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A pregnant, tattooed doll.

It’s a work in progress: I’m still thinking about the head dress. I was so mentally fatigued from working on orders that I just had to make something else.  A Tattoo Extreme magazine in Taipei is running a cover story on Enchanted Doll this month and I was hoping to finish this new doll in time for the August 10th deadline. But I don’t think I’m going to make it even if I send it to the publisher right now, because the issue is probably going to print as I write.

This piece, titled “State Property” is a part of the triptych composition of three dolls under a working tittle “The holy trinity of traditional womanhood”. And I don’t mean that in a good way. Well, this project is kind of loaded with gender politics symbolism, but I don’t want to talk about it just yet. This is just a peek. Chad and I will be making a gallery for her very shortly.

There you go, State Property-my first pregnant porcelain doll. I don’t know how I feel about her yet. And no, I’m not pregnant and plan to never be.

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I’m quite bored of all my face molds and some body molds and long to make new ones. I’ve been wanting to make a few new faces as well as a new set of legs for Enchanted Dolls, but so far, have been unable to commit enough time to it. If I don’t just sit down and sculpt some new ones soon, I’m in danger of dying from boredom. Or exploding with impatience.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy painting the faces I’ve got and coming up with different variations of expressions, tones and make up.  I rely very heavily on painting techniques to give different appearences to the same face sculpt and enjoy the challenge, but after a year or so of experimenting with the same set of 10 face molds I need fresh canvases.

So, that’s why I’m not booking any orders after August 2nd at this point; to make time and create more beauties. I may be able to fit in a couple a month, but I can’t make any promises just yet. Plus, with the porcelain slip shortage situation I may have to go on a forced haitus for a while and working on new sculpts is the perfect project in the absence of doll casting.

More doll faces!

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These two Enchanted Dolls are work in progress. Both are still waiting for their gowns. I’m working on them now. There are more pictures of them in the Costumed Doll gallery, but once their full outfits are complete, I will be doing another photoshoot and posting more pictures. There is also a third new doll on the way. I plan to have her finished within a week. Hopefully.


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There is now an Enchanted Doll twitter feed, where I will be posting short blurbs about my dolls.  This will be used for quick updates on work while I prepare for my solo show.  The blog will still be used for larger updates and photos, but for those curious about my process feel free to follow my twitter feed. [EDIT – I made it so the 3 most recent tweets will show up on this blog, in the sidebar – Chad]

The above photo is of the doll I’m currently working on.  This is just after the hair has been glued on, she looks much more elegant now. And she’s got armpit hair!

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This collar is another project in progress. I’ve been working on it on and off for a couple of months, but i’m not sure as off yet what exactly i’m going to do with it. Mermaid Song is modeling it for now, but i haven’t decided what doll i’m going to make for it. I have a few ideas, but they are just ideas at this point. It’s cast in non-tarnishing sterling silver and has a hinge on the back and the front for easy removal. I’m not sure if it’s finished yet either as i might add some stones to it later on. I’m thinking of making several copies of it to try it in several different applications for fun. We’ll see what happens.

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Marina working on her Macbook Air

I apologize for being absent from my blog for the past while. I have really been busy this past month. Some really exciting things have happened, from making a doll for a famous fashion designer, to preparing shots and interviews for a couple upcoming magazine features (Haute, FDQ), and of course, making dolls for orders.

I also have a really exciting project that I’m working on that will be featured in the upcoming issue of Fashion Doll Quarterly. This is a doll with a twist, and she’s dying to meet everyone.

Back to the studio, I’m just wrapping up my intense reclusive work period, and I’ll be back making regular posts soon.

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Ruby and her mother-molds.

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The doll with Gold overlay all over her body is near completion.

This is a shot of her hands and feet, with the rest of her body being decorated likewise. The only other thing this doll is wearing, is a blue veil, and an ornate headpiece set with garnets and tourmalines

I made the piece in sterling and fine silver, and just took it to get plated with 24k gold this afternoon.

Perhaps I’ll post another sneak peak later on.

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First new male doll is complete, but still bald. I just assembled the male doll yesterday and took a couple of quick shots of him.
His full photoshoot is scheduled for later this week, and he’ll have his own gallery at that time.

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My new site is near completion!!! It’s so much better than the old one in terms of the aesthetics and user friendliness.

I’m introducing more new features for my limited edition porcelain nudes: Tattoos, fired-on 24k white and yellow gold body ornament (rings, bracelets, anklets, neck pieces etc.) and silver jewelry. All of these ornaments are permanent and not removable! Even silver bracelets and anklets because they have to be put on a doll prior to assembly.

My new site will have doll accessories gallery where examples of these ornaments can seen and ordered. Custom orders for a specific design are welcome.