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Self portrait in porcelain, Sterling silver, 14k gold, enamel, glass, lost wax casting, engraving.

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Hey guys, at last I am able to take orders for the lovely Vertebrae Pendant! Get in touch with me through email if you’re interested ( The Sterling Silver pendant is $1200 USD.

I first posted about this pendant back in 2015, but it wasn’t until now that I was taking orders.

Details from the original post:

The pendant is manufactured from original feline vertebrae and cast in Sterling Silver. This is a very sensual piece of jewellery because it’s free-moving. There are 15 joints connecting 16 vertebrae, which makes it very bendable. I’m always playing with it. Stroking it brings an odd comforting sensation that helps me concentrate, kind of like moving a rosary between ones fingers. Or like petting a cat.

I’ve used these bone molds before in a couple of my doll projects, such as the Beetle and the Crow, but this jointing system is more advanced and realistic than my previous attempts. It gives a better range of movement while maintaining perfect alignment. And, to smoothly transition from the pendant to the chain, sculpted a double-bail at the top of the biggest vertebrae in the shape of human pelvis.