First Place - Ermallina - by Amarillia A.

I love the stylistic reference to the religious art of the late middle ages in this oil painting. The combination of slight inconsistencies in linear perspective in the composition, the color palette, gold leafing and even the greenish undertones of the skin are very characteristic of the painting methods of that time period, and yet there is a contemporary air to it. The presentation of the painting on the piece of ornate brocade fabric to resemble a tapestry is the final touch that ties it all together. This artist has painted her daughter as an Enchanted Doll and included many elements that I am fond of, such as historical references, bejeweled metal head dress, Gothic architecture, rich textiles and lampwork beads, all without directly borrowing from any Enchanted Dolls.

Congratulations Amarilli, you’ve won an Enchanted Doll.

Second Place - Set of 9 Enchanted Doll Box Inserts By Monika

For her entry she painted me a series of 9 stunning paintings of Enchanted Dolls. The sheer volume and intricacy of work blew me away and one can see what a commitment of time and energy this was. The technique and skill are very advanced, while the decorative aspect is very well articulated. These paintings must have have been a joy to paint and they are certainly a joy to look at. Congratulations Monika, you’ve won a bronze crown. Thank you for taking part in this contest.

Third Place - Lotus by Paula F.

I chose this entry for the 3rd place because the work and the concepts of this very young artist deeply resonated with my own, and even though they are inspired by Enchanted Dolls, they are not directly borrowing from them. Despite of appealing to my language of expression through her use of textile and embroidery art, her own voice is very present in this work. Congratulations Paula, you’ve won a pair of sterling silver shoes. Thank you for participating.

Runners Up

Here are seven more runners up in no particular order. Including the winner and the second and third entries, there are 10 favourite gifts all together. I really didn’t know when to stop choosing favourite entries, I wanted to include them all on this list, but I realize that editing was really necessary. This is part of the reason why the winner announcement was so delay, such a hard time choosing with all these great entries.

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