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Hey guys! Just a little update from Russia, while I have a spare minute during breakfast.

I’m in Moscow right now, promoting my book and the new resin line of dolls, with Chad and my dad helping me at the show.

So, for the last three days I’ve been doing a lot of book signing, taking pictures with doll fans and chatting to them about my new resin line, giving TV and paper interviews and networking with other artists and event organizers. I finally met the Popovy twins, and even bought my first artist teddy (who is actually an elephant)! With so much going on, I hardly had any time to breathe.

It’s been really busy and exciting, and I want to thank the organizer Svetlana Pchelnikova for putting on this event, and of course everyone who came to the show. And a big, huge thanks for all the flowers, you guys! It means more to me than you know.

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I am so happy to finally be able to present to you, the long-awaited line of Resin Enchanted Doll! The official launch is in Moscow, Russia on Oct 4-7th at the 8th annual Doll Salon exhibition, along with the launch of the Russian language edition of Enchanted Doll book! This is so exciting!





Also, a big Thanks for all your naming suggestions! So many pretty names. I chose Serafina. I couldn’t pick just one though, so I made a short list of my favorites and gave them to the 15 of the first resin dolls going to Russia tomorrow. Here they all are:


Being new at painting resin dolls, I was learning a lot. To experiment with different painting techniques and features, I painted each doll face a little bit differently; tweaking eyebrows, changing eye shapes and playing with boundaries of lips to find the essence of Enchanted Dolls in resin. These dolls are all prototypes from which I will be painting in the future.


After the shows in Russia and Italy, Resin line wait list will go in effect, and those of you who’ve been on it, will be given priority to order a resin doll.



So, what do you guys think? Any favorites?

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I’m running a bit late with the photo shoot of the first resin dolls, but it should wrap up tomorrow.

In the meantime, help me name this pretty doll. I’d love to hear your suggestions on what she should be called.

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And tiny eyelashes!

At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to give my resin dolls glass eyes, but once I found the right kind of eyes, I was won over. This in turn, allowed me to give these dolls real eyelashes, something I’ve always wanted to do, but was unable to due to the shallow surface area of porcelain eyelids. The eyes are tacked on with a sticky gum inside, which means they can be changed fairly easily. The head cap is magnetic and the head is removable from the rest of the body. The doll is strung up with elastic and it articulates and holds poses very well. I am very happy with the quality of resin and the soft, satin glow of the skin.

Tomorrow I’ll shoot all my newly painted resin dolls and show you all of it!

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My set up is a lot different than what I would use for painting porcelain dolls; instead of china paint, I’ve got acrylic paints and pencils. It’s weird. I am able to replicated a similar, airbrushed effect though. Still getting into my groove.

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They are blushed with water color pencil, while french manicure is done with acrylic paint and glossy varnish. More pics coming.

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I made two different sets of hands for my resin dolls and decided to mix them up randomly, making 4 combinations. Even unpainted they look lovely.


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Agh! My desk is full of tiny mummies! Oh, no wait. False alarm.

It’s just the long waited resin line of Enchanted Dolls.


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Dear Friends, autumn is always a busy time for me. Art shows, fashion shows and doll shows tend to take place around this time and that’s when I usually take Enchanted Doll on the road too. Right now I’m preparing for three events in three countries and have some really exciting news for you! Here is the scoop in a nutshell.

Speaking at the Emily Carry University of Art and Design, Vancouver BC, September 28th 2012

Using a compact and dynamic presentation format called Pecha-Kucha (chit-chat), I’ll be giving a short (5 min) talk accompanied by 10 slides, along with 9 other Emily Carr alumni about my life and times as an artist since graduation. Anyone can attend this lecture, but you have to register here to reserve a spot. There will be some mingling and drinking afterwards. Come and see me and 9 others of my kind talk about ourselves!

International Doll Salon in Moscow, Russia, October 4-7th 2012

I’ve got two awesome things prepared for this event. First, I will be there in person to launch the first Russian-language edition of the Enchanted Doll art book! Awesome. Second, I will also be premiering a limited and experimental line of Resin Enchanted Dolls! Awesome, awesome. Only 20 resin dolls will be available at this convention. Also for the first time along with the dolls, I’ll be bringing my collection of Enchanted Doll jewelery, such as lanterns, hand and face pendants etc, with me as well. Come and see me and my new projects! More info coming soon.

Pieceno Fashion Doll Convention in San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy, October 26-28th 2012

I feel very honored to have been invited as special guest to show my traveling porcelain collection at the new Pieceno fashion doll convention in Italy! And as a special treat to my Italian collectors, I will be premiering twenty Resin dolls there too! Alongside with Enchanted Doll jewelery and souvenirs. Come and see me and my dolls there!

Although it’s going to be a jam-packed autumn, I am very excited about being a part of these events, as they represent a fulfillment of long time goals, dreams and projects.

Stand by for more info.

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The face of Vega

Vega is a very bright star located in the constellation of Lyra only 25 light years from Earth. Fourteen thousand years ago it used to be our North Pole star and will be so again in another eleven thousand years. Meanwhile it’s still one of the most brilliant stars in our night sky, captivating our imagination and inspiring a magical sense of wonder at the mysteries of the universe.


The face Andromeda

Andromeda is a captivatingly beautiful and mysterious, spiral galaxy approximately two and a half million light years from Earth. It was named after princess Andromeda from Greek mythology, who was also breathtakingly beautiful. The Andromeda Galaxy is approaching the Milky Way Galaxy at around 140 km per second and is expected to collide with us in approximately 4.5 billion years, perhaps creating a new, elliptical galaxy. Maybe then we will discover some of the secrets it hides within its luminous haze.


The face of Cassiopeia

In Greek Mythology Queen Cassiopeia was Andromeda’s mother. She was a vain and proud woman who boasted of her striking beauty, earning herself the wrath of the gods. Today, Cassiopeia is a constellation of the northern sky, whose distinct W shape dominates the skies with her presence and like a beautiful queen, commands the admiration of all who gaze at her.

More new resin dolls coming in December.