Friends! I’ve got some great news for you!

News number One: The 4th edition of the Enchanted Doll book is being released this summer! It’s being published by Baby Tattoo Books, in Los Angeles!

News number Two: I will be promoting the upcoming book in person and showing my traveling doll collection with the Baby Tattoo Books roadshow May 13-21st in 6 US cities; Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Denver, Kansas City, Albuquerque and Phoenix!


Wow, I’m so excited! These are the dates for each city. Exact times, venues and other details will be announced soon. There will be other amazing artists too. Come and see us. On the Baby Tattoo Books roadshow!

Monday, May 13 – Las Vegas ( 7-9 pm at Trifecta Gallery)
Tuesday, May 14 – Salt Lake City (7:00 – 9:00 pm at Night Flight Comics)
Wednesday, May 15 – Denver
Friday-Sunday, May 17-19 – Kansas City (Spectrum Live)
Monday, May 20 – Albuquerque
Tuesday, May 21 – Phoenix

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This is a hilariously accurate account of the doll-making experience. He gets me. So. Much.

For those of you who don’t know who he is, Louis C.K is a brilliant writer and a stand up comedian with a distinct style of existential humor. His take on life is brutally honest and can be dark or even downright depressing at times, but it’s very funny and compelling because it’s so real.

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This is a concept drawing for a new doll I’m currently working on. It’s been in the works for almost 4 months and I’m very excited about it. This piece is for an upcoming show ‘Kingdoms of Twilight and Magic’, which opens at Strychnin Gallery in Berlin on May 10th. In just about a month from now.


And this is a partial 3D model of the cone headdress. It’s still being programmed into the CNC machine for carving, and I’m a little apprehensive about how it will turn out. The reason I had decided to use a CNC carver for this, instead of hand carving it myself, was the amount of minute scrolling details, which I did not think I could carve very well.

Next week this cone will (hopefully) be ready for the moulding stage, then casting…and then I can show you the whole doll. Quickly cross your fingers for me, and will this cone to come out ok. Thank you.



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I caught a lot of flak from a bunch of people for giving my Rubenesque doll smallish breasts. The argument was that they simply had to be more voluptuous on that body type. I strongly disagree with that line of thought and prefer smaller breasts for my dolls hands down, but still, I decided to make a larger chest for fun and for art. After all, I thought, why not?

And then I made it, and realized why not. I’m afraid it only reaffirmed my initial aversion to this aesthetic. They are not bad, but I can’t say I’m interested in pursuing this direction much further than this. However, I will keep this bust around as an option for those who do like it.

What about you? Now that you see them made, do you still like them?

chest 1

chest 2

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Chad put together this short video of our trip to the Big White winter resort with a couple of our friends, earlier this year. This little reminder of the good times on the slopes, will help us get through the summer and until the next riding season. I’ll miss you, snow.

Chad and I are on boards, and our friends Nate and Theresa are on skiis.

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Hey Folks! I got this book in the mail the other day, called “100 famous people from Novokuznetsk City”, and it turns out I’m in it along with 99 other individuals of significance, such as artists, writers, athletes, journalists, politicians, scientists and war heroes!


Holly molly… War heroes. How on earth did I make it in there? I mean… I’m only a doll-maker…

And still, I feel deeply, incredibly honored to be included in the history of my city. I’ll keep making you proud, Novokuznetsk!


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They contain all kinds of hidden treasures, including a couple of my older, first generation Enchanted Dolls.

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Drum rrrrrrolllll…………..

contest 5

Ta-daa! This lovely card, hand drawn by Irena Mikolajeva, from England!

Congratulations Irena, we began this contest with 425 entries, and your card was randomly selected from the best 5 that made it into the final round! Your prize is a costumed resin doll seen below! Come and claim it!


And this is the winner’s prize! She is a resin Enchanted Doll, with a removable mohair wig, green glass eyes, two-piece printed Echo costume and a pair of enameled bronze shoes. Enjoy having her!

contest 4

contest 3  contest 1

Thank you again to all the participants for your entries and your birthday wishes. I really enjoyed all your cards. With the winner selected, I now declare this contest closed.

Until next year, everyone!!!

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Ladies and Gentlemen!

It’s my birthday today, which means the contest is over and today I will be giving away a doll to one of the finalists! The winning card will be randomly selected from these really awesome cards, four of which are entirely hand-made while one is vintage. Stand by for the announcement this evening! Good luck to the finalists!





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Hey folks, five more cards below have been eliminated from the remaining ten. We are down to five best candidates now, and from this point on it’s going to be random elimination, as choosing is getting too hard. It was very hard to eliminate these ones. Thank you very much for taking a part in this contest, you guys! Good luck next year.


This porcelain card is fantastic. I’m impressed with all the work that went into it, and the back is very well done. Eliminating it was a difficult choice. Great effort. Thank you for making it for me, Virginie. Good luck next year.


Love the presentation of this card and the image. Thank you again, Karla. Good luck next year.


I love the nostalgia this card makes me feel. Thank you for the blast from the past, Anton. Good luck next year.


Lovely photo. Thank you, Bertha. Good luck next year.


Love the fold out aspect of this one and your creative solution to the size restriction. Great work. Thank you, Maria. Good luck next year.

Thank you all again!


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