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Little Thing Magazine

I was featured in the May issue (#06) of the Little Thing Magazine from Hong Kong.  I finally got my copy in the mail today and I’m so happy.  The magazine looks really interesting and covers a wide spectrum of art (from fashion photography to tiny crochet work), I just wish I could read it.

I always get excited when my dolls are featured in a magazine, especially when it’s in a different part of the world.  My goal is to be featured in a magazine from each continent, I wonder if anyone publishes a doll magazine in Antarctica…

You can see scans of the pages here, and more published work here.

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Oh yeah, I almost forgot: another magazine in Russia has come out with a long Enchanted Doll interview. You can check out the spread in the published work gallery, and if you happen to speak Russian, you can even read it.

It’s a business magazine called Practice and it’s a kind of strange to see my work in there as it seems just a little bit out of place. But hey, I ain’t complaining. If the editor of this magazine decided that it belongs there, well, then who am I to argue. I mean, clearly editors in chief know what they are doing when they decide that a spring issue of a business magazine can not possibly go to print without an article about my dolls in it. I think it’s this latest publication in Russia that’s been bringing a flood of Russian emails to my inbox in the last two weeks. I’ve definitely been getting to know Russian keyboard configuration a lot better than before.

Seeing all my media spreads together makes me long to show more new work. Which I haven’t made yet.

You might also notice that my published work gallery has been slightly enhanced with larger thumbnails of most of my printed editorials in various international publications, directly below the principal picture. They are all live links just like the little thumbnails on the right side and you can click them too.

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These are some of the magazines and newspapers that have featured my work over the last 3 years. I thought I’d document myself with my accomplishments.

The very first printed publication to feature an article about my work was a local, French language newspaper ‘L’express du Pacificue’, three weeks after I had graduated from Emily Carr Institute (now University) of Art and Design. I remember the day I was asked for an interview:

It was my last studio hour before the graduation show at Emily Carr and I was building a plywood stand to support my grad project ‘Necrophilia’ which included a composition of two ball-jointed, porcelain dolls- Snow White and Prince as well as a glass coffin. After spending most of the day in the wood working shop I went out to buy some more plywood sheets at a nearby carpentry store. The return trip turned out to be a real struggle because the plywood proved to be way too heavy for me to carry. Luckily, five minutes into my trip, a young man caught up to me and offered his help, to which I happily accepted. As we walked back to my school, the man asked me about what I was going to do with all that plywood and I told him about my graduating project ‘Necrophilia’. He listened to me talk about my work with great interest, which was strange to me, because I at that point I was not used to talking about it outside of class critiques or with any body other than my professors or classmates.

As we parted ways, the man gave me his business card and asked me call him. He said he was a journalist, working for a French newspaper and that after hearing about it, he wants to write an article about my work. Next week he assigned a writer to work on the story and two weeks later my interview appeared in the art and culture section of L’Express du Pacificue.

And that’s how an accidental encounter with a stranger turned into a significant event of my emerging career as an artist. The timing couldn’t have been any more perfect. It almost felt like a sign.

And that's the stand which got me that interview.

And that's my grad show and the plywood stand which got me that interview.

More publications are on the way this summer and fall.

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This Avenue illustrated just came out in Madrid, Spain. I have a six page spread in it.

There are more publications on the way all over the world this summer and I get excited every morning in anticipation of packages from publishers. When i get them, I flip though, find my spread, admire my dolls on the glossy pages for a few moments and then put the magazine on the shelf along with the rest of my collection, just to begin waiting for the next one.

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Epsilon Magazine has a 9 page article on Enchanted Doll, but I was surprised to find out that Hathar has made her way onto the cover!  The magazine is based out of Greece, so if you are in the area I suggest you go pick it up!  (Thanks to n66x for sending me this picture)

There was also an online magazine that has a piece on Enchanted Doll, called My Muse.  It’s in Italian, but it also includes a few images of Mame‘s Emerald doll, it was nice to see new shots of her.

Also, reminder that my show opens this Wednesday, April 8th at the Villa Terrace in Milwaukee.  It goes until June 7th, but I’ll be there on the 8th to kick things off, so come out if you can.

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Last week my work was featured in Look Magazine from Greece.

I’m still waiting for my own copy to come. This picture was sent to me by a fan from Greece who was surprised to find me on the pages.

So, now Greece knows about Enchanted Doll and apparently it likes it too, because immediately after the issue came out i had random people from Athens emailing and inviting me over. No wonder Greeks have a reputation of being friendly, social, party people. Which is pretty awesome. Thanks to all!

Greece, I’m coming. You just wait.

