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Happy New Year, everyone!

I’ve had a great holiday, a wonderful end of 2011 and a fantastic beginning of 2012! I’m so excited about this year! With all the new things I’m working on, I can just feel how awesome it’s going to be! I’m bursting at the seams with creative energy and can hardly contain myself.

The Enchanted Doll book is undergoing final edits and will be going to print in three weeks, on February 1st.

I, in the meantime, have been sketching out new project ideas, creating rough machetes and making new molds. You know how much I like to keep things secret until they’re finished and until I know 100% that the are going to work, but I’m very compelled to give you a few sneak peeks of what I’ve been working on. Perhaps I should. Perhaps I will…

Alright, meet me here next week for some peeks.

Back to work now. Art can not wait to get made!

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UPDATE: The First Edition of the book has been Sold Out.

Dear Fans,

Enchanted Doll would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you for all your support. It moves me, inspires me and drives me to work. Having it means a lot for an artist, and for that, my dear Enchanted Doll admirers, I Thank you!

Regarding Enchanted Doll book: I’m going on holidays tomorrow (Dec 24th) and will be away until January 2nd. Chad and I are heading up to the mountains for a week to celebrate the Old Year and to greet the New Year with some old friends. We’re looking forward to doing winter activities, such as ice skating on the lake, snow shoeing and downhill skiing. I hope there is also a hot tub. In the meantime….


…Those of you who wish to reserve a copy of my new Enchanted Doll art book in our absence, may do so by placing a deposit of $75.00 CAD (Canadian) through Paypal at your soonest convenience, and we will get back to you with a confirmation immediately upon our return to work on Jan 2nd. Those of you who have emailed us with a request already, but haven’t heard back yet, may proceed with a deposit to reserve your copy as well. A copy number will be assigned to you upon payment. Available copies of the limited and signed First Edition are depleting fast, and may even run out before they see the printers in three weeks. I hope everybody who wants it, gets to have one.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

See you all in the New Year! It will be better than last year- I know it!

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So, I know I’ve been missing from the blog for a while, but for a very good reason. I was working on a very special project, and the last two months was a crunch time. And now please allow me to introduce to you the fruits of my labor, the first Enchanted Doll art book! Eeeee!


This beautifully illustrated compilation of doll photography and autobiographical narrative spans 7 years worth of work and contains 150 pages that are filled with 193 photographs, 136 sketches, supportive project descriptions and 12 Chapters about my journey to becoming a doll artist.


These are the samples of the inside spreads. The dolls are listed in chronological order and accompanied by concept sketches and written content to show the evolution of Enchanted Doll over the years…



….while the chapters interspersed throughout the book contain the narrative about my personal and creative evolution as a doll artist. The photograph below, for example, depicts a chapter titled Enchanted, which relates the origin tale of the brand name Enchanted Doll.

I would like to thank my dear Chad, in helping me complete this great, big labor of love. Thank you!


The first edition of the book is a special limited run of 500 copies, each one numbered and signed by me. Printing begins January 2012 and is now available for pre-order!
The edition will be sold in ascending order, and the sooner you order, the higher your copy’s collectible value. Printed in Canada.

Now, who wants the first one?!

Email me!

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I’m expanding my accessory line based on the fragments of dolls with new face pendants. These silver pendants are made from the face impressions lifted from my dolls: Cinderella and Clymenestra, and adapted for metal casting. The pendants come with a crown bail and an adjustable metal ball chain, but can also be ordered as a key chain, without the bail.




Key Chain.



Pendants $185 CAD

Key chains $170 CAD

To order, email

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Chad put together some video clips he took during the “Buried Treasure” photoshoot from the other day. The clips were taken with the intention of showing some “behind the scenes” footage, since it’s not everyday you bury a doll in the sand.

You can see the video on Vimeo

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Good news everyone!

Due to many requests, printed aluminum accessories can now be ordered. Just in time for Christmas. These are double-sided, full color prints on aluminum, with images of Enchanted Dolls on the front and a brand logo on the back. The prints are permanent, non-fading and water resistant.
There are 22 designs to choose from, in any of the following options: Key chains, Dog tags and Deluxe pendants with a silver crown bail.


Deluxe pendants with a crown bail.


