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An article about my work will be featured in the 5th anniversary of  Fashion Doll Quarterly Magazine, which will be released on October 15th. So run to the store and pick one up, because it will feature some brand new dolls.

After this one there will be 2 more magazines with my interviews coming out later this year: Shop city Magazine in Odessa, Ukraine and Doll Reader Magazine. Actually, Doll Reader might be early 2009.

I’ll post a cover for the next magazine when i get it from the editor.

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A one of a kind costumed doll will become available for sale through Durwaigh Art Gallery in late October.

This is a very special occasion because this will be the very first doll to be sold through an art gallery as opposed to my website, or even sold at all for that matter, considering the close proximity of this show to my first Solo exhibition. A year ago I made all my finished costumed dolls unavailable for sale until after the end of this very important event of my career, so when the owner of the Duirwaigh Gallery approached me to create a piece for this show, I was a little bit hesitant, but then i found out that some of the most prominent and inspirational fairy artists in the field, such as Brian Froud and Kinuko Craft would be in the show as well, I couldn’t turn it down.

So, now i’m making a one of a kind, costumed Alice in Wonderland Doll for this show.

I’m very excited about this piece for two reasons: I’m replacing the universal, Disney version of Alice with my own interpretation of the character and using a combination of old and recently developed methods to create my vision.

The look behind my Alice is insipred by Eastern European Tradition of folk dress, decorative elements of Byzantinium and middle ages. I can’t say anymore for now. You’ll just have to find out on October 27th.

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October Cover of HauteDoll

Here is the cover of the October issue of Haute Doll magazine which features an 8 page spread of Enchanted Doll. I look forward to holding it in my hands.

My previously published work can be found here.