Cinderella Comes Together – Part 3

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The Cinderella auction is about to end, but you’ll still be able to see here in the third and final part of the “Cinderella Comes Together” video series. The video is now up on vimeo (be sure to watch it in HD)

Thank you for all the feedback on the first two videos. We had a great time making these, even if the dog couldn’t remember all her lines. Typical big shot actors.

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:


Along with the video, here is my artist statement for Cinderella:

The Cinderella Construct

The story of Cinderella is so ubiquitous, that all across human history, geography, and different cultures, it continues to exist and remains virtually unchanged.

There are close to a thousand different incarnations of the Cinderella fable around the world dating back to ancient antiquity. The earliest known version was recorded in the 1st century BC by a Greek historian Strabo, and inspired by an enslaved Greek girl-turned courtesan named Rhodopis, who according to his account, was freed from sexual servitude and went on to marry an Egyptian King.

While it appears that Rhodopis was the original allegorical Cinderella, she certainly wasn’t the first orphaned, abused, and exploited female in the world, nor the last. Over thousands of years of human history there have been, there are, and there will be many more Cinderellas – with and without a happily ever after. Every culture and generation imprints its own ideals and values on the Cinderella construct, altering it somewhat, but keeping the basic Rags-to-Riches narrative intact.

The moving mechanism at the heart of Cinderella story appears to be a conflict of interests that arises between individuals in an evolutionary struggle for limited economic resources. This very survival instinct is probably what sometimes turns perfectly decent women into abusive Stepmothers. It is puzzling though why the fathers in this situation allow this pattern of abuse to perpetuate, as though having gained a new wife capable of bearing new offspring, they are no longer emotionally or even genetically invested in the survival of their own biological children from previous partners.

The reason this fairy tale is still so compelling and powerful, is because its underlying themes are still as relevant today as they were two thousand years ago, when Strabo first penned that tragic story of a slave girl with a Happily Ever After.

The Cinderella construct appears to be a collective existential portrait of the human condition – As long as there are people, there will be Cinderellas.

43 Responses

  1. Lynne says:

    I don’t just want her…. I NEED her….

  2. Santina says:

    Although I’m so happy for anyone who wins this beauty, I have to admit it is truly painful to watch the last ten minutes of this auction! Love your dolls, and I love your statement on the Cinderella archetype!

    • Crystal says:

      Amazing! Love the video! God I would love to have that corset! And that collar! And and and…….
      Anyway, I totally forgot about the whole father thing in the story! He did leave his daughter at the mercy of a very unkind step mom and step sisters. And her only way out was to run into the arms of another man who would “hopefully” be there to take care of her, UGH.
      Well congrats on the auction! Things are looking nothing less then, up up up…….

  3. Yihan says:

    Marina, the auction just ended and I think it is unfair for me. Ebay stopped me from giving a max bid of &100200 in the last few seconds. I am very unhappy with that. I ask you to do something to fix this. Maybe giving to a other hour to bid. I am very very mad about this.

    • jacquelyn says:

      oh my gods, its a DOLL. you people are spending the price of a house and a car on these and I can barely pay my rent. this is so stupid. if I had the money you had I wouldn’t be taking the bus and walking everywhere. find a better way to save your money. you didn’t get a max bid in, so what. you saved some money. good for you.

    • deedee says:

      Hahaha, and too bad my sniping software failed at the last second, otherwise your puny bid of 100,200 would have been toast next to my 250,000.

      Seriously, is this a marketing ploy to get it into people’s heads that the next doll up for auction has already been tagged at 100,000? ??

      Don’t know what to think… except that I agree with Jacquelyn and I can pay my rent fine.

  4. Anthony says:

    Marina congratulations on the final bid for Cinderella!!! She is a treasure!!! And these videos have been such an amazing treat, thank you so much for taking the time to let us into your sanctuary. I truly have no more words as to how moved I have been by the whole series of videos.

  5. Binnur says:

    Congratulations Marina and Chad on the very successful auction of this stunning doll. Though I would have loved to touch her silky skin and stare into her big beautiful eyes like everyone else, I did the sensible thing and sat on my hands instead. At least we can take comfort in the gift of these lovely videos that remind us of her exquisite visage and perfect beauty. It is no small happiness to know that perfection does exist somewhere. Thank you both for that.

  6. Carolyn says:

    I can’t thank you enough for posting these videos. Your dolls are such a treasure that most of us can only dream of owning.

