Camping in British Columbian Interior

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So, I’m a West Coast girl. And a city girl on top of that. But, contradictory to loving Down Town, I am a big nature lover as well. That’s why I LOOOOVE going camping in the summer. My favorite place to go is Bear Creek National Park on the Okanagan Lake. When we were new immigrants in Canada, my parents and my sisters and I used to go there every summer, but now my sisters are too old and too cool to hang out with their folks, and so the annual camping tradition at Bear Creek park has been carried on mostly by Chad and I. And I have to drag Chad there while he is kicking and screaming.

I don’t understand that. It’s such a beautiful place. I guess it’s because there is no Internet connection there. I kinda missed it too. He is a good sport though, once he gets used to the idea, though he always manages to get sick while we’re there. This time he had to get a prescription of antibiotics on the second day of camping after developing an infection promptly on our arrival. Therefore, he didn’t swim very much. Poor Chadasaurus.

That camping ground is very difficult to get into because it’s incredibly beautiful, and we had to fight for our reservations for a whole week, 4 months in advance.


This time we went with another couple instead of my parents, (Apparently my parents were also too cool to hang out with me) and we had loads of fun. We swam in the lake, we explored, we climbed, we visited local vineyards and honey farms, we swam through a canyon to secret waterfalls, we relaxes, we watched a wicked thunderstorm and we speed boated. One time we even thought we saw the legendary Ogopogo monster while we boated, which is said to inhabit the enormous Okanagan lake much like the Loch Ness, but upon further inspection we realized it wasn’t the coils of the prehistoric serpent we were seeing, but a wake of the waves generated by the wind. It was pretty scary though for a few moments, because it looked like something alive was slithering in and out of the water. I see how some people could mistake that for some sort of a creature from a distance. Perhaps the waves are the only real basis for the whole, centuries-old myth.


This is me on one of our Bear Creek Canyon expeditions. You can’t see it in the picture, but I’m standing on the edge of the water fall. I’m scared of heights, and I didn’t want to venture too close. We had to navigate a river bed with low water levels which was littered with enormous boulders and log debris for an hour to get to a remote water fall. My friend lost her shoe to the swift current on the way. I wore aqua socks ( kinda like rock climbing shoes) and could scale treacherous rocks with relative ease, although I was always scared of breaking my legs. The creek runs with glacier water and is very cold, but in the overwhelming heat of Okanagan, the coldness was welcome. It was awesome.

Oh, and I also had some henna done right before we left. Like my doll, Silk Road.


Does anybody know any other beautiful camping sites with adventures?

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  1. Annina says:

    haha, your parents are too cool to hang out with you? lol! my brother used to be “too cool to talk to me” in his teen years but once he got out of that silly age he now even misses me as he lives back in Switzerland and me in Sweden.

    hmm well, we used to go camping with our patch-work family, in the southern part of Switzerland (Tessin and Wallis) and my step dad used to create maps for treasure hunts that he buried, those were my favourite adventures! i wouldn’t mind doing that again but maybe they are also too cool to hang out with me now. no actually i just never spend enough time in my home country to have time for such things.
    but i realize, maybe we have to create our own treasure hunts now that we are grown ups. ;)

  2. Annina says:

    oh and poor Chad, no internet? that’s horrible, not even any tweeting. :o no wonder he got sick!

  3. Crystal says:

    I think most likely that your parents were not feeling “too cool” to go camping but rather “too old”. No insult intended as they seem rather young yet but as one gets older you really start appreciating hot running water!

  4. I know some fun to be had in the dusty dry outback of Australia!!
    We have tropical rainforests and desert and scrub and coral reefs all within a few hours of each other! (okay, few hours on a plane, but still..)
    On a recent trip to Illinois in the States we went on a canoe trip down a spring-fed river. It was nice to get to see fish and turtles and the such swimming around as the water was crystal clear.

    This was a really nice post to read of yours Marina, your sense of humour came through in it and it made me chuckle. Your henna looks gorgeous too. Was this fun trip the reason you missed the opening? After fighting for your reservation so far in advance, I can see that being the case :-)

  5. Eva says:

    The trip sounds like a lot of fun. It reminds me of the trip my family took in Oregon the year I graduated from high school. We saw some amazing waterfalls and some absolutely stunning landscapes. :)

    If you ever get down to Kentucky for vacation, I’d highly recommend visiting Mammoth Cave. I went there as a young teen and it was a really amazing experience for me. The landscape around that area is beautiful and the cave itself has all kinds of wonders.

