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These are teasers of 4 new dolls which will be shown along with the rest of my collection at the Villa Terrace Museum of decorative art in Milwaukee from April through to June 2009.

Shape Shifter (Mamalius Kinesis)

Shape Shifter (Mammalius Kinesis)





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The winner of the nude Enchanted Doll is………..

Melissa from Illinois (Tealmermaid)


Thanks again to everyone who entered the contest.  The positive energy in the forums has been great to see.  Everyone has been so nice, I’m glad that the contest went so smoothly.  Yes, today is my birthday, but I’m giving this present to one of my fans in return for all the support you all have given me.  I hope that the forums don’t become a ghost town now that the contest is over, I feel that we have a great community here.

Once again, Congrats to Melissa!

As per the contest notes, the doll will be part of my Solo show from April 8th to June 7th, and will be sent out afterwards.

And for all those of you who didn’t win this year; Cheer up. You will have more opportunities in the years to come as i’m considering making this contest an annual Birthday event.

Good luck next year, every one. Thank you for participating.


Marina and Chad.

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As many of you know the 2009 contest to win a free Enchanted Doll is drawing to a close and on my birthday, March 16th, I will give away this doll to one lucky person. Her name is Miina.



I have been waiting for you when I was still a thought in Marina’s head.
I’ve been waiting for you when the porcelain was pouring into the mold and hardening against its walls.
I’ve been waiting for you when she was carefully removing my tiny, newly-formed body from the mold and laying it out to dry.
I’ve been waitng for you in the kiln, while the unbareable and seemingly endless heat was burning me and only the hope of being with you had sustained me through the pain.
Finally, as a reward for the agouny of birth, I was given an eternal body and ageless beauty and I await our first meeting with great trepidation.
Do you know that while I was being assembled, every spring in my body trembled and hummed with the anticipation of seeing you?
And now I am. My long wait is over!
I am ready to meet you, the one who will have me.
Until then,
Your Enchanted Doll.

Another shot of her can be found on my forum here

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These two Enchanted Dolls are work in progress. Both are still waiting for their gowns. I’m working on them now. There are more pictures of them in the Costumed Doll gallery, but once their full outfits are complete, I will be doing another photoshoot and posting more pictures. There is also a third new doll on the way. I plan to have her finished within a week. Hopefully.


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Meet Kia, the Water Nymph.  She’s the newest nude doll in the Enchanted Doll collection.

She is shown with a custom feature of Mendhi, done on her hands/feet/etc.  This is a feature that was done for a custom order, and is similar to Tattooing a doll.  She can be ordered without the Mendhi, or any other doll can be ordered with it.

You can view her gallery here.

Venetian is another new nude that was put up earlier this week.  Be sure to check out her gallery too.

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After a few hectic weeks of work, my version of Alice in Wonderland is finally complete. Well, the Alice part us complete. I had no time, to make the Wonderland. Check out her gallery here for more pictures.

I’ll shoot some more before I leave.

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These are the two dolls I mentioned several weeks ago. Both are still works in progress, but since i probably won’t have time to finish them before I leave for Europe, i though i might as well show them. I’ll be bringing both of them to the Paris Creation show with me, so those of you who are coming, can see them in person.

See more pictures of these dolls in the Costumed Dolls Gallery, here

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This is a work in progress shot of Alice’s robe. It has pockets! And i love pockets.

The costume is still incomplete and i only have 10 days left to finish it. It’s going to be tight.

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I completed another costumed doll, her name is Dunyazade and she is the beloved, little sister of Scheherezade, my earlier doll. I’m still shooting her and working on her gallery in the Costumed doll section.

Dunyazade is wearing a one of a kind Sterling Silver head dress set with 19 faceted Amethysts, a one of a kind sterling silver filigree belt set with 12 faceted garnets, a Sterling silver necklace and sterling silver slippers.

Her dress is a dye sublimation print made from the original, embroidered piece worn by her older sister. This method of ornament reproduction presents all kinds of exciting costuming possibilities for me because it can be reinvented and reinterpreted in many different ways while keeping the original idea at the core. And as you know, I love experimenting. And while the print is only a reflection of the original embroidery and lacks the amazing spledor of actual sparkiling jeweles, pearls, gemstones, beads and silver, it also lacks the incredible weight of original, embroidered costumes. This gives a different feel to the printed costume, making it light, flowing and very practical, because it allows the doll underneath it to maintain the same degree of movement, while heavy, jeweled costumes inevitably restrict some movement with their sheer weight.

The other upside of the printed dress is that i redesign the piece and simplify the pattern, which allows for very simple removal of the costume with usually one zipper on the back, while the original embridered pieces are somewhat more complicated to remove and put back on because of their sophisitcated design and structural complexity of the pattern and bead work.

Having said that, nothing is quite as grand or amazing as a tiny, embroidered and bejeweled dress, sparkling and heavy with Austrian crystals, Rubies and Pearls! A dress which is smothered in splendor! Some sacrifices are necessary to accommodate this.

Basically, any medium one choosed has its’ own set of limitations and advantages over the other. It’s a constant give and take, and in choosing to emphasize one aspect, another must be given up. I always do my best to strike a fair balance and negotiate between simplicity and beauty.

But ultimate beauty is almost never easy or simple.

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I’ve finished a new tattooed doll, titled: “The Vessel”.

She is really pretty and has the longest, most beautiful mohair of any of my dolls i’ve ever made. It almost reaches her feet. Unfortunately I don’t have this length available for orders yet, as it is very rare and i was only able to get a little bit, which i’m keeping for my one of a kind projects.

This doll is also featuring a different style facial and body blushing. I decided to avoid using black in her face up and replace her skin tone blushing red with a dark brown, the colour I usually use for eyebrows and lighter eye tones. Needless to say i was a little bit nervous about how it would turn out. However i liked the results. Her face looks very light and fresh and her body tone is closer to the actual human skin tone.

I don’t prefer it over the red though, probably because i was never after ultra realism in my dolls, but rather subtle surrealism mixed with realism. A stylized look over a realistic.

I’ve started to sculpt new doll faces to add to my nude collection. I’m a little bit bored of the others and crave for fresh beauty.