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Well, ladies and gentleman, I am beyond thrilled to announce that The Enchanted Doll has finally got its first magazine cover feature!

My latest doll Cixi will grace the cover of Кукольный Мастер Magazine (Doll Artist Magazine)  in Russia. I believe the issue has just gone to print and will be out in the media in several days. The cover feature will be followed by a big story on Enchanted Doll in the next issue of Doll Artist.

I am very excited as I’ve been waiting for this to happen ever since the official Enchanted Doll website launched in spring 2006. This is big milestone for me. I wish i had time to celebrate, but unfortunately I’m too busy to leave my desk. If I took time to celebrate every accomplishment, I would accomplish a lot less.

Date of the show is getting closer and i just know i’ll be working until the moment i get on the plane. And then some. That’s always the case with me for some reason. I just don’t seem to know when to stop and cram another project in even though it’s not always best thing to do. Everything is always rush rush rush. I’m simultaneously surprised that so much gets done on a such rapid schedule and disappointed that it’s still not enough.

Anyway, Here is a link to a Russian cite where one of the editors of the magazine is discussing and showing the process of choosing the best image and designing the layout for the cover with Enchanted Doll.

They go through several versions of the layout and explain the basis for their creative decisions.

I don’t know why they asked me for those particular photographs of those particular dolls. I think that there are others that would have worked just as well or even better, but hey, I’m not a designer. The decision was not mine.

I like the final result a lot. I look forward to receiving my copy, holding it in my hands and admiring my handiwork.

Here are some other Magazines that I’ve been featured in

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The Berlin show at Strychnin gallery opened Friday, December 6th!  It was a very fun evening but I’m glad that it has come and gone, the stress of everything was starting to get to me, mostly due to worrying about my dolls/cases in transit (trains, planes and automobiles).  I enjoyed talking with the people there, both those who knew of my dolls before hand and those that were seeing them for the first time.

The shot above is me with Cliff Wallace, a special effects artist who worked on such Hollywood films as Quantum of Solace, Hellboy 2, 28 days later, etc. He had some of his sculptures in the show and I had the opportunity to meet him and chat with him about his work. It was pretty cool.

I also had an interesting conversation with a journalist, which was more of an argument about the nature of art, commercialism, and whether commercial and fine are can coexist together, whether the commercial aspect of art completely devaluates purpose of true art. It was a refreshing discussion because I haven’t had an art critique of my work since I graduated from art school, on the other hand, it reminded me of my art school discussions which focused too much on the idealistic notion of “art is pure” rather than commercial considerations of making a living.

The show runs until February 6th, (but is closed from Dec 22nd – Jan 22nd), so if you’re in the area drop in and take a look.  More info on Strychnin’s site

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From Strychnin’s site:

DANIEL VAN NES – Fallen Angels. Featuring special guests VIRGINIE ROPARS, CLIFF WALLACE and MARINA BYCHKOVA. Opens December 12th, 7 p.m.

The real replaced by the virtual, oversaturation through the media and the ever-present TV screens with marketing messages that seep into our lives and dreams not unlike religious slogans – these are the themes of Dutch artist Daniël van Nes ’ new series of work. Playing with religious imagery and mixing it up with sub and underground cultures, the characters in his work are angels expelled from the Garden who find themselves utterly alone in their fall.

The works of special guest Virginie Ropars lie somewhere between sculpture, doll making, fashion design and illustration, building a dream-like reality featuring predominantly strong female characters.

Cliff Wallace , our special guest from England, is a creature designer for Creature Effects, a company largely responsible for the look and feel of films such as “Hellboy II”, “Kingdom of Heaven” and “28 Days Later”. His sculptures reflect the mysterious and strange worlds that he gets his inspiration from.

Marina Bychkova , our third special guest, is from Canada. Her dolls reflect the dark and sometimes threatening undertones that classic fairy tales often contain – they are fragile and vulnerable in their beauty.


Boxhagenerstrasse 36
D-10245 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 9700 2035

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So, it’s now final. I’m coming to Paris to attend the Paris Creation Doll Expo on November 23rd, 2008 and i’m bringing some dolls with me!

None of the costumed pieces will be for sale. This time. As the matter of fact, most of what i’m bringing with me this year won’t be. But there will be a few things, such as accessories, some prints and maybe one or two nudes that will be available to buy. So, come on down to see the Enchanted dolls in all their grandeur.

Oh, and since i’ve never attended a trade show before, I’m not equipped to accept any credit/bank cards or cheques. Sorry about this inconvenience, but cash is the only method of payment i can accept in person.

Write me if you have any questions. Otherwise, I’ll see you there!