..For the 2011 Birthday Contest Winner!  The grand prize doll Lily has been completed and will be shipped to its new owner this week. Amal, please let me know you’re in town and confirm you shipping address.


This still frame animation depicts some steps in the painting process of Lily, showing how it starts out and it’s final look, but there are other steps between the layers that aren’t shown, such as firings, of course. This head was painted in 3 china layers and 3 kiln firings. You can see how each layer fades after each firing, and has to be built back up to gradually intensify. It’s a one step forward, two steps back kind of process.


Due to the unique transparency and non-drying characteristics of china paint, which require multiple firings to set, the painting process is driven and defined by the two conflicting targets: To paint the doll in as fewer layers as possible to minimize the number of firings, while simultaneously achieving the ultimate feature shapes, vibrancy and depth of colors.



After years of practicing china painting, I’ve finally come up with a suitable analogy to describe its multiple characteristics: China paint is like watercolors because it’s translucent; like oil paint, because it doesn’t dry; like digital graphics, because all layers must be kept separated and like ceramic glaze, because it bonds only through kiln firing.


A completed doll face. This one is for you, Amal. Claim your prize!


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I’ve been getting so many requests for the Sterling silver Hand pendants, that I’ve decided to make them available to order. You can chose either a left or a right, or get both. They are $130 CND each, or $250 for both.


While I designed the crown bail for these pendants, the silver hands themselves were molded from an actual pair of Enchanted Doll porcelain hands, and are therefore a part of my dolls.



Please email me at if you’re interested in ordering one.

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The auction for Midnight has been posted, and will run for the next 7 days on eBay ( Until Sep 13, 2011 02:22:53 EDT).

You can find the auction page here.

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It’s almost time for Midnight’s auction. And this is her fourth, and final wig which will be included with her.





All the items seeing in this picture will be included in this auction.


Which one is your favorite?

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I had an amazing trip to China, and in a little bit, I will share some of the experiences of my tour and make a new map, but in the meantime I would like to remind you about the upcoming ebay doll auction and show you some more pictures of her.


This is magnetic wig number three. My new favorite color. Oh, and remember how I said that I made some outfits and accessories for this auction too?


I was in the mood for something urban that can be dressed up or down.


That’s all for today, but there is still one more wig and outfit and accessories to show. The auction start on September 5th.

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Another one of my lifelong dreams has come true, I got to hike the great wall of China. This section is part of the original wall without restorations. It was overgrown and deserted, a very surreal and exhilarating experience.

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This is the second wig for a Twenty To Midnight ebay auction that opens, Monday, September 5th, 2011.




Two wigs down, two more to go!

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Attention Enchanted Doll Collectors: Twenty To Midnight doll with one of a kind tattoos is going up for auction on Monday, September 5th, 2011.

Twenty to Midnight was shown in London and originally had a sculptural bronze wig, but I had decided to use the wig in another project (to be unveiled in a few months) and put this doll up for auction with 4 new mohair wigs instead. This Flame Red wig is one of them. I had so much fun making her new wigs and playing with different looks, that I got rather carried away and accidentally made her some outfits and accessories, which will also be included in this auction. Just to mix things up a bit.

I will be posting 20 new pictures of Midnight in the weeks leading up to the auction, so stay tuned if you want to see her new looks. She is a little chameleon.

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As you may remember from my earlier posts, I’ve been working on this tea dress for a couple of weeks now. I needed a light and fun distraction from other, more complex and demanding projects; a little working holiday.


And it still took me longer than I originally planned, because I kept complicating the design. I can’t seem to help myself.


Yup….just loooove complicating things.


I was working without a sketch. Just letting the bits of lace inspire me.


I think it might be done. At least for now. I want to keep it light. Must. Stop. Beading…. I do feel a sense of completion about it, but, a week from now I may wake up and decide that this dress is several thousand beads short. It’s like I’ve got an Alien Hand syndrome.





I think the dress suits her.

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I love silver findings, especially box clasps and bails. I wasn’t satisfied with what I was finding on the market, so I decided to design my own. I don’t usually make detailed sketches like this for myself, as I can see it all in my mind’s eye, but computerized milling requires meticulous design drawings, lest it get misinterpreted as something else.


I was getting increasingly surprised and annoyed that it was taking me almost 4 days to get this sketch right. I had to re-do it so many times, that I started to regret just not going ahead and trying to carve it by hand. It probably wouldn’t have looked as nice if I had, so I suppose it was all worth it. Almost always is.

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