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Posted in: site news has a new section, Prints!  That’s right, you now have the ability to purchase prints of various Enchanted Doll images.  The prints are done on archival quality satin card stock, while the poster sizes are done on poster paper (as seen in the above shot taken in my living room).

The process for ordering the prints is simple, just fill out the order form selecting which shots and at which sizes, and an email is sent to us with that information.  From there we will contact you to setup payment (paypal) and shipping information.  All prints will be sent out through regular mail (Canada Post) unless otherwise requested.

At this time, there are only a few available in the large poster format, but more will be coming soon.

Along with more sizes, more images will be available in the future as well, so if you have a favourite that you don’t see listed, head on over to the forum and let us know.

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After being blown away by some of the artwork that my dolls inspired, I decided to create a section on my page to showcase it all.

Click here to go to the Gallery.

I love seeing this type of work, so if anyone else has any pieces please forward them to me and I’ll get Chad to add them to the gallery (email with “Fan Art” in the subject)

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Attention everyone!  The contest to win a free Enchanted Doll is now open. Anyone can participate, there’s only one stipulation, you must be an active member of the official Enchanted Doll forum.

The winner will be an entry chosen at random, and will be announced on my birthday, March 16th, 2009.

For more details, please visit the forum posting.

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Attention every one who wishes to order a doll from me: I’ve officially stopped taking orders until December 2008. I’ll make another announcement about possible available slots for that month later on in the summer. Meanwhile, if you are interested in placing an order sometime in the future, email me. As some of you know i have to get ready for my upcoming shows in Europe in late 2008 and in the States in early 2009 and I simply don’t have enough time for commissions.

However, there is a good news too. You have an opportunity to win a FREE Enchanted Doll.

On my next birthday I will be giving away one nude doll as a gift to honor the admirers of Enchanted Doll. My birthday is on March 16th, 2009 and that’s when i will announce one lucky winner. To enter a contest to win one of my dolls you will have to become a member of Enchanted Doll Forum at

All the information regarding the contest will be posted on my site and the forum by the end of July 2008.

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Dear Fans,

I’ve been wanting to announce for several days now that one of my collectors from France, Helene, has set up an Enchanted Doll forum where admirers and/or owners of my dolls can meet and interact. The Forum is fairly new and hopefully it will grow as more and more of my creations populate the world.

I’m a relatively new artist in the field and i do custom work, not mass production, so i don’t expect for ED (enchanted dolls) to flood the doll market any time soon. That’s why they are so special.

Anyway. I just want to thank Helen for loving my dolls so much as to make a forum for them. I’m honored . Again.

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This is the most recent magazine article from Europe that features my work. Stilus is a design magazine from Budapest, Hungary, and it showcases lots of contemporary design, fashion and art. I got 6 pages this time! I wish i knew what the text is about, but i can make a pretty good guess since it’s based on the information i had given them. Still… You can view the the article in the Artist Info section:

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Small update.

The doll animation video has been updated to a better quality version. Still some visible compression artifacts, but at least it’s the proper ratio.

If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check it out.
The video was made a couple years ago for a project at Emily Carr, and it stars two of my early dolls.

Chad put this video up on Vimeo, which is why it says “From Chad Isley”

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As some of you may have noticed, the new Enchanted Doll site is finally up and running and if you haven’t yet then go and check it out! There are a couple of pages here and there that are still waiting for content, but it will all be filled up by summer. I have a new system of placing orders-A doll order form. It  makes ordering a doll simple and easy.

Also, tomorrow i’ll be assembling the new double jointed male doll, so he will probably make his appearence on the site on Monday night or Tuesday, at the latest. There is also a new female face coming up in the Rose skin tone.

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Working on a new site for, with lots of new galleries (which means new dolls!).

The new site will be updated a lot more frequently, and news and progress reports will be added via this blog.

Shouldn’t be too long now, just working on the write-ups for the dolls.

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Setting up a new blog, where I can share news of new dolls, doll ideas, links to inspiration, and anything else.

Feel free to comment on the blog entries, feedback is always welcome.