  7. Marina T says:

    O MY GOD !!! This is fantastic .shi is so …so amazing .Marina vi neveroyatno trudoliubivi I talantlivi! Eto idealno

  8. Sabrina says:

    I didn’t bid, but I did think it odd that the last few bids were only $100 apart from each other– usually the price leaps up in the last few minutes before an auction ends on a highly desired item. Still, it’s a record!

  9. Pixelskaya says:

    I’m speechless. Amazing video.

  10. Pookah says:

    It was absolutely inspiring to watch these three videos of making Cinderella. I’m drawing a comic book and my protagonist is a marionette maker. Besides being a pleasure to see you in work and watching Cinderella coming alive, this videos helped me a lot in my work.
    Thank you!

  11. Annina says:

    This third part touches me deeply, I couldn’t point out just one shot in it that is my favourite, somehow they are all amazing.
    I just feel very lucky to be the owner of one of your porcelain dolls, and I feel so happy for you that you are succeeding in your dream, what a dream, and how inspiring, and I’m just happy for you.
    Also, these scenes are filmed so lovingly, I can see and feel your love for what Marina does in the film, Chad. I’m just happy to be able to share in this and to experience this, and I wish for all who are wishing for a doll from you, that it will come true, magically.

  12. jacquelyn says:

    I looked back and Cinderella went for more than Daphne. and this is so crazy that people can spend the money on these dolls and still have money to live. I really don’t get that. I’m lucky to make it through the month as a starving artist and if I had the money it would be a spent a lot more practically than on a doll. did I mention I’m just not a fan of the whole Cinderella thing?

    • Maru says:

      Jacquelyn, calm down. Maybe all this it seems stupid to that person who does not give the art the value it deserves. You may also seems stupid to pay big numbers for a painting (say, Picasso or Rembrandt), and is your right, but there are people who give more value to a painting or a doll (which incidentally, is not a Barbie) than a car, for example.
      And finally, sorry if this scandalizes you, it is likely that the person who buys a work of art does not have to worry about buying a car or a house, it probably already has that covered. Do not be so bitter with life and put the goal to progress yourself.

      • jacquelyn says:

        last thing I need is a life lesson from you Maru. you have no idea what I know and have been through and being a rich uncaring person is not it. and for what its worth, I know these dolls are art and not Barbie, as I have never made that mistake. I never said the art has no value or that it is not deserving of the admiration it gets. art comes in many forms and I appreciate them all. I just don’t see spending the money because I don’t have the luxury of that kind of life. I’m not a child, I don’t have any reason to be bitter with life, no matter what its thrown at me, and I don’t need you to be a therapist to me telling me to progress myself. I do just fine, thank you. but I live in reality and there is no happily ever after Cinderella story for me. I work for what I get just as most people do and if I had the money I still wouldn’t spend it on that price tag, no matter if it is a doll, a painting, sculpture, whatever. and finally, those people who have their house and car covered and can spend whatever they want on anything they want usually do. I find it better to be a poor, but good person, then throw money around because I have it, and show how shallow that lifestyle is.

        • Maru says:

          Jacquelyn, you would not hear the lesson from someone even you needed it. I did not swim in a pool of money, do not even have enough to be an aspiring artist, but unlike you, if I had money, I’d buy a doll of Marina, how may others buy clothes, a better car, a house in a nice neighborhood.
          I do not really like to get into other costs and how they spend their money worked, after all, just what we need is food, shelter and some clothing, but we all want more, from the time we buy a pair of shoes or a dress, we are going beyond what we need and pay a few dollars more to buy something that identifies us and say something to the world.
          What for you is a luxury (a car) to another is something even unthinkable, people who have no money for a good meal or to connect to internet, as you if you have.
          I do not know, you have the right to think and feel what you want, but if you come to catharsis in a place where there is talk of a doll whose subject does not interest you (you said it yourself), and coming with that old argument “poor people = good people – rich people = bad people “, why undergo the suffering of seeing this doll be sold at a cost that you never would access to pay even if you had the money ?
          For me, this topic is over, there are other spaces, I think, to discuss the hypocrisy of world we live in …

    • Jayne Wourms says:

      Jacquelyn, I hope one day you are no longer a starving artist and your art achieves the heights that Marina has achieved. Best of luck to you.

      • jacquelyn says:

        thanks Jayne, I appreciate the support and I hope so too, someday..

