Collar cast in Sterling Silver and polished-Finally

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Here it is. I took some snap shots in front of my window. The surface is soooo shiny and reflective that I found it difficult to get a good photo of it in the natural light, but wasn’t in the mood for setting up a well-lit shot. I’ve got more important things to do today than worry about the perfect composition. I’ll do that when the collar is on a doll. Then I’ll go nuts.

Today, I’m working on finalizing some last nude orders and developing a new tattoo design. Of course it’s not just a tattoo, it’s something more than that. This tattoo has a somewhat different function than an ordinary tattoo. It will be something else if it works out. It might be a huge failure though. We shall see.

Right now I’m anticipating going into an intense show preparation mode and I guess my brain is gearing up for some serious creativity. Last night as I was sanding some parts, my mind was going into a thousand different directions at once, at 200 km an hour. Whatever the speed of thought is, my thoughts must have been doing double that. I was experiencing a type of neurotic inspiration that overwhelms all other senses like a tsunami of creative thought and creates a euphoric state of hyper awareness when everything is clear and every problem has a solution. I guess it’s like an adrenaline rush of mental activity. The problem with it, is that it’s exhilarating for only a couple of hours and then it turns into a sort of paranoia, because ideas just keep coming faster and faster until everything is spinning out of control and thinking turns into a counterproductive activity. I’ve come to call this type of inspiration a Creative Thought Hemorrhage, because after a while my head begins to hurt form all the ideas as if I actually burst a blood vessel in my brain.

Last night I had to take two Advils and watch a couple of episodes of air crash investigation just to calm me down. Yeah, I know. Air crash investigation. About commercial airlines carshing with high fatalities. To calm me down. I don’t know why I find National Geographic’s shows about disasters so soothing. I often have them playing in the background while I work. Either that, or relaxing nature sounds by Solitudes. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

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  1. annina says:

    Ah Marina, you are a special one, that’s why i love you as an artist and person. ;)
    i don’t mean it in an insulting way! :)
    i think i’m weird/special too, i think we all have our unique-weird quirks or tics.

    and well the collar is just amazing amazing (i would have to say “amazing” many times to meet it)! i just love that one so much. i feel like the design of it, the patterns in it are something i know, it’s so intimate somehow. i can’t explain but i love it! and i will love to see it on a doll.
    i would ask you to make one for my doll but seeing how maybe this will be OOAK, or if not then will be limited, and how much work it must be to make it, i don’t think i could afford it now.
    i’ll keep it as a dream-wish hoping to be fortunate enough to own one of it somehow one day!
    and i would absolutely love if we got to see its sketch/drawing! ♥

  2. I had no idea my wish to see it would be granted so quickly!

    And I’m all worked up and excited to hear and see all these exciting things you’re planning that are causing you the intense desire and need to watch air crash investigation… : D
    The tattoo is very intriguing…

  3. Marina says:

    Yes, special. I like that much better than disturbed. :)

    The collar will be a limited edition.
    I just haven’t figured out exactly how limited or how much $ because I’m still working out the kinks with the manufacturing. It is the most difficult thing I’ve done in metal so far, but I hope that once I’ve come up with a stable, reliable formula for reproducing it, it will be in the similar price range with the crowns.

  4. noxy says:

    I agree with annina, that collar is simply amazing! The intricacies are so incredible, I only wish the picture was larger, so that I can fully gawk at the detail. Just lovely!

    Interesting to hear about your Creative Thought Hemorrhage, though it sounds as if – were it me – I would wish for a mind recorder, because I’m often terrible at remembering such complex trains of thought…. of course, I know of no mind recorders…. and so my train would probably then take a sharp turn on to How-to-create-a-mind-recorder Boulevard…. hmmm…

    Commercial airline crashes you say? Sounds incredibly calming to me. Upon reading that I imagined an Enchanted Doll, made up to be terribly injured – chock full of burns and broken limbs, chunks of skin gouged out of her, maybe a missing eye, hair gone in some areas…. and then decided that even then, she would be beautiful. Macabre and disturbing, but beautiful.

    I reeeeally hope that tattoo you speak of works out. Because, I so want to see it. I’m not sure how it being a “huge failure” would work though. As this collar here has shown, don’t you just tweak and tweak and yank some hair out and tweak and curse and nearly give up and.. then it eventually comes out right?

    *hugs!* Apologies, I do think I’m rambling. /end nonsense-ery

  5. Lumina says:

    my mind was going into a thousand different directions at once, at 200 km an hour – iknw how does it feel :)

    oh and collar is amazing!

  6. annina says:

    just something random, i love this new picture of mermaid song in her gallery:

    and i would be very interested to hear about your favourite and least favourite dolls that are out there, like you once planned to reveal. it wouldn’t have to be an elaborate list.

  7. Leah says:

    I have those brain rushes too, usually right before bed and especially when I’m really tired. I like having them, but the timing for when it decides to happen is terrible.

    Love the collar by the way, I’m really glad you managed to finish it. To me, an unfinished project (or a failed one) makes me feel like I missed out on something in my life. Super glad you pulled it off :D
    Hope your new doll project is a success as well :3

  8. Eiko says:

    That collar looks very lovely. It’s so beautifully detailed. I can’t wait to see it on a doll.

    It must be nice to have almost finished your orders and be able to focus on creating new pieces for your upcoming shows. I’m looking forward to seeing your new creations.
    I’ve heard rumors that you may be accepting orders again in the fall. Is this true? Or will you wait ’til 2010 to accept new orders?

  9. Manu says:

    Marina, it’s an amazing work, all those littles détaeils, really really beautiful.

  10. ~Mia says:

    Nothing wrong with you!

    Your silver collar is most exquisitely beautiful!
    as is your corset and crowns..and every single thing that you’ve made for the dolls….
    truly exquisite things…….

  11. Anchesenamon says:

    Marina,it is a very neat work and I am sure the hard one. I like it very much.

  12. charwoman says:

    nothings wrong with you! It’s a creative binge. I costume plays. I have one coming up and the director hasn’t even picked it yet. But my fingers are itching and my chest is nervous. What will it be? something challenging? or boring… You are your own director and the costumer and the actor and the set designer lucky you! I read everynight to get my brain to shut up so I can sleep and have it be tomorrow already! I love the delicate collar and can think of wonderful ways to use it. I really look foreward to seeing what beautiful thing you think up!

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