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Small Update on the Chinese edition of the Enchanted Doll book. I designed a stamp in Chinese that will be used only in this edition of the book.  I wish I could show you the stamp, but it will be kept a secret until the book is released. Instead, I’ll post a picture from my recent trip to China:


Speaking of the book, it’s almost ready! I’m being told it’s in the final stages!

Pre-sales have started, you can order the book here:

If you need any help navigating that site and ordering, please contact, they will be able to help you with ordering even if you don’t know Chinese.

3 Responses

  1. Maia Alexander says:

    Beautiful picture! And I can’t wait for the book!

    • Cat says:

      Well that is pretty nice that you are offering a Chinese edition. I suspect you have a lot of fans there.

      Hope you found lots of inspiration in China!

  2. Crystal says:

    Would love to see more pictures of your travels! Also a peek at a work in progress would be nice too!
    Did you do a book signing in China?

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