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This fabulous doll, amongst others, was sold at the Dragonspace show opening, and I thought that I should post more pictures of her in farewell.

Despite being inanimate objects, some dolls are more photogenic and easy to shoot than others. Scheherezade here, is a very challenging doll to photograph, which totally puzzles me, because she is so beautiful. Yet, I can never seem to be able to capture her true beauty on film. Well, not film anymore, but pixel. Whatever. I always quit my photo sessions with her, disgusted with myself. Her dress comes alive with a hundred sparkling stars under the electric light, yet her skin looks more balanced in daylight. I can’t seem to find the best solution. Perhaps this speaks louder about my lack of photographic skill or proper lighting kit than the modeling abilities of the doll.

Scheherezade features my first attempt at creating a fully metal, sterling silver head dress and shoes. Her ornate ‘helmet’, so to speak, is the first of its kind. I was able to reproduce the slippers later on, but the head ornament is one of a kind. It was the  first ever wax carving of a metal costume for a doll and the second wax carving I ever attempted. I’m extremely proud of it. The bracelets are one of a kind too.

Making Scheherezade symbolized a very significant accomplishment, which ushered in a new vision of doll-making for me: The era of Enchanted Doll arrived.

Farewell, beautiful Scheherezade. I will  miss you. I promise to make an even more beautiful doll than you.

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I hope you guys have been busy creating entries for the second annual contest to win a nude Enchanted Doll!

I’ve been thinking about the details long and hard and finally came up with the format of this year’s contest. Sorry it took me so long to hammer out these details, but my life is kind of crazy right now.Well, actually, it’s always crazy, so it’s business as usual. I might need a ghost writer for this blog soon.

Here are the rules: There are no rules! No, just kidding. There are rules, but not too many.

The birthday contest works like this: You make whatever you want , as beautifully and as artfully as you can, send it to me and I choose my favorite “gift”. Whoever made the best entry wins the contest, and a nude doll. Because there are no restrictions on the mediums and the entries will be so diverse, runners up will receive a small prize as well.

1) Submission dates:  January 30th- March 1st, 2010. No later submissions will be accepted. I must have all the entries to properly judge and pick a winner.

2) Winner will be announced on my birthday, March 16th, 2010.

3) Size limitations: Entry must fit within 2’h x 2’w x 2’d. Metric 60cm x 60cm x 60 cm (If your gift is bigger than the specified dimensions, email me at Some exceptions may be possible.)

4) Maximum of 2 entries per person.

5) Any medium is accepted: 2d, 3d, paintings, digital, drawings, photographs, prints, tattoos, textile, embroidery, jewelry, sculpture, short films, poetry, edible art, music, mixed media etc., as long as they don’t exceed the size restrictions.

6) All work must be inspired by Enchanted Doll™ and accompanied by a title, materials and a written paragraph explaining it.

7) Every single entry sent to me will be displayed in the special annual birthday contest section on my site. By sending a submission, contestants automatically agree to have their work displayed on Enchanted Doll site.

8 ) Submission Terms. By submitting artwork to Enchanted Dollâ„¢ you agree to the following: That the artwork is original artwork that you have created. That you are submitting your artwork with no expectation of compensation (other than a chance to win a doll). That you give Enchanted Dollâ„¢ permission to alter, distort, and/or adapt your work for the purposes of displaying it digitally or otherwise. That while the artist retains the copyright to their submitted work, you forfeit ownership of submitted art to Enchanted Dollâ„¢

9 ) Shipping fees are responsibility of the contestant. All entries must be marked as gifts and contest entries, otherwise they are subject to taxation and duty fees on the border. Entries that require Enchanted Doll pays duty on them, will not be accepted.

10) Prior to submitting the work, entrants will contact with details of the work to be submitted to receive shipping information. This way each entry will be expected and anticipated by us to avoid anything being “lost in the mail”.

If you have any questions, email me at If your gift is bigger than the specified dimensions, email me. Some exceptions may be possible.

The contest is now officially open! Go and create your entry! Make sure it’s here by March 13th.

Good luck! I look forward to be blown away by all the talented artists out there!

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This preliminary announcement is to signal the beginning of the Second Annual Enchanted Doll Birthday Contest!
That’s right, as a part of celebrating my birthday, I am giving away one nude doll as a present to one lucky winner of the contest. My last year’s birthday contest was so rewarding that I decided to not only to give away another doll, but do it every year from this day forth.

The Enchanted Doll Birthday Contest is now an annual event. And a talent competition.

The general rule for entering the contest is simple: Make something in the theme of Enchanted Doll and send it to me as a birthday gift. The entry that blows me away, will take the winning prize of Nude Enchanted Doll.

The competition is open to any media: drawing, painting, photography, digital art, sculpture, jewelry, doll art, writing, poetry, illustration, animation or film. Any form of creative figurative expression whatsoever. If you think you can come up with a math or physics equation for Enchanted Doll-go ahead and enter it, if you believe you should write a ballad about Enchanted Doll-do it, if you know you can bake a delicious Enchanted Doll cake and deliver it to me for my birthday- then go for it. Mmmm!

Bottom line is that you can use whatever talents you have to create something beautiful and my favorite one will take the prize.

This is the general information you need to know to get started on your entries. I will make a more formal announcement with info and deadlines later this week.

Now, let’s make beautiful things.

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I finally have some concrete news about my order schedule for the rest of 2009 and most of 2010. Some of it is good and some of it is bad, and some of it can be either one, depending on how you look at it. Let’s start with the bad.