Key Chain


A standard ball chain comes with the dog tags and deluxe pendants. It’s 30″(76cm) long, but can be adjusted to any desired length. The silver Satellite chain featured in the photographs is not included, but can be purchased separately for $22.00 CAD. Chain Length is 15″ (38cm).





1) Dog Tag with ball chain $12.50 CAD
2) Key Chain $13.50 CAD
3) Deluxe Pendant with silver Crown bail + ball chain $28.50 CAD

The silver Satellite chain featured in the photographs is not included, but can be purchased separately for $22.00 CAD.

Please choose a design or two or several here……and email to order.

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I buried a doll in sand today. Then I dug her up, pretending that I was finding a precious, lost relic.


This photo shoot was for a project I’ll tell you about later. I would never do this with a resin doll, but porcelain doesn’t get stained by dirt or scratched by the soil particles, so it was relatively safe. However,  I was a little concerned about it getting inside the spring mechanism and between the joints, so I chose to bury her in sand as opposed to soil, because the grains are larger and can be  vacuumed out once they dry. I was able to brush most of the sand off her skin pretty easily, but she still needs a wipe down and a vacuum. She sounds worse than she looks, because her joints grate with the sand stuck between them. But she’ll be alright. It was a fun experiment.



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We had an incredible trip to China this August! Having been invited by friends from Beijing to show us around the country, the four of us traveled from North to South to see some of the most beautiful places in China. It was so exotic, vibrant and different from all the other places we’ve been to before, that I can’t wait to go there again!  I drew this map of our journey to remind me of it. Click to enlarge it.

I loved it there so much, that I couldn’t even choose a favorite experience, but one of the highlights of the trip was in Huangshan, where we were guests of a film producer Zhang ZhenYan, who has worked on such films as the House of Flying Daggers and Hero, at his boutique Xiuli Village resort, which originally started out as a movie set for either the Curse of the Golden Flower or Hero, I can’t recall exactly, but has since evolved into his private conservatory project of cultural heritage.

Set in a lush valley at the foot of green mountains in the southern Anhui provice, the village was assembled from parts of authentic 400 year old Chinese buildings that were rescued from disrepair and brought there to be preserved and reassembled into new structures, creating interiors in a unique fusion of ancient Chinese and contemporary architecture, all set inside seemingly ancient buildings.

As parts of the village are still under construction, with the exception of some staff, the place was empty. Alone, we wondered through a disorienting maze of narrow streets, bridges, ponds, great halls and tiny rooms, as if walking through a dream filled with humid summer heat and an incessant singing of a million Cicadas all around us. Insulated from the world in the quiet country side, staying there felt surreal and kind of magical, like being inside of a painting or a movie.


It struck me as very sentimental that Mr. Zhang was using his knowledge of film set production to bring his fantasy to life and build his imaginary place in a real world for people to visit. It’ll be a lovely place to stay at once it’s finished. I’m grateful for Mr.Zhang’s hospitality and for allowing us to see his work in progress.

Although our first tour of China wasn’t really that grand in terms of the distance we covered relative to the size of the country, it was truly grand in terms of the experience it gave us. Gongli and Lily, thank you for being our guides on this unforgettable journey!

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I’ve been back from Moscow for a couple of weeks now, resting up after a pretty intense trip. The Salon show was fantastic and the Moscow weather was lovely. Very summer like. I’ve had a very long summer this year, because I caught bits of hot weather here and there in my travels. I’m really looking forward to staying put for a few months and working on a brand new collection.


I wanted to thank all those who came to visit me at the exhibition. Special thanks goes to Dima and Katya-thanks for the wine and a pleasant river cruise, Sasha and Lena-thanks for the roses, Katya- thank you for bringing us Chad’s favorite chocolate truffles from St. Petersburg! Svetlana, thank you for organizing the show, there is just never enough beauty in the world. I hope to be able to attend again.


Hey, what is that? A doll hand zipper pull? :)

While packing for this trip, I noticed that the zipper pull was broken on my favorite sweater, so I attached a bronze hand to it and now I feel like I’m shaking hands with my doll every time I zip. I think I might make some more.

Up Next: The map of my travels in China!

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Well, here you go then!


I made the bed from Maple and Pine and stained it with a cherry wood stain and varnish. I wasn’t sure I could do it when I started, but I had a feeling it would turn out somehow. It was a very fun project to do.