Here are some preview shots of my new doll-Twenty To Midnight. She is going to a show in London at the end of this month.

Twenty To Midnight is a one of a kind tattooed doll, featuring a silver-plated, limited edition bronze casting of a hand carved Rococo wig sculpture. The wig is magnetic and removable, with one of a kind gemstone accents of 6 Pink Tourmalines and 2 Rubies.


Midnight’s china face painting was loosely inspired by Audrey Kawasaki’s beautiful girls.


Midnight’s silver-plated, bronze slippers are accented with solitaire Rubies, glass beads and tiny bows.


The finished wig weighs only 119.1 grams, or 4.2 ounces and is relatively light compared to some of my other metal head ornaments, such a Sterling Snowflake crown or a Sterling Cathedral crown. I am immensely pleased with how it turned out, as I really didn’t anticipate such a close fit to the contours of the head because of the shrinkage and inevitable warping of the model during molding and casting. The inside of the wig is lined with layers of soft leather to maximize the tightness of contact.


We are still working on the web gallery for Twenty To Midnight, but I’ll post more photos and information for her on Monday or Tuesday.

Today I have to get her ready for shipment.

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Ooh, ooh I just got this in the mail! My copies of the Renaissance magazine from Budapest, Hungary. My doll Cosmos Exploratum made the  cover of December 2010 issue. This is the 10th cover for Enchanted Doll. A little bit of a milestone, I guess.

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This is a part of a concept sketch for her tattoo.


And this is a side view of the wig model.

I’m assembling the final pieces of the project today and hoping to finish shooting by Friday or Saturday. The carving of the wig and preparing it for molding took almost an entire week on non-interrupted work. It was hard on the eyes. On day five, around 10 in the evening my vision began to blur so much, that I could no longer see the texture  properly. It’s like, my body just said: “Ok, enough. You’re crazy and I’ve had it. Efff this.” So, I took a day off and drank a bottle of wine while watching Lord of the Rings again. And then R.E.D. Again. What a fun movie.

Anyway. Completion of Twenty To Midnight is pending. Then, the 2011 rules for the upcoming, annual Birthday Contest.

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This New Year for Enchanted Doll begins with a group exhibition at the ShowStudio gallery in London UK, titled To Bed.

I’m contributing one doll to this show, which will include photography and video installations by various artists, including Andy Warhol’s Sleep. I don’t have the full list of participating artists yet, but I’ll be posting more information about this exhibition. The show opens on January 26th.

Above, is a snap shot of the new wax model for the show doll. She is in the last stages of completion, and I plan to finish her by the middle of next week. This piece, titled Twenty To Midnight is a nude, featuring a monochrome, one of a kind tattoo on her torso and thighs, the new Marie-Antoinette shoes and of course this fabulous, new ultra-limited edition head dress with one of a kind accents. I already have it cast and everything. Can’t wait to show you.

I will post purchasing details next week, after I send her on her way and get some down time. In the meantime, I think I’ll post a concept sketch for her tattoo in a day or two; as soon as I get around to scanning it.

For those who are not acquainted with this doll face yet, she is my wax-modeling head and not the doll which will be featured in this show. That one will be much better.

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Happy New Year!

Chad and I spent the remainder of the Old Year with two dozen of our old friends from high school and university, on a week-long vacation in the remote winter wonderland of British Columbian Interior. It was so cold! We ice skated on the frozen lake, played hockey, skied and I had lots of down time to lay around in the cozy log cabin, drink Baileys-spiked hot chocolate and read the Golden Compass. We celebrated the last moments of 2010 and the first minutes of 2011 by going out onto the dark, frozen expanse of the lake to watch the incredibly bright stars, have fireworks and drink champagne, which quickly froze in the -20°C. I saw 3 falling stars and made three wishes for the new year. It was wonderful!


I didn’t make any dolls this week, but i did get to paint real people, when one night someone approached me with a box of face paint and a request to paint his face for fun. While I made him into a bunny-butterfly (a very dangerous and totally real creature), there formed a line up of others who wanted their face done. I spent the night painting my friends into bears, tigers, scarred pirates and other strange creatures. It was my work fix for the week and it was awesome!


Now I’m back and itching for some doll painting. Luckily there is never a shortage of projects around here and I’ve got lots of things planned and in progress. I’ve been keeping them a secret from you, but it’s time I begin to reveal them one by one. There are some announcements coming up regarding shows, birthday contest, new dolls and other things- so stay tuned!

It will be a great year!

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It’s Christmas Eve, guys. It’s raining cats and dogs in Vancouver today, but somewhere else in the world it’s a white and snowy winter wonderland. I miss white Christmases. I hear that Heathrow airport is so wondrous and magical right now, that it’s shut down and holiday travelers are stranded. I imagine it must be horrible, but in Vancouver it’s difficult to tell one season apart from another-it’s always green. But at least it’s colder, stormier and windier today than usual, and that is actually giving me the feeling of holiday cheer. Seriously, It’s lovely.

