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new nude bjd porcelain doll farah

Farah is the latest addition to my nude bjd doll line. You can find more pictures of her in her gallery.

In the shots she’s wearing some optional white gold jewelry, on her hands and her ankles. Just like my other nudes, she can be ordered with or without these accessories (along with other options not shown, tattoos, gold body ornament, eye/hair colour changes, etc).

I notice that I’m really attracted to making dark-haired dolls. I have made more black haired dolls than any other colour combined. It’s funny because I never want to dye my own hair black, as a matter of fact, in the past I’ve put blond streaks in my own hair to make it look lighter, but I’ve never considered going darker. Actually, I really like my natural, sandy colour and haven’t done anything to it in years. Beautification it too time consuming.

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Meet the new, double-jointed male doll. His name is Lucius. He is not on the site yet because i’m still shooting him, but you can find several pictures of him on Flicr. (you can find the link on my contact page)

This doll is available to order as a nude and can be customized to the same extent as my female nudes, meaning that eye, lip, brow and hair colour can be altered. I can also give him chest and pubic hair. I think the next one i make will have just that. And freckles. And perhaps a large, monochrome chest tattoo. And a gold bracelet on the forearm…..i’m getting a little carried away.

The lighter wig is pure silk fiber. It’s very, very soft. The darker bond is Mohair. I don’t know which hair style i like best. Any preference?

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This is a sample of one of the dolls i’m working on at the moment. She has raised 24 k Gold overlay ornament all over her body. I plan to assemble her by the end of the week but will hold off photographing her until she is complete with some sort of an ethnic head dress and a veil. Pictures will probably be up mid May.

I can decorate any nude doll with designs such as these ones and if this type of ornamentation is something you fancy, i can do it for your nude. However it must be done at the same time as the overall doll painting. It can no longer be done after the doll has been assembled. It is technically possible to do, but is extremely counter productive as it will require that i disassemble the doll, strip all the leather and glue, remove the hair and repaint and re-fire the entire doll a couple of times over. Like i said-counter productive. Extra charge applies to this feature and is determined based on the amount of work and gold paint it requires. You can find rates for small jewelry such as rings and bracelets in the Doll Request form.

PS- this is the new, petite upper body i was talking about previously

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New face

I’ve tried a to give this doll a more naturelle look with lighter eye definition than my usual technique. I like the result but she needs a wider mouth. This is just a rough for the doll i’m going to cast in Golden Tan skin tone.

I finished a Pearl in Rose porcelain. I call her Rose Pearl. The other new thing Rose Pearl has is a slimmer chest piece. Her rib cage is tighter, collar bone is more defined and breasts are a little bit more round and slightly bigger. I really like it. I really dislike the stereotypical, enormous-breasted look most Asian bjds have. I love the Neo-classical, petite look where breasts are small and don’t appear to be affected by gravity, much. It’s so much more natural-looking than a pair of huge balloons stuck to a doll’s chest. Anyway, pictures are coming up.

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Some of you guys have already seen this on flickr, but I’ve just introduced a new, rose skin tone for my dolls. So, those who prefer the more natural skin look to the stark white porcelain I usually use to cast my dolls, now have that option.
This feature comes with an extra charge though, as rose porcelain is more expensive and fickle than white. As a rule, any skin tone is always more difficult to achieve than simple white. Porcelain is a rather difficult and time consuming material to work with. Sometimes i hate it. Most of the time i love it though. I shot some pics today of a white and rose girl side by side for colour comparison. I’ll post it/them tomorrow.

I have a long day tomorrow…..I have to make 7 new molds for a double jointed male and go grocery shopping to Costco too, because i have nothing to eat in my house. I don’t know how i’m going to be able to do both, as mold-making is usually a 12 hour affair of non-stop work. No joke, i don’t have time to put my hands down from morning to at least midnight. And it’s mentally exhausting and hard on the eyes too because making a functional, multi-piece mold is such a delicate and dirty procedure. Plaster is unforgiving of any undercuts whatsoever and you have to be so careful with separation lines or the mold is ruined. On the scale that i work the margin of error is usually about 2-5 millimeters. After about 9 hours of messing around with wet clay, surgical and dental tools, water and plaster, my finger joints begin to lock up, my wrists are on fire, my finger tips are numb and my eyes are crossing over from the strain. Anyway…I think this last paragraph should have been categorized as a ‘Rant’. Oh, well.

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Banshe + Apple

I finished Banshe, and took some shots of her dressed as “Snow White”. You will see one such picture at the top of the site.

I was pleased with the wait the hair turned out, very nice waves.