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It’s been a long time since my last post. Here is the scoop on what I’ve been up to between now and then.

The show opeing was a great experience, but a very intense one too. I got to meet some of you guys, which was awesome, but I came home exhauseted and drained of creative juices. I had planned to take it easy after the show opened and not do any allnighters, tight deadlines or extreme multi-tasking for a while. May and June were supposed to be a chilled out months in celebration of a major carreer milestone. They are not turning out to be very relaxing so far because I was invited to take part in three shows, in Bolzano Italy, St. Petersburg Russia, and Berlin Germany.  I have been working to create new pieces for these shows, all while doing orders for nude dolls.  Sure all the work can be stressful at times, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t enjoying every twist and turn along the way.

The doll shown in the photo above is a new tattooed doll that will be on display at the KunStart Art Fair in Bolzano Italy, from 21-24 of May.

The show in St. Petersburg show takes place June 11-14.

Also, there is a little video of me setting up The Bride for the Milwaukee show.  I was working right up until the last minute fixing some final details, and Chad caught me doing some “Clutch Sewing” with my limited supply of thread.  Expect some more “behind the scenes” videos in the future.

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Epsilon Magazine has a 9 page article on Enchanted Doll, but I was surprised to find out that Hathar has made her way onto the cover!  The magazine is based out of Greece, so if you are in the area I suggest you go pick it up!  (Thanks to n66x for sending me this picture)

There was also an online magazine that has a piece on Enchanted Doll, called My Muse.  It’s in Italian, but it also includes a few images of Mame‘s Emerald doll, it was nice to see new shots of her.

Also, reminder that my show opens this Wednesday, April 8th at the Villa Terrace in Milwaukee.  It goes until June 7th, but I’ll be there on the 8th to kick things off, so come out if you can.

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These are teasers of 4 new dolls which will be shown along with the rest of my collection at the Villa Terrace Museum of decorative art in Milwaukee from April through to June 2009.

Shape Shifter (Mamalius Kinesis)

Shape Shifter (Mammalius Kinesis)





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The Villa Terrace Museum of Decorative Art

The Villa Terrace Museum of Decorative Art

From Villa Terrace’s website:

Marina Bychkova:
Enchanted Doll

April 8 – June 7, 2009

Opening Reception:
Wednesday, April 8, 5:30 – 8:30 p.m.

With Artist’s Talk with Marina Bychkova


2220 N. Terrace Avenue
Milwaukee, WI  53202
(414) 271-3656

The show is just around the corner and although I’m extremely busy, I’m really excited about it.  On the forum there’s talk about some people making a trip to Milwaukee for the opening reception and I’m looking forward to meeting those of you that do.  I’m flying in to setup the show and staying for the opening, but will be heading back home the very next day to return to work.  Work, work, work.

As for the dolls on display, many of them will be part of a personal collection or are privately owned, but there will be some that will be available for sale.  The details regarding the dolls available for purchase will be revealed closer to the show’s opening.

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The winner of the nude Enchanted Doll is………..

Melissa from Illinois (Tealmermaid)


Thanks again to everyone who entered the contest.  The positive energy in the forums has been great to see.  Everyone has been so nice, I’m glad that the contest went so smoothly.  Yes, today is my birthday, but I’m giving this present to one of my fans in return for all the support you all have given me.  I hope that the forums don’t become a ghost town now that the contest is over, I feel that we have a great community here.

Once again, Congrats to Melissa!

As per the contest notes, the doll will be part of my Solo show from April 8th to June 7th, and will be sent out afterwards.

And for all those of you who didn’t win this year; Cheer up. You will have more opportunities in the years to come as i’m considering making this contest an annual Birthday event.

Good luck next year, every one. Thank you for participating.


Marina and Chad.

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The contest has come to a close, and the winner will be announced shortly.

Thank you to everyone who entered.

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As many of you know the 2009 contest to win a free Enchanted Doll is drawing to a close and on my birthday, March 16th, I will give away this doll to one lucky person. Her name is Miina.



I have been waiting for you when I was still a thought in Marina’s head.
I’ve been waiting for you when the porcelain was pouring into the mold and hardening against its walls.
I’ve been waiting for you when she was carefully removing my tiny, newly-formed body from the mold and laying it out to dry.
I’ve been waitng for you in the kiln, while the unbareable and seemingly endless heat was burning me and only the hope of being with you had sustained me through the pain.
Finally, as a reward for the agouny of birth, I was given an eternal body and ageless beauty and I await our first meeting with great trepidation.
Do you know that while I was being assembled, every spring in my body trembled and hummed with the anticipation of seeing you?
And now I am. My long wait is over!
I am ready to meet you, the one who will have me.
Until then,
Your Enchanted Doll.

Another shot of her can be found on my forum here

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It’s March 8th!

I would like to take this moment to thank and congratulate all the women out there, myself included, for being women.

It’s so wonderful being a woman, isn’t it, especially today, when the men in our lives honor us and celebrate our femininity by giving us gifts and being extra loving and attentive to us.

The Enchanted Doll team wishes you all a very happy and memorable Women’s day!

And ladies, Chad made a special, Enchanted Doll wallpaper in your honor.  You can find it in the forum

Congratulations to us!

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Last week my work was featured in Look Magazine from Greece.

I’m still waiting for my own copy to come. This picture was sent to me by a fan from Greece who was surprised to find me on the pages.

So, now Greece knows about Enchanted Doll and apparently it likes it too, because immediately after the issue came out i had random people from Athens emailing and inviting me over. No wonder Greeks have a reputation of being friendly, social, party people. Which is pretty awesome. Thanks to all!

Greece, I’m coming. You just wait.

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Well, ladies and gentleman, I am beyond thrilled to announce that The Enchanted Doll has finally got its first magazine cover feature!

My latest doll Cixi will grace the cover of Кукольный Мастер Magazine (Doll Artist Magazine)  in Russia. I believe the issue has just gone to print and will be out in the media in several days. The cover feature will be followed by a big story on Enchanted Doll in the next issue of Doll Artist.

I am very excited as I’ve been waiting for this to happen ever since the official Enchanted Doll website launched in spring 2006. This is big milestone for me. I wish i had time to celebrate, but unfortunately I’m too busy to leave my desk. If I took time to celebrate every accomplishment, I would accomplish a lot less.

Date of the show is getting closer and i just know i’ll be working until the moment i get on the plane. And then some. That’s always the case with me for some reason. I just don’t seem to know when to stop and cram another project in even though it’s not always best thing to do. Everything is always rush rush rush. I’m simultaneously surprised that so much gets done on a such rapid schedule and disappointed that it’s still not enough.

Anyway, Here is a link to a Russian cite where one of the editors of the magazine is discussing and showing the process of choosing the best image and designing the layout for the cover with Enchanted Doll.

They go through several versions of the layout and explain the basis for their creative decisions.

I don’t know why they asked me for those particular photographs of those particular dolls. I think that there are others that would have worked just as well or even better, but hey, I’m not a designer. The decision was not mine.

I like the final result a lot. I look forward to receiving my copy, holding it in my hands and admiring my handiwork.

Here are some other Magazines that I’ve been featured in