        • Karen Ke says:

          And if/when it does happen, make sure you let your buyers know you consider them all to be selfish, frivolous and ugly people for spending so much on your work, when there are still people struggling to pay their rent out there.

          • jacquelyn says:

            ha ha. I don’t think I’ll ever get to the point of selling again anyways, Karen. I make my art for myself now and I will struggle to pay rent all my life. as for telling my buyers they are selfish, frivolous, and ugly, well, those are your words, not mine. and my art never cost thousands or even hundreds of dollars. so the stuff I have sold only helped me to pay my rent for the month when I didn’t have to struggle so much. now I live in a semi-reality based world of work-hard-work-harder to survive.

            so I’d appreciate it if everyone would leave me the hell alone now. I have my semi-realistic world to get back to.

          • Gio Drakes says:

            Well done Karen :)

  13. Santina says:

    I have been following Marina’s blog for five years, and Jacqueline, you are the first person that even attempted to troll here. This blog is personally facilitated by an amazing artist for fans and admirers of her work. If you are neither, and you only come here to insult and patronize Marina’s fans then you should take your negative comments elsewhere, because what you are saying isn’t going to stop Marina from making her beautiful art, and it won’t sway us from admiring it. Also, both Daphne and Cinderella II were sold in auctions, which means the the prices of these dolls are determined by how much people are WILLING to pay for them. The concept of value is relative, so I can accept that you would spend your money elsewhere, but if you are going to mark yourself an artist, you should never appraise another’s art and say what it should or shouldn’t be worth to the people that love it. I wish you well as an artist, and I hope you never come across people that expressed the same negative sentiment you did in your line of work, but your negative comments are unnecessary, as this blog has been a place where we can support Marina, and watch her art progress and it should stay that way

    • jacquelyn says:

      first of all, Santina, you could do me the favor of spelling my name right. second, I’ve been watching Marina’s art for over 5 years and I still maintain that while it is beautiful, I stand unchanged about my opinions. I don’t need to justify myself to any of you, nor does Marina need any of you to protect her. and I’m not trolling, I’ve had my opinions in the past, and they’ve been answered in the same way. so you aren’t gonna get me to shut up either. I really don’t care. and I’m done with this argument.

  14. Yuxi says:

    Well, from a economist’s point of view, the market price is determined by supply and demand – and supply and demand alone. It stands apart from the opinion of anyone else. So unless you’re a supplier (who can make more items hence lowering the price, which is unlikely to happen with Enchanted Dolls due to their unique maker’s time scarcity) or a demander (who is willing and able to provide the funds), there really isn’t much point for the rest of us to discuss about the price. Of course that’s not to say we can’t or shouldn’t, but I find it to be much more enjoyable just standing afar to admire Marina’s work, as well as being whole heartedly happy for the artist and the lucky collector.

    Congratulations Marina, you’ve produced miracles again. ;) Hope the happy winner treats Cindy well and share pictures!

  15. Urszula says:

    I love all films and I hope that Marina and Chad would make more of them (without a dog ;)). Congratulations of a big success and beautiful doll.

    PS. Pls do some tutorials :))))))) Pls pls

  16. Aeroksana says:

    Dear Marina and Chad! Congratulations on auction! This doll is a gem, and she worth it all! And more :)
    Thank you both for that wonderful inspiring and very heartful videos ♥ I love-love-love all about them! It is a real pleasure to see how your masterpieces come to life! And my heart just melt when I saw how gently and lovingly you touch Cinderella! Oghh! It means much for me <3
    Thank you million times for that fact, that despite of high prices and all that people that cant afford your doll (and I am too), you are care about satisfying our feelings, you make us inspired and thankful, you always do find a way to hearts. For your elegant and noble professionalism. Thank you <3

  17. Aeroksana says:

    I would like to clarify, are you planning to hold an Annual Enchanted Doll Birthday Contest this year?
    ps Maybe postcards again? I still have ideas for that :)

  18. Madeline says:

    Marina, to see the videos of your progress with Cinderella has been an amazing treat and fed my muse better than I have been able to feed her in months! Thank you for letting those of us who admire your work glimpse behind the curtain, and see your creative process. If anything, it only makes me admire your work more! I can’t wait to see what your next project is, and I eagerly await your next update.

