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Just a reminder, the contest to win a free Nude Enchanted Doll is drawing near.  If you have already entered please don’t submit another entry, only one per person!

Click here to enter.

11 Responses

  1. Lumina says:

    I just look foward to see who is the winer. And I know I am two days early but happy birthday, Marina!!!

  2. Blue Dot says:

    We all remember :)

    Gosh, it is such an amazing opportunity, thank you Marina!!

  3. Blue Dot says:

    Lumina, I think you’re a bit more than two days early :)

    I just can’t wait to see the doll when it’s announced, whoever wins… I just hope they’ll share some pictures with the rest…

  4. Lumina says:

    Oh God, I am very bad with months on english XD,sorry marina (red face)…

  5. Cat says:

    Marina, your work is enchanting ! :)I know how you feel about bead embroidery. Have you ever tried the Beaded Flowers? But, the more you do with beads the prettier it gets, and then ——— (another day – shot to You Know !!! :) I wish I still had your energy. As much as you work, my gosh Lady, you need to get out and enjoy a little sunshine. Have a Happy Birthday ! I eagerly await pictures of your beautiful new projects !

  6. Silvana says:

    Hi, Marina, you are beautiful girl, and a great artist, and now you show me your big heart to give someone the opportunity to win a doll made by you….and i am crazy for yours enchanteddolls…well….!!!!
    Thanks so much for the oportunity!!!

  7. whisperer says:

    Looking forward for the results and crossing fingers !!

  8. Katui says:

    i’ll build a chateau waiting for your doll!
    (eh..what about buy one for yourself if you could build a chateau for a doll?)

  9. Crystal says:

    counting & hoping :) I’ve imagined these little dolls/angels/people/fairies all of my life… at the end of the day, right before sleep, when I’m in MY ‘mind swim’ state, these are the tiny protectors I envision… beautiful! perfect! what a gift you have. I take so much pleasure in your work and talent. Kind regards, CC

  10. Crystal says:

    I know right? I’m serious!

  11. Marikula says:

    Wonderful dolls!

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