Cinderella Ball Mask

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Hey hey friends! The Cinderella porcelain doll ebay auction is fast approacheth! I haven’t finalized the date yet, but it will be announced as soon as I complete the doll next week. Eee! Here’s what I’m working on today. It’s Cinderella’s last accessory for her big ball.


It’s that noseless Venetian Mask that I’ve wanted to make for, oh, this whole last year. It seems fitting that Cinderella should wear one, don’t you think? She is attending a festive masquerade after all. Also I’m in a major festive spirit myself, even though Vancouver holiday season means lots of oppressive greyness and rain, rain, rain. And then some more rain. And then when you think that it can’t possibly keep raining and raining like this….it does. And does. And does some more. While I long for snow, snow, snow! Sometimes I wonder if costal climate is right for me…I guess you can get a girl out of Siberia, but you can’t get Siberia out of a girl. But I digress.

K, going back to work now. Stay tuned for more progress shots.

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  1. Santina says:

    Oooh Marina! I’m sooo excited! what a beautiful idea! I am waiting with bated breath for more pictures! Love!!!!!!! I can’t wait see Cinderella all ready for the ball!!!!!!!

  2. Christine says:

    Loving the mask! This will surly be a show stopper

  3. Jayne Wourms says:

    Can’t wait to see your completed Cinderella, the mask is just perfect for her!

  4. Anthony says:

    I never knew Cinderella’s ball was a mascarade, though of course that makes sense since her identity had to be kept a secret from 3 individuals in particular ;-)…. Marina this stunning mask represents so much to me. Thank you so much for incorporating it into this beauty’s story.

  5. Bertha says:

    I love the idea of Cinderella going to the ball. She’s getting more and more accessories! How lucky to be Marina’s doll and the doll owner in future!

  6. Sonia Anne says:

    I am excited and can’t wait to see more!

  7. schizandra says:

    She is going to be *lovely* in it! I love seeing your nails, Marina. I mean it – they look like mine lol! The hands of a craftswoman.

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