Concept sketch for London show doll

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This is a part of a concept sketch for her tattoo.


And this is a side view of the wig model.

I’m assembling the final pieces of the project today and hoping to finish shooting by Friday or Saturday. The carving of the wig and preparing it for molding took almost an entire week on non-interrupted work. It was hard on the eyes. On day five, around 10 in the evening my vision began to blur so much, that I could no longer see the texture  properly. It’s like, my body just said: “Ok, enough. You’re crazy and I’ve had it. Efff this.” So, I took a day off and drank a bottle of wine while watching Lord of the Rings again. And then R.E.D. Again. What a fun movie.

Anyway. Completion of Twenty To Midnight is pending. Then, the 2011 rules for the upcoming, annual Birthday Contest.

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  1. Laura says:

    You need to be very careful with your eyes. The Lord of the rings is also my favorite movie and before New Year I watched it with my family all tree movies one after each other, one for each evenings. The tattoo looks very interesting, the wig is Gorgeous. Great work!!!!! Can’t wait to see the doll.

  2. Suok69 says:

    I’m also big fan of LOTR trilogy. Can not wait for Hobbit to come out, book is great. The sketch of the future tattoo looks great and very intricate. The wig is also piece of art (again). Dying to see your new doll. Sure she’ll be stunning.

  3. Orangey says:

    You are ridiculous, and a genius, how do you expect your brain to keep up with that? Be careful or you’ll crack the little light bulb in your brain *chuckle*. I am REALLY looking forward to the birthday contest details. And I am really in marvel at this crazy wig you’ve sculpted, every detail is mind boggling, congratulations. I feel like I should congratulate you, it’s really spectacular.

    I can’t wait for the tattoo also, looks wonderful.

  4. Iki says:

    I am so happy because of the bithday contest, i think i may participate on it, that is so exiting, or maybe just send you a fan art i don´t know jijiji.

  5. Annina says:

    i love that concept sketch, especialy the hands of the clock, lovely embellishments!
    and the wig model is simply amazing, i can’t wait to see this doll!

  6. Astera says:

    Beautiful tatoo! The silver wig will be amazing I am sure. Don’t work too hard, ok? Do you use magnifying lenses to work on tiny details?

  7. Marina says:

    No magnifying lenses yet – I have a 20/20 vision.

    Unless I don’t sleep for a long time. Then I start having trouble seeing.

    My mom and both younger sisters have needed corrective glasses since youth, but I guess I lucked out and got my dad’s sharp eyes.

  8. Jon Songserm says:

    I love the Clock, I love to see you design a real clock, one day!

    You have the rael vision of artish, which I’m very respect.

    And it’s time for contest, I hope it’s still more medium choice as the same from last year, :)

  9. MissLK says:

    I love that when your tattoo involves a bit ‘mechanical details’ like this time motif and the State Property – the engineer’s daughter :)

    If you ever decide to retire your bodiless porcelain girl, do let me know. After modeling so many of your amazing head pieces, this mysterious beauty already acquires a life of her own whom I would love to add to my ED family.

  10. Eiko says:

    The details on the wig are truly amazing. I think that this is already one of your biggest masterpieces.

  11. I know what you mean about working on something so much your body gives up. When I was working on the series of drawings for you last year my drawing hand developed a very painful R.S.I cramp. Luckily it passed once the competition was over :-)

    I think I like this “wig” even better from the side, love the little separated strands, they’re a charm to look at!

  12. Manü says:

    What’s beautiful sketch for the tatoo, did he represente the Big ben clock in London? Dear Marina, be carefull with you somethines the body call us to a certain limit it’s true art need a lot of concentration and a good artist ask more of herself for her work but go slowly cause you are precious for your familly and ED’s fan.:-)

  13. Jayne Wourms says:

    Your work simply takes my breath away!

  14. Love Love the sketch, I have always been attracted to mechanical drawings. Some how gives it a gothic feel.Your thoughts must come faster than you can produce. The imaginary world, what a beautiful thing. Bravo a toi!

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