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Inspired by bits and pieces of all kinds of things and experiences and without my full awareness, this project gestated in my thoughts for years, formulating and materializing into a coherent image, until one day the right piece of the puzzle fell just into the right place, crystallizing the idea into a strikingly clear form that quite literally, took my breath away. Startled and exhilarated by the suddenness of its coming, I studied the image burned into the backs of my eyelids with wonder, smiling at the beauty and completeness of it and thinking to my self that ah, yes, of course it had to look like this-it couldn’t possibly have been anything else. It was always this,  even if I couldn’t see it before: it was just a matter of circumstances and time until I did.


Although i think about art and my future projects nearly every waking minute, it’s not often that my inspiration takes a form of an intense, almost religious experience like this one. This was unique. It felt like, driven to the point of exhaustion from endless brainstorming and research my mind just snapped and transcended the boundaries of consciousness, crossing over into a creative abyss where everything is possible.

For a few seconds absolutely everything is clear, all the knowledge is laid bare, every vision is there and even the meaning of life is obvious, but then the mental curtain to the abyss closes again, pulling you back from the precipice of madness and leaving only a vague memory of the profoundness of the experience, allowing to carry away only one thing with you intact- that perfect vision of what you sought. Like a gift. Everything else is swiftly forgotten.


Cathedral was my gift. I hope it opens the flood gates for more beautiful pieces in this series.

This piece was primarily inspired by my obsession with European Gothic architecture. But I’m sure there are a couple dozen other sources of inspiration mixed in here. I’ve yet to identify them all.

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  1. MissLk says:

    Somehow she reminds me of you although I have never seen an image of you with closed eyes…

    Cathedral sounds like a cartharsis!

  2. Alisa says:

    красивая кукла, но нового дыхания здесь не чувствуется.

  3. Jenny H says:

    You have had a true artistic revelation!

  4. Marina says:

    Алиса, мне кажется что вы имеете в виду стиль.
    Новое вдохновлени и новый стиль это две разные вещи.
    Стиль может оставаться тот же, а вдохновление обновляться.

  5. Jenny H says:

    Are you on line Marina? I just got called away for a few minutes! These new photos are beautiful and show more detail which is lovely! The robe suits her ecclesiastical aura! Divine!

  6. darling marina, I think she is exquisite. I haven’t stopped thinking about her since you first showed her preview photographs. Seeing the headpiece from the side is a real treat…considering she’s wearing a cathedral on her head, it’s suprisingly light and airy aesthetically – which is what these architects sought to achieve, an architectural vessel that’s meant to look like it can transport you to the heavens, at least whilst you’re inside….
    Loving the outdoor shots as well, these new dolls are beautiful, good work lovely x

  7. ~Jenny~ says:

    What an achievement. I’m so glad that you share your thoughts about your dolls with us. There is so much more depth in your art when you do. It’s an experience to follow your progress and see you evolve.

  8. Annina says:

    these outdoor shots are so beautiful, they are so fitting to the organic-ness of the gothic headpiece.
    when such visions happen it’s so cool, how you feel very connected to everything and all information is just there, like a moment of enlightenment.

    this doll really touches me when i look at her, she feels special.

    the headpiece is genius, it’s really like a tiny gothic cathedral, and yet not heavy looking.
    like others said, i’m guessing it reminds us of which ever cathedrals we are familiar with, for me i think of the Berner Münster in Berne, Switzerland, my home town. gothic churches and cathedrals have somehting special about them, i’ve always liked them too.
    oh and yes it reminds me a little of sagrada familia too, i had the pleasure to visit it as a kid.
    it’s like a merged form of many of these buildings, i so look forward to see her and her costume in person!

  9. Manü says:

    One of the most beautiful beauty, i had never see this doll is divine like a true revelation coming from a dream

  10. Terri says:

    I’ve never heard a better more honest description of the process I like to call “creative madness”. The frenzied and chaotic thought process when working through an idea is very personal and I’ve never been comfortable explaining it to another.

    I love that you have opened up and shared your creative madness with us. Thank you Marina.

    Cathedral is majestic!

  11. thea says:

    She is so beautiful! I love the inspiration behind it. European gothic architecture is so elegant and beautiful too.

  12. The Old Maid says:

    I enjoyed this text as much as I enjoy your beautiful dolls. Great written! Thank you Marina:)

  13. kathi says:

    All I can say is “wow!”

  14. Jayne says:

    Ditto to all of the above! She is truly stunning.

  15. daniseyu says:

    i’ve been addicted to dolls and jewelry about all the beautiful things since i was 8,but the screen is always unclear and i cant catch them.till i saw your works ,i know this is what i’ve been looking for.and thank you for giving us so many see your works is the most happy thing of my days.wish i could be in berlin when your show begins.good luck!

  16. Linda says:


    You did better than good. You inspire! Good luck at the show and have a safe trip. Looking forward to seeing your other creations.


  17. Orangey says:

    Marina. Your talent drives me insane. I can’t help but envy and respect your creative intuition; your works are ever the epitome of beauty. I really mean it, you are so good.

    She is SO beautiful! Her face is really stunning. That expression she has… what a beauty. And your headpiece is breathtaking, really! You seriously outdo yourself every time. The color scene is just gorgeous aswell.

    You should have a show in Toronto someday because I need to see your dolls in person. =P

  18. Ilona says:

    Purely fantastic vision and its embodiment, Marina!

    Like Monika said, seeing the headpiece from the side only enhances the experience of awe and admiration even further. And of sheer delight.

    Gothic architecture have always appealed to me more than any other architectural style; here you have ingeniously managed to create something both light in appearance and monumental in feeling. To me, this feels like a mixture of the genius of the Medieval Gothic architects and the incredible skill of Gothic jewellery makers which we had a chance to admire in the V&A museum- implemented here with incredible insight and new approach.

    I can’t wait to see this piece of breathtaking art in Berlin!

    Ilona xox

  19. Rosemary says:

    Ooo will you do a Brutalist doll in your architecture series? Or Rococo! that could be amazing.

  20. Crystal says:

    I just keep coming back and looking at her. I can’t get over how special she is.

  21. rereying says:


  22. Melody says:

    The detail on your dolls is gorgeous and amazing.

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