1)My Enchanted Doll resin line has suffered a huge setback and has now been postponed indefinitely. I need to find a new and capable developer and manufacturer who will not only want to produce a beautiful line of resin Enchanted Dolls, but will also know what they are doing. Those of you who want to expedite this process can feel free to look around for doll producers and manufacturers and recommend me the ones you might think appropriate. I don’t know how long it will take me to find the right one and right now I am back at square one.

2)I’m leaving for Europe again on October 3rd until November 3rd. I’ll be attending Art Fair 21 in Cologne, Germany where a few of my pieces will be shown. I’ll be there on 29th, 30th and possibly 31st. I am really looking forward to meeting some of you there. Paris is another place where Chad and I will definitely be for a week or so before the show, but aside from that I don’t really know yet where we will end up. We’re going to travel around European Union, see places, visit friends. I would be more than happy to meet and hang out with Enchanted Doll fans while were are in Europe. Our plans are rather loose and if anybody wants to get together with Chad and I, email me and perhaps we can work out a meeting time and country. We will see.

3) Strychnin Gallery will be representing me in Art Fair 21. They are publishing an exhibition catalog and an art book that will feature some of my pieces. I believe both will be available for sale during the show and if you catch me there on the 29th, 30th or 31st, I can sign it for you.

4) Nude porcelain doll slots will be harder to come by after I get back from Europe in November. As you know I have a second solo exhibition in Berlin in the summer 2010. I am making a brand new collection of one of a kind and ultra limited edition work for the show and that means that I have to drastically reduce my custom nude work load in order to commit most of my time to producing the most amazing costumed dolls I possibly can. I can not do this and carry on making nude orders as before- it’s becoming too much for me. For the next year I will be taking 1-2 nude orders a month. All the slots up until February are already taken. If I’m ever ahead of schedule i may be able to make some more time for orders here and there, but don’t take me up on that. After my show in 2010 lots of things will have changed and who knows what will happen. Maybe more order slots, maybe a resin line, maybe both. I apologize to those who waited for a long time already and I hope that you understand. Eventually I hope to work my way through my wait list.

5) I saved the best news for last. I’ll be putting a nude doll on Ebay sometime next week. I made this doll for a show in St.Petersburg, Russia, but was unable to attend it at the last minute. Suddenly, this doll no longer had a show to go to. You probably read all about it in a post earlier this summer. I’ve been putting off making the decision on what to do with this little orphan all this time because I was tempted to keep her for myself, but I finally decided to sell her. By Friday I should have pictures of her here and then she will go on ebay a few days later.

I think that’s all the news for now. More work coming up. Let me know if you have any questions.

(The doll shown in this blog post is not the doll that will be made available on eBay, it is a custom nude that was made for a client. I just like that picture a lot.)

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The winner of the nude Enchanted Doll is………..

Melissa from Illinois (Tealmermaid)


Thanks again to everyone who entered the contest.  The positive energy in the forums has been great to see.  Everyone has been so nice, I’m glad that the contest went so smoothly.  Yes, today is my birthday, but I’m giving this present to one of my fans in return for all the support you all have given me.  I hope that the forums don’t become a ghost town now that the contest is over, I feel that we have a great community here.

Once again, Congrats to Melissa!

As per the contest notes, the doll will be part of my Solo show from April 8th to June 7th, and will be sent out afterwards.

And for all those of you who didn’t win this year; Cheer up. You will have more opportunities in the years to come as i’m considering making this contest an annual Birthday event.

Good luck next year, every one. Thank you for participating.


Marina and Chad.

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The contest has come to a close, and the winner will be announced shortly.

Thank you to everyone who entered.

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As many of you know the 2009 contest to win a free Enchanted Doll is drawing to a close and on my birthday, March 16th, I will give away this doll to one lucky person. Her name is Miina.



I have been waiting for you when I was still a thought in Marina’s head.
I’ve been waiting for you when the porcelain was pouring into the mold and hardening against its walls.
I’ve been waiting for you when she was carefully removing my tiny, newly-formed body from the mold and laying it out to dry.
I’ve been waitng for you in the kiln, while the unbareable and seemingly endless heat was burning me and only the hope of being with you had sustained me through the pain.
Finally, as a reward for the agouny of birth, I was given an eternal body and ageless beauty and I await our first meeting with great trepidation.
Do you know that while I was being assembled, every spring in my body trembled and hummed with the anticipation of seeing you?
And now I am. My long wait is over!
I am ready to meet you, the one who will have me.
Until then,
Your Enchanted Doll.

Another shot of her can be found on my forum here

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Just a reminder, the contest to win a free Nude Enchanted Doll is drawing near.  If you have already entered please don’t submit another entry, only one per person!

Click here to enter.

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There is now an Enchanted Doll twitter feed, where I will be posting short blurbs about my dolls.  This will be used for quick updates on work while I prepare for my solo show.  The blog will still be used for larger updates and photos, but for those curious about my process feel free to follow my twitter feed. [EDIT – I made it so the 3 most recent tweets will show up on this blog, in the sidebar – Chad]

The above photo is of the doll I’m currently working on.  This is just after the hair has been glued on, she looks much more elegant now. And she’s got armpit hair!

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I have uploaded a handful of videos showing me at my desk playing with my dolls.  These videos will give doll fanatics a chance to see how my dolls move and a variety of possible poses.

The videos can be found in the “Doll Animation” section, along with my stop motion movie.

The music in the “Playing with..” series is by Revolution Void.