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Hey guys! Just a little update from Russia, while I have a spare minute during breakfast.

I’m in Moscow right now, promoting my book and the new resin line of dolls, with Chad and my dad helping me at the show.

So, for the last three days I’ve been doing a lot of book signing, taking pictures with doll fans and chatting to them about my new resin line, giving TV and paper interviews and networking with other artists and event organizers. I finally met the Popovy twins, and even bought my first artist teddy (who is actually an elephant)! With so much going on, I hardly had any time to breathe.

It’s been really busy and exciting, and I want to thank the organizer Svetlana Pchelnikova for putting on this event, and of course everyone who came to the show. And a big, huge thanks for all the flowers, you guys! It means more to me than you know.

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Day one of the photoshoot in New York for Vogue. I’m so jealous of all the studio photography equipment, so many different lights and stands and backdrops and the space, oh so much space. This is going to be so much fun!

I’ll try to post more behind the scenes photos as we go.

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This is Rubenesque â„–2, the 3rd nude doll I made for the upcoming photo shoot for Vogue Japan.

This one is so photogenic. The camera loves her face. What do you think: Could she be the one who is going up for sale at the end of the week?



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So, I think it’s pretty cool that my doll Cinderella has been chosen to grace the Spanish language cover of the New York Times bestseller novel Cinder: The Lunar Chronicles, written by Marrissa Meyer.

I just don’t know which cover I love more, the original English version or the Spanish one, featuring my work. They are both so pretty. The publishers requested to use my work for this title a few months ago, but due to the chaos of releasing my own book, I totally forgot about this one until a fan had recognized the image on the cover in Barcelona and written me recently.


The novel is a futuristic fiction about a cyborg girl from New Beijing who struggles to overcome her circumstances and discover her purpose in life. Although I haven’t read it myself yet, it sounds like a pretty intriguing take on the traditional fairy tale. If any of you here have read this book already, I’d love to hear what you think about it.


I love the back cover too. I’m very pleased altogether.

Anyway, thought I’d share this little bit of news while I’m signing my own Enchanted Doll books and shipping them out. My wrist is so busted from the repetitive motion, that I now have to break up signing sessions into just a few dozen copies at a time and take long breaks. You will be receiving a confirmation email before your copy is mailed to you. If you haven’t received a confirmation yet, don’t panic, it just means your copy is still being prepared for shipping. Thanks for your patience everyone. You won’t be sorry.

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You know what I just realized, I never think to announce my upcoming media appearances in advance. Usually, there is a gap of a few weeks to a few months between the time I do an interview to when it actually comes out. I get an editing deadline, but I am never sure which issue the articles end up being in, so I always forget to announce it. Well, I decided to write it all down so that you guys in different parts of the world can anticipate these publications coming out and could pick it up once it does.


Presently, my Brazilian fans can read an article about my work in LOLA magazine, which came out in Sao Paulo in March. The Enchanted Doll spread is sandwiched between a Christian Bale interview (whom I love) and an article on Lady Gaga’s (whom I don’t love) and other pop icons’s fashions. At least that’s what I think it’s about, because I can’t read Portuguese. On a related note: What the heck is my work doing sandwiched between a movie star and a pop star? It weirds me out, but in a very good way.


Also, there is a Russian language magazine Вся Европа, that came out in Berlin, Germany last month.

Ok, upcoming publications with Enchanted Doll features are as follows:

1) Fashion Drawing book by Michele Wesen Bryant comes out later April 2011 in the States, but is available to purchase through amazon worldwide.

2) Making It: Case studies of successful Canadian visual artists, book by Chris Tyrell is coming out June 2011.

3) Rob Report magazine: China. Spring 2011

4) ROJO magazine: Brazil. Spring/summer 2011

5) Female magazine: Brazil. Sometime in spring 2011

6) YOHO magazine: China. Spring/summer 2011

7) Milijonair magazine: spring 2011 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

8.  L’Officiel magazine: Moscow, Russia. Sometime in spring 2011.

9) Palace Costes magazine: Paris, France. Spring/summer 2011.

10) Grace magazine: China. Spring 2011.

11) New Express Daily: Australia. Spring 2011.

12) Adore magazine: Athens, Greece. Spring/summer 2011.

I think that’s it for now. Please email me when you see these magazines in print!

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Enchanted Doll was featured on the cover of a Chinese lifestyle magazine “In-door”. I’m told that the magazine is dedicated to reporting on furniture, decorative art, aesthetics, and designers.

I haven’t received a copy yet. Has anyone in the area seen it on newstands?

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Ooh, ooh I just got this in the mail! My copies of the Renaissance magazine from Budapest, Hungary. My doll Cosmos Exploratum made the  cover of December 2010 issue. This is the 10th cover for Enchanted Doll. A little bit of a milestone, I guess.

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Well, I have some news about Enchanted Doll. It was supposed to be a great news which I was really looking forward to sharing and celebrating, but it has just turned sour for me.

For a few months now I’ve been eagerly anticipating the August 2010 issue of the UK-based, avantgarde fashion magazine LOVE, because it was supposed to feature an Enchanted Doll modeling a dress by Louis Vuitton. This Enchanted Doll’s name is Buela and she is in private collection. I was not only excited about Enchanted Doll being the face of Louis Vuitton, but also about it being shot by Mert and Marcus, which is amazing. But my joy has turned to disbelief and disappointment when the issue came out and I discovered that the magazine has not credited me for my work.

Enchanted Doll brand is not mentioned in the feature, as if the creator of the doll is not important. They’ve taken my doll’s identity away from her.


Imagine if a magazine photographed Barbie in a designer dress for commercial use in mass media, slapped a different name on her, such as I donno, Katie or Buela or whatever, and then left out the fact that this doll is Barbie by Mattel. How do you think Mattel would react to their product being used this way?

I am upset and rather offended by this turn of events. The photograph was not taken by me and the doll is no longer in my possession, but she is still my intellectual property. I don’t know how such a reputable magazine could do something like this and I intend to find out what happened. It might be just a very unfortunate mistake, but the damage is done.

So, there you go. Enchatned Doll or possibly some other doll is modeling a Louis Vuitton dress for LOVE magazine.


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Here’s a short clip from the radio interview I did with Motor FM in Berlin, promoting the Fragility show, along with Yasha Young from the Strychnin gallery.
I expect to get the mp3 of the full interview soon, I’ll post it when I do (even though this clip shows most of my segment, most of the rest is Yasha speaking in German).

Watching this interview I notice that I guesture a lot, which doesn’t really work when on the radio…

Link to the video

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I’m really excited about this, there is a small blurb about Enchanted Doll in the recent issue of German Vogue!  It’s a mention about my upcoming show in Berlin (Reminder: Opens June 11th, Strychnin Gallery) and features a photo of the Deep Sea Diver doll.