Same day, different outfits.
After setting up the show a fairy god mother came and transformed a tired and crumpled Chad and I into a beautiful prince and a princess……Well, it was actually a lot more like getting stuck in traffic for an hour on our way back to the hotel because President Medvedev was in town and all the main roads were blocked off, and not having any time to do my hair, with a strong possibility of missing the opening of the ball. Also our pumpkin was really just a taxi, but it was still a magical day!

Grand Entrance from Enchanted Doll on Vimeo.

Here’s a little video of our grand entrance to the show at the Catherine Palace. We went through many rooms on our way to the ballroom, one of which of the famous Amber Room. Since some people were interested, I thought I’d show you my dress in action.

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Hey gang, I’m back from my recent exhibitions in Russia and travels in Scandinavia! It was both a prolific and an adventurous trip, if a little bit stressful. But then again, Chad and I are not the ones for relaxing vacations, exactly, so it was business as usual.

I spent the last couple of weeks decompressing from the intensity of the last 3 months of show preparations and a month of bouncing around Europe, by enjoying quiet domesticity and drawing a map of our adventures (link goes to a large version of the map). I think I might start doing that for every trip we take, as I found it to be a therapeutic and a reflective exercise. It was nice to be painting something other than dolls for a little while, and it gave me a flashback to my high school assignments. Can you tell I’m a fan of Indiana Jones movies? I even liked the last one…..

Well, I’m jumping back into studio work for the next 5 weeks to complete another costumed doll/s for upcoming shows later this year, and then Chad and I are off to China for a research trip in August. In the meantime I’ll be taking more orders for paper dolls, shipping out prizes to the Birthday 2010 contestants and and and…… showing you some new things, of course! I might sneak a couple of videos and pictures from St.Petersburg shows too.

It’s good to be back!

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I brought my traveling collection, plus several new dolls to the Musical Olympus Foundation Charity Ball on May 21st, at the Catherine’s Place in St. Petersburg.


This was my exhibition room at the Catherine’s Palace. Not too shabby.


Setting up for the show later in the evening.


The new doll ‘Wife’, was exhibited too.


The weather was beautiful and really warm and the palace grounds were like a fairy tale.


It’s show time! Chad and I are making our way through the palace chambers to the ball room.



Explaining the concept behind ‘State Property’ to a theater director.


Believe it or not, but this is almost 10pm in the evening in St.Petersburg in  May. The days are very long and darkness only lasts for about 3-4 hours. In mid June it doesn’t get dark at all. The room was filled with golden light and everything glowed.


The ball was magical and at the end, there were fireworks in the gardens. The show had to be taken down that same night after the ball, and I had to do it very quickly in my ball gown.


I’m exhausted from a day jam-packed with working, dancing and unforgettable impressions.

But the night didn’t end there. As we took down the show, and the palace emptied, Chad went to inform the organizers and got locked out of the palace, leaving me all alone, stuck on the other side. I spent almost 40 minutes trying to find the rest of the crew and Chad, wandering around through the darkening mazes of cavernous gold rooms and staircases, all on huge heels and enormous skirt and with 2 heavy suitcases full of dolls. Chad in the meantime was running around in the dark gardens, going from one locked entrance to the other. Every now and then I would run into some staff member of a take-down crew and plead for their help, but in such an enormous place and with several different crews working, there was a real communication problem and nobody could help me. I was beginning to think that we were accidentally left behind to spend the night there with the ghosts of Russian monarchs.

Eventually I was found, or I found them. I was substantially frightened and exhausted and my feet were bleeding by that point.

But it makes a good story.

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Sorry for not posting these shots sooner, it’s been all hustle and bustle in St. Petersburg. Here are the new dolls (or newly finished dolls) that are part of the 2011 ED Traveling Collection:







Swan Princess (updated)








These dolls (and others) will be on display at the Doll Time International doll exhibition at the Union of Artists exhibition center from June 10th-13th in St. Petersburg.

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This is a group shot of my traveling collection, minus Snow White, Prince and Dunyazada, who didn’t fit in frame (out of aesthetic considerations). Most of these dolls are mine, kept in my own personal collection for traveling shows, however, there are some new, recently finished dolls such as Cixi, Crystal Chandelier, the Wife, Stepmother (formerly Aisha) and an upgraded Swan Princes with a new face and body (didn’t like the old one). A few of those dolls are for sale. Price list and individual photos of the new dolls coming up shortly. Sorry to keep you guessing still, but we’re just so busy right at this moment, tying all the loose ends here, in St.Petersburg. We haven’t had time to see anything yet, due to the show preparations. Our hotel right across from the Hermitage museum, which is awesome, because that’s the first place I want to visit once we’re done work.

Stay tuned.

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Attention Russian and EU Enchanted Doll fans: The Enchanted Dollâ„¢ Traveling Collection of 25 dolls is coming to St.Petersburg this summer!


I have two upcoming shows in St.Petersburg: first one is the Musical Olympus foundation charity ball at the Ekaterininsky Palace on May 21st, Here:


And the second one is a Doll Time International doll exhibition at the Union of Artists exhibition center from June 10th-13th. Here:


I will be attending both events, but while the first one has a restricted access, the second one is open to the public!

