointment.
    By the way my favorite is: The traveling red haired.
    A proud mom

  52. Ginie says:

    Marina , how thoughful of you to write a personal message for each of the 50 cards .
    I have found admiring every card , and reading your peotic words , so pleasent , and it has made me want to be transported into many of these places myself .
    I can only thank you for all these good moments …

  53. Maia says:

    Yes, I meant to mention that in my previous post also, I loved reading each thought from Marina about each card. How nice!

    For those commenting on the ‘handmade’ aspect, the contest criteria was very simple and clear: Postcards that inspire wanderlust. Period. I loved seeing the handmade ones and truly appreciated the creativity, beauty and artistic element of them but I also loved many of the ‘store bought’ ones, many which were absolutely gorgeous and extremely inspiring. I don’t think the handmade ones should have been picked simply because they were handmade, as that had nothing to do with the criteria of contest. Good luck to all and what a wonderful contest for Marina to do for all of us.

    (I don’t know if mine made it on time, but if it did, it didn’t get picked, darn! lol)

  54. Phoenix says:

    To choose a piece of art from many is always a question of personal taste. There is no right or wrong because everybody would choose differently. However creating a piece of art is a process with a lot of passion and love and with that there are a lot of emotions involved. I am sure most of the disappointed comments were very spontan outbursts of emotions.
    And I can understand when people who put WEEKS of freetime into one piece react very emotional to their “badluck”. Years ago I almost got a contract to publish my own book but in the last seconds everthing was busted. I remember very well how disapponited I was and that I wasn’t myself the first hours after that message. Calmed down I saw everything a bit more clearly. I am sure most disappointed comments has been a result of that first emotional outburst and everybody has calm down right now.
    I am also pretty sure that everyone is aware of the fact that this contest is not a giving right, but a very generous gesture! I don’t know another artist who makes something like this! Plus: I don’t see any new posts of the disappointed ones, so I guess that is sign that my theory can be right.
    A proud Not-Author

  55. I have to agree with you Phoenix. I think these were very young girls, and there hearts were crushed. I must say being 10 years old or 30 even 70 years old when your heart is hurting sadly we let our emotions get the best of us. Sadly creating art involves passion, determination, and yes our emotions

    My heart goes out to them. I think in all our hearts the prize is bigger than life its self.

  56. Hazel says:

    I sent a handmade card, but I really didn’t expect to win anything. If anything, I’m thankful for the inspiration to create something beautiful as Marina so often gives us with all her dolls.

    My favorites are the traveling lady redhaired lady, the Venice card, the steampunk one, the Thai one with many umbrellas and the Mucha one! :D

    Good luck to everyone who is still in the running!

  57. Malin says:

    I am one of the ones who did not create my card myself, and the embroidered postcards here are just fabulous. I don’t expect to win, but I’m just so happy to be nominated. Thank you, marina ;___;

    However, I hope you all do not undermine those who didn’t create theirs themselves. I am quite sure we all chose our motives carefully, and as we as viewers have not read the back of the postcards, none of us can be sure what the motives mean to the people who sent it, right?

    I for one live in Germany but wanted to send an illustrator from my childhood, so I went through ebay and email swedish websites (who didn’t respond, gahh) for a specific illustration I wanted. Luck had it that my family still lives in the town where the illustrator was born, so a family member was able to go to his museum and buy the card, then send it to Germany, just so I could write and send it to Canada :$

  58. Marcia says:

    I don’t know how a person could possibly choose!

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