Busy day at Enchanted Doll HQ

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Busy day at Enchanted Doll HQ, originally uploaded by cisley.

Speaking of working spaces; this is a part of mine and you couldn’t pay me enough money to take it apart and move it to a gallery for a temporary show set up.There is no way I’m moving all this back and forth just for ‘fun’! The concept of the work space gallery show doesn’t appeal to me at all because of the huge amount of work it entails. There are hundreds of little components and tools housed in the multitude of drawers on, above and below my desks, but it’s the desks themselves that are more annoying to handle than all the other stuff combined. Oh IKEA- I love you and hate you simultaneously.

As for Audrey Kawasaki- I think she is a brilliant artist. I’ve discovered her work quite recently in an art magazine and it instantly resonated with me. I feel that even though we work in different mediums, we never the less share the same subject matter and to some extent, stylistic approach.I look at her girls and see my dolls as if we share these same sensibilities and travel different, yet parallel paths with our work. I’m very drawn to and inspired by Audrey Kawasaki’s paintings. I would love to own one of her prints, but they are as hard to obtain as Enchanted Dolls: they sell out very quickly and there is probably a wait list. I guess this gives me a taste of my own medicine.

In the picture above, Chad and I are working on doll parts with some entertainment playing in the background. Our Macbooks quite literally go with us everywhere. I’ve been so busy lately that I had to train Chad to do some basic back end tasks in order to save me some valuable time for doing all the complex stuff. And he is very good at! Now I wonder why I didn’t get him to help me all along because I’m getting my orders done more quickly this way. Chad, you’re amazing.

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  1. Judy Richardson (Jinky) says:

    This is soooo cool! Love seeing your workspace!

    Go Chad! Go Chad!!! (*^_^*)


  2. noxy says:

    I’m so loving all these new blog posts! At the show opening in WI, I had a convo with someone about how you should get Chad to assist. It makes me giggle to see him there helping. Yay Chad and Marina!

  3. annina says:

    well ha when i saw the photos of that working space exhibition the first time i also wondered how it was done, and what does the artist do while the exhibit is going on? work at the gallery as all their stuff is there? but i do think that maybe the things used to set up the working place were “extras” and not the literal furniture the artists use in their working space. i don’t know for sure though!
    it’s cool to hear that you feel that way about audrey kawasaki’s girls, i felt like her girls and yours have a similar feel also.
    i would like to quote a part from an interview she gave about her art:

    >”All my paintings portray this one female,” Audrey confirms. “I’m somewhat possessed or haunted by her.” This reocurring archetypal feminine “other” has developed within Audrey’s psyche for the past decade. “Ever since my high school years I was always drawn to a type of mood or imagery. [The girl] reappears in all my pieces, fading in and out,” she explains. “She’s there and then she’s gone.” This elusive, hauntingly unattainable female often reflects how Audrey seems to feel about herself.<
    from and interview in the magazine Juxtapoz (Audrey shared scans of it on her blog, can’t find the post now but i can send you the scans if you want them!)

    it’s so interesting to me as i feel something like that about my art, which is as of yet unexpressed or only meagerly expressed, but i feel so drawn to art that is about that “other me”, a female character, in myself and also in others. that is maybe why sometimes it physically hurts a little that i don’t have my own ED, it’s like something is still missing.

    one of my favourite paintings of hers is “after the fire”:

    oh and i love this picture of Chad and you and i would gladly help with basic repetitive work, i love working with small things, my learned profession is cartographer and i always enjoyed the old school work of that profession which now is replaced by the computer.

  4. Courtney says:

    What an awesome guy! You lucky lady.
    I agree – that exhibit sounds like an interesting concept, but I wouldn’t want to go there either. Too painful and pointlessly time consuming for the most part.

  5. Ah, how intersting! Sounds like a lot of your fans already had you and miss Kawasaki teamed together as similar. I admit it, I am a huge admirer of both of your (and nati’s) imagery. Perhaps she has heard of you as well ; ) If you visit her “doodles” section, far in, there are some sketches she has done of ball-jointed/articulated ladies. I thought that was interesting… perhaps another collaboration is due ; )
    I adore the beauty mixed with darkness theme that resonates in (all three) artist’s works!

  6. Marina says:

    Oh, Nati is incredible of course! He work never fails to inspire me. She is one of the first of my contemporaries working in a similar style that I had found out about, which created a profound source of influence for me.
    There is a part of Nati’s work in all of my dolls.

  7. Marina says:

    I’ve been thinking of contacting her and saying how much I admire her work, but I’m a little chicken to do it. I guess I don’t want to burden her with another fan letter.

    The girl knows she is good.

    Of course, a collaboration would be fantastic, but first we’d have to know each other.

  8. Lumina says:

    You are also amazing, so maybe she is not going to mind that you contacted her =). I am also a big fan, of both of you XD (oh this sounds so bad, like I am opsesed or something)…

  9. Anelise says:

    I love Audrey Kawasaki’s work as well. Wouldnt it be fun to see a collaberation doll. And you would have a new face to do.

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