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I just got my copy of the “Boobs Art” exhibit catalogue! My piece “Surviving” was part of the show (in print form) alongside many other works of art on the topic of the female breast.

Boobs Art opened on March 23rd and runs until September 9th, in Brussels, Belgium. (

The show, called Boobs Art is run by the “Maison de l’Image”, a non profit organization managed by illustrators, to promote graphic Arts. The exhibition displays the best illustrators from Belgium + many artists from abroad (humor/visual poetry/graphic design). This show on “breasts” will also include historical images as well as a selection of “breast cancer awareness” images.

More photos from the gallery:

A couple more shots from the Catalogue:


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  1. Els says:

    I had no idea this exhibit was running in my country. I’ll try to check it out.

  2. ace says:

    hope is one of my alltime favourite pieces! it’s so cool she could be in what looks like such a powerful gallery!
    i hope i can see your work in a gallery some day!

  3. Sonia Anne says:

    Hmmm…I will be In Brussels on My 20th?? Going to look into it. Excited for Marina that her piece Surviving , is part of the Show! Congratulations, Marina!

  4. Sonia Anne says:

    I will try very hard to find this Gallery when I am in Brussels, as it is an honor to be able to see Marina’s fine work, there. I hope it is open to the public.

  5. Sonia Anne says:

    So disappointed now! I will be in Brussels on Saturday and the Gallery is CLOSED on Saturday and Sunday! I am on a tour and only one day in Brussels.

  6. Anna says:

    Magical boobery boobness! Ace. I wish I was down Belgium way, mind you if it’s open until September the 9th, I may yet have a chance! :)

  7. Sarah says:

    Awesome! I hope the show comes to Seattle …

  8. Merie says:

    I love this <3 congratz

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