Colouring Inside the Lines

3 years, 10 months ago 10

Here’s the second video in Madame de Pompadour’s creation series, showing how her tattoos got their colours.

Music: Music: IV. Vivace by Gavin Gamboa

You can view the video in HD on vimeo

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  1. Lovely! It’s so special to see the amazing process of creation! Thank yoh for sharing these great videos!

  2. Amal says:

    Hehe, I watched the first part (rubbing the paint off) thinking ‘Oh, that’s not so bad’… and then o_O out comes the tiny brush and …oh my! Bravo, Marina!

  3. Pixelskaya says:

    THANK YOU for making these videos!!

  4. Anna says:

    I LOVE the soundtrack. Echoes the mind-bogglingness of the layers. The tattoos are amazing, such beautiful rich detail. The shot of the Marina, working in the dark save for the bright work table, that is the whole world. The creator. Brilliant video. So awesome to see the energy and work that goes into producing such a masterpiece. Thank you.

  5. Anthony says:

    God BLESS your talent Marina, BRAVO!!!! I could watch you paint tiny microscopic details forever!!!! Just astounding my dear <3

  6. Sarah says:

    Thank you Marina for sharing the videos- they really bring Madame P to life… and it is so inspiring watching the amazing things you can do.

  7. Sonia Anne says:

    Your magical hands and fingers just bring it all together, so perfectly! Love watching you at work and am so wishing, that I could witness this in person!

  8. Елена says:

    Здравствуйте, Марина! Скажите,разве можно облизывать кисть с надглазуркой? или это какая-то другая краска?

  9. Alice in Wonderland says:

    Music, video masterpieces❣❣❣I’m still in a trance…

  10. All the work on each tattoo. And it’s curious, the process it’s almost the same for your dolls and human skin, the transfer of the design, then a needlee in the Last video.

    Love seeing the process!

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