  6. jslord says:

    Beautiful, Marina.
    Here in NYC, with the temperatures in the 90s and high humidity, I felt like I was in that cold stream with the water running over my feet. Refreshing.
    Henna doesn’t come off in water, of course, but how long will it last?

  7. Tatie says:

    Costa Rica it was awesome we love it^^

  8. Astera says:

    We camped in Hawaii, which was a bit crazy, because we were so far away from civilization and had to drive miles and miles to get to the beaches and various activities…yeah, we were a bit Lost…but it was fun (if exhausting!);).

  9. Orangey says:

    Love reading these kinds of posts by you! I love that you are the shorty in that picture, and Chad is the giant, priceless, haha. Glad you all had fun, it sounds great.

    I see a water associated Enchanted Doll in the future, come on, you know you want to.~

  10. Orangey says:

    No, I realize there was just Captain Nemo’s Daughter, but hey, the waters be a vast and mystical mistress, there is a lot to explore. Haha.

  11. Orangey says:

    Three posts in a row, lord, but I have to add that the henna is beautiful! Just like Silk Road.

  12. Annina says:

    Orangey: “the waters be a vast and mystical mistress”

    hahah i heard that part in an old pirate voice, arr matey! ;)

  13. Jenny H says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this with us Marina. Great to see you out enjoying the Great Outdoors (as we say in Oz). Certainly looks like a beautiful location for a camping holiday. As Monika said, lots of nice ones over here too. The henna is beautiful, on you and the Silk Road doll. Best wishes.

  14. Silvana says:

    hehe, Chad no internet and with infection…my goodness!!!
    I think camping is a delicious experience!!! I like to much nature…The pictures are so beautiful …i cant to feel the water cold in my feets…haha!

  15. Orangey says:

    Annina, I resisted the urge to ‘arr’ at the end of that sentence, ha ha ha.

  16. Annina says:

    Orangey, oh, and i heard it anyway, or read it between the lines ;)

  17. Orangey says:

    That there be the sign, wee lass, that there be the soul of a sailor in ye!

  18. Erika Fiore says:

    Simply beautiful, the tattoo…your works are amazing! *.* Congrats!

  19. Gaynor says:

    We vacationed in Lake Okanagan back in 99, when we lived in Canada – my daughter (aged 9 at that time) loved the stories about the Ogopogo monster. The English Lake District is great for mini adventures, Coleridge, Wordsworth, Tennyson, de Quincy and Ruskin were all inspired by its rugged beauty.

    Hope to visit your upcoming London show!

  20. Ilona says:

    Hi Marina,

    So lovely to see you on holidays! This must be one of my favourite posts of yours.

    What an amazing place!!!!

    I am a huge nature lover as well but it’s so hard to find anything even remotely similar in the UK to the place where you have just been. Of course, there are small mountains and beautiful, even mysterious, places here as well but it’s not the same. I always feel that only outside of Europe one can feel not confined in the space around them. I actually haven’t been outside of Europe but I would love to see the US and Canada.

    I have a wonderful friend who lives near Toronto and he used to travel all over Canada and did kayaking, trekking, and all sorts of things I miss so much or would like to try one day. Ever since I saw his pictures from Canada 9 years ago, I’ve always wanted to go there and explore the nature! Not so much the cities but mostly the nature. It’s the same for me with the US- I would love to see the national parks and spend there as much time as possible. Cities would be extra. :)

    By the way, I had no idea that your London show was so near! I knew it was coming but hey, it’s just round the corner now! Yay!!!!!!!! (God forbid I have any credit cards with me!)

    Well done with the exhibition and such prestigious company there!

    All the best and I can’t wait to see you, Chad, and your dolls. If you’re coming?

    Ilona xox

  21. Looks like you and Chad are having a wonderful summer. The water looks so clear. Love the henna painting. Very cool.

  22. Jilliterate says:

    Belated post, but if you ever decide to head over to the east coast, hit up Newfoundland and try Gros Morne. There are quite a few different camping areas (Including primitive ones, if that’s your thing) and a lots of different trails. I’ve driven across Newfoundland and across B.C. (And a lot of what’s in-between) and I’m always blown away by how beautiful our provinces are, and yet so different.

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