The three day event will take place from June 10th-13th, at the  Exhibition Centre of St. Petersburg Union of Artists, st. Bolshaya Morskaya, 38., featuring Enchanted Dollâ„¢ as a special guest. I’m very honored by the invitations to both shows and  excited to attend.

The new doll Crystal Chandelier will be among the 4 recently finished costumed dolls I’ll be showing as a part of this traveling collection, plus my first version of Cinderella and an upgraded Swan Princess. Full list and pictures of participating dolls will be available here any time between now and Tuesday. We’re leaving for Russia on Wednesday.

In the two weeks between the events, Chad and I will be hanging out in Finland, Sweden and possibly Norway. Due to the intensity of the preparations for the shows, I’ve had no time whatsoever to plan anything else or even buy a dress for the ball yet……Gahhh!!!!

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First of all in regards to the laminated paper doll orders: Our shipment of laminate is expected to arrive by May 10th and that’s when we can begin to laminate your dolls and process your orders. We will be contacting you this week with confirmations. But in the meantime, this….


I made myself a new doll for my personal collection and became totally infatuated with her, which is a little bit out of character for me. You see, I love making dolls a lot more than I like playing with them, but there is something special about this doll that brings out a giddy little girl in me. I’ve been playing with her for days now; changing her outfits, washing and styling her hair, making her jewelry, taking pictures of her, keeping her close on my desk while I work so that I could gaze onto her face and even putting her to bed at night…..Jesus…. My behavior is starting to scare me a little bit, because it goes against my principals on appropriate artist to artwork relationship. It’s possible I might be regressing back into childhood as a result of work-related stress. I hope I don’t go completely insane. I’m having such a good time though!


The other unusual thing is that I really love this bonnet on her, and I’m not generally a big fan of a bonnet-on-a-doll look. It’s a bit too cliche for my taste. This bonnet however, felt so right when I put it on, that it seems to have been made only for her. It was in fact, submitted for 2010 birthday contest. I appreciate this gift even more now!


I’ve had this face for over a year now, but I haven’t made a body for it until a month ago. It was a just a practice face for the first Lily doll and I kept it as china-paint reference to work from. It spent all this time on the bottom of my ‘not-quite-right’ drawer, only to emerge as, what I now consider, to be one of my loveliest dolls.






She is so pretty that i can’t get enough of her. I think I’ll make her a white tea dress from some lace I got in Paris last year. Not that I have time for such self-indulgent distractions.

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Concept sketches for the shoes.


Wax models of the shoes in the works. I hope to finish the second one by Wednesday and begin molding. It’s probably the most challenging pair I’ve made so far. I’m worried about the mold design and the inject-ability of these molds and hope to find out if they work by the end of the week.  Tonight I’ve got lots of writing to do, but it’s hard, because I can’t stop thinking about these unfinished waxes sitting on my desk.

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For the last few months I’ve been concentrating on completing several one of a kind projects I started a while ago, but never finished for one reason or another. I don’t like having unfinished business; it weighs on me like a brick tied around my neck, and so, finally completing two of my grandest projects is a huge relief to me. Cixi is nearly there, but there was another unfinished costumed doll I’ve been working on simultaneously. It’s just about done and I hope to finish her next week. Care to guess which one I’m talking about?

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This box contains about 60 of my old paper dolls made between 1990-1998, that survived a move to Canada. Apparently I was into Sailor Moon and the X-Files in 1998. Most of my dolls back then were inspired by either stuff I saw on TV, or the boys I liked in real life.

Sadly, all the dolls made prior to 1990 have turned into dust, while many more others were lost during our move to Canada in 1997, when KLM lost almost all of my family’s luggage. Everything we owned was in those bags. Yup, we quite literally arrived as the new immigrants with nothing more than the clothes on our backs. The missing luggage was never recovered. True story.

Another true story: My very first nude paper doll was confiscated by my grandmother in 1988, who didn’t think it was appropriate for a six year old girl to be making and playing with nude female dolls. And I didn’t even draw that doll – she was a cut out from a magazine photo of a Neoclassical painting.

I was spell-bound by the woman in the painting, so I cut her out and made her into my doll. She was painted only down to her thighs and thus was a legless doll, but still she was so beautiful, that 22 years later I still mourn her loss. I wonder if that incident was in some small way responsible for my love of making nude dolls. It’s like I’m trying to recreate that first lost doll over and over and over again. Or, perhaps that had nothing to do with it and I just always liked a nude human form. I wish I knew the artist of that painting so that I could find it again. But, unknown to me, it remains locked in the memories of my childhood.

Perhaps some of you may recognize it from my description?

The woman with white, marble-like skin, is in the foreground, painted down to her thighs. She has a full neoclassical figure, with a small waist and round thighs. She is nude, except for a sheer, completely translucent undergarment of some sort, with a delicate ruffled collar. Her round face is framed by waves of raven hair locks, gathered up behind her. Her lips are very red, small and puffy. In one full hand she is holding what I think, is a delicate golden arrow. The tones of the background are kind of deep bluish-green. That’s all I remember about it. There may have been other people in the painting, in fact, I kinda think there were, but she was the focal point, and that was what my brain retained. I was blinded by her beauty to the rest of the painting.

Does that sound familiar to any one here? Please let me know. It would mean so much to me to see it again.

And that was the blast from the past.

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