    [For the record, it cuts me to see such negativity on this page. We’re not here to complain about our lot, and our inability to bid on such a treasure as Cinderella. We’re here to admire Marina’s work, and there’s a back-button for you to leave if your milk of human kindness has dried up. I can only speak for myself, but if I wanted to see such ugliness, I would not have come here.]

  19. Glynis says:

    I loved the videos, all that sugar made my teeth itch though :) but if that’s what it takes to make such a beauty… I don’t understand the negativity here,the video was about a doll/auction not how rich or poor some people are,that’s just a fact of life. Marina invited us into a part of her home to share some of her processes,that was generous and not many people would do it. Some people will spend vast amounts on cars,boats,jewels etc,I would spend huge amounts on rare books,if I could, I can’t and that too is just a fact of life. Enjoy the doll,the processes but mostly enjoy the…. Dog!!

  20. Belldandy says:

    Congratulations on your engagement! I just noticed your ring :))

  21. Gaynor says:

    Thanks for sharing the creation of ‘Cinderella’ II. I like your ritualistic approach to all aspects (even the more tedious parts) of the process. I’m sure that canine cuddles help to alleviate tension too!

  22. Clara says:

    Congratulations Marina and Chad, wonderful to see success attending so much in the way of hard work, inspiration, high standards and justified ambition. Thank you for the continued generous insights into your many processes, I’m not likely to ever own a doll so this sort of sharing gives me great pleasure. I show your books to all the creatives I come across. Hope you can take time to celebrate properly!

  23. Gio Drakes says:

    LOVE the videos. It’s great to watch you doing your art. I really loved it :)
    The dog is a gem as well <3

    Just wondering if there are any plans yet to cast Gloriana in resin?
    If there are, I'll put my boyfriend for sale with enough time to get the money together, cause I really want one! :)

  24. Amethyst says:

    Sigh. I love your work. I just wish I didn’t have to put up with your addled “Men are Pigs” feminism to learn about it. Awww. Poor CInderella. She was orphaned, abused and exploited. I’m sure there were no MEN who were orphaned, abused and exploited throughout human history. Why all men everywhere just sat back and had a cushy life while the poor little wimmens had to cook and slave for them. That’s what your Women’s Studies teachers told you, right? Well, honey, an accurate reading of history will show you that men were far more prone to abuse and violence than women. Life sucked for pretty much EVERYONE except for a small cadre of elites. Most average men were expected to put their lives on the line and contribute a certain amount of labor for the upkeep of their family. (And I guarantee most men were far too busy trying to keep their families from starving to waste any time abusing them.)

    And have you actually READ any fairy tales containing evil stepmothers? I don’t know about you, but the ones I read always had the Stepmother be a horrible, controlling, bitter harridan and the father a weak-willed simpering male whose treatment at her hands could only be considered a form of abuse. It’s very telling that you think the fathers in these situations are willfully turning away from their children when in fact, they may be too terrified to act on their behalf. It’s almost as if you don’t think men can be victims in any way, which tends to go against the whole “gender equalist” vibe which I thought your work was trying to perpetrate.

    Oh, and in this day and age, most abuse of children occurs because of Step FATHERS–that is, the skeevy men that divorced and single mothers will invite into their home (after kicking out the children’s NATURAL fathers, whom statistics show are the most likely to provide a secure home for them.)

    I also find it strange that Rags to Riches stories involving women always seem to have her using the power of her beauty, innocence and femininity to attract a rich man who swoops in and saves her. It’s almost as if her primary power is in her looks , her virtue and her domestic skills. What do Rags to Riches stories involving MEN feature? Men going out into the world and ACHIEVING things. Men committing great deeds, winning wealth through their own power, action and courage. Could you imagine a Cinderella story where the genders were reversed? The man would be thought of as a gigolo or worse–a loser who couldn’t earn his own wealth and had to glom on to a rich woman. Talk about privilege! What greater privilege could a person have than the ability to sit back, look vulnerable and pretty, and have a wealthy, high value man swoop in and provide you with everything your heart desires? (And all you have to do is provide him with sex and companionship, which is what you want to do anyway,because he’s hot and sexy! ) Too bad this is a privilege only afforded to women, not men….

    • Binnur says:

      While I don’t have the fortitude to address all the issues you have presented here, you must admit, even grudgingly, that beauty, power and wealth do hold and have held a certain sway over the powers that be throughout history of man. That is the way of the world and it will always be, whether we like it or not….

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