One more year is almost at an end, and it’s time to reflect on what’s been accomplished in 2010 and make grand plans for 2011. It’s been a very hectic, but also an extremely fantastic year for Enchanted Doll and for Chad and I. It was so prolific, that my head spins when I think back to it and it seems that I blinked, and a year was gone.

Despite all the projects that got done this year, there are still some things that didn’t work out as I planned. I was hoping to unveil the resin line this year, but technical difficulties have delayed the release. The new year should bring a resolution to those problems and I’m looking forward to 2011 with a sense of great expectation and excitement.

This drawing by Sulamith Wulfing embodies the feeling of Christmas for me and gives me a sense of peace and warmth and happiness. Perhaps it will give you that warm feeling too.


My Dear Fans, I’d like express my gratitude for your support and your love for Enchanted Doll. You help me create every day. Thank you. Thank you.

So, from the bottom of my heart I’d like to wish you a very Merry, very Happy Christmas and an amazing New Year!

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We are having a Christmas Sale on Enchanted Doll tins for 20% off until December 24th, 2010. All tins come with special custom shaped foam inserts to safely store and transport an Enchanted Doll, but even if you don’t have a doll the foam can be removed allowing the tin to be used to store all kinds of things. I’m a bit of a box fanatic; I just love keeping things in metal tins, from art supplies to photographs and other nick-nacks.

For more information on the tins, please visit the Enchanted Doll Tins page. That is where you will also be able to fill out an order form for purchasing.

This sale is for a limited time, so now’s your chance to order a tin!

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Wax models for Marie-Antoinette and Hopscotch shoes.


I have my own little superstitions when it comes to metal projects: I don’t like to show pictures of any wax models until I have my first successful cast. That way I know I have tangible results before I disclose it, but I also have this irrational belief that if I show progress shots before the end result, it might somehow jinx everything. This refers almost exclusively to metal projects though. I know it’s silly, but I don’t like to deviate from that.

Below is the inspiration for the Hopscotch shoes.


This beautiful illustration was my very first exposure to Sulamith Wulfing’s work in 2001. It reminds me of a Siberian Winter landscape so much. I think that the contrast of her uncharacteristically light outfit and particularly her little shoes against the coldness of the setting made a really strong impression on me. “Why is she wearing those summer shoes in the snow?”- I kept thinking as I held the book in my hands: ” That’s not an appropriate outfit at all. She’ll die of exposure!” There is probably an evil stepmother involved in this business somehow.

It actually reminds me of one particular Russian fairy tale “The Twelve Months”, where a stepdaughter gets sent to the forest in the dead of winter to pick some flowers and instructed not to return without any. In the middle of this suicide mission she meets human representations of each of the 12 months of the year and they save her, setting up further event in the story.

Anyway. Every time I look at this picture, it makes me want to drink hot chocolate and wear warm socks.

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My childhood leather sandals + Sulamith Wulfing illustrations + Japanese schoolgirl stereotype = Hopscotch.

Although, these are Sulamith Wulfing more than anything else, as the design is directly inspired by a certain illustration of hers. I’ll show you later.


These are replicas of the pair my one of a kind doll Alice in Wonderland wears, except instead of leather, they are cast in bronze, plated with 24k gold and painted with synthetic enamel.


Introducing a new feature- the strap button: a simpler, yet equally elegant solution to the teeny tiny buckle. I love it.


Hopscotch Styles From left to right: Sunday Best, First Ball and September.

Experimentation with the most basic finishes and color combination. More experiments required, of course. Especially the kind where I wear gloves and laugh like an evil scientist from time to time. While working on specimens of miniature footwear. “Chad, scalpel please, quickly!…”


Two styles Hopscotch and Marie-Antoinettes, both 24k gold-plated and enameled. Marie-Antoinette style features my signature, tiny buckle strap and decorative ornamentation on the front, back and heel, while Hopscotch is a simpler, less decorative style reminiscent of classical child’s shoes.


My place is just crawling with dolls and their tiny shoes, amongst other doll things right now. Some of my guests find it a little strange here. Can’t blame them-sometimes I find my own home quite strange. But lovely.

Any favorites? Yes, yes, I know everyone likes Macaroons.

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I’m adding more designs to the Enchanted Doll line of cast metal footwear. I call this style Marie-Antoinette. These are Cast in bronze.

Marie-Antoinettes from left to right: MACAROON – 24k gold plate and synthetic enamel finish, in the middle CLASSIC BLUE – silver plate with black patina finish and on the right is WARM LAVENDER – bronze cast with satin finish.


I’ve been wanting to make slippers in this 17th century/Rococo style for months, but had to put it off and off and off until I just couldn’t wait anymore.


Some more experiments are needed with different enamel colors and finishes, but i’m already quite infatuated with these.


I’d also like to see how they can be accessorized and which of these styles can be made available to order.


I love the enameled look, but it’s quite a challenge to apply. If there is enough interest in them, they may become available for orders occasionally. I donno yet. So far, only the creative part of the shoes has been done. Sill need to figure out the logistics of orders.


I’ll be announcing more information about Marie-Antoinettes, such as the price and wait-listing in a bit, meanwhile, stay tuned for more photos. And more shoes.


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