Ermallina - by Amarillia A.

Materials: Oil and Goldleaf on canvas (40cm x 60cm)
For the frame: mulberry tree and cotton damask fabric and essential oils

Ermellina is a "dream Enchanted Doll" of mine.

Her face reminds me of one of your molds, but I tried to make her look most possibly like my own daughter (who is very pretty and looks like a doll of yours! especially her mouth. And she turns 6 this 16/3!)

Her name comes from "Ermellino", the type of Regal coat she's wearing. (Actually the coat's name derives again from the animal the fur is taken from, the mustela erminea, or Ermine / stoat).

She is depicted in a gothic style frame (since it's a gift for you, and we both share a passion for the gothic architecture as I recently learned, I wanted to please you with this detail). The inspiration for this frame came from a place very close to my house. I live in the province of Siena, 40 mins of driving in wonderful and colourful day landscapes from my home in the open countryside to the centre of the town, and I was inspired by some glasswork in the very beautiful and exquisitely gothic Cathedral of Siena (as you may know, Siena is the Italian capital of Gothic).

You can see the glasswork here:

I also felt like including this type of detail in your gift not only with the hope and intention to please you, but because its realization represented a sort of challenge to me, since it not only required me to do some totally new things (like cutting and sewing fabric, GASP!) which is also fair since not everyone taking part in your contest are benefitted by the experience of their jobs

The regal headpiece Ermellina is wearing is inspired by a beautiful bizantine Kamelaukion found in the tomb of Costanza d'Argaona, which is kept in a museum in Palermo (Sicily).

Normally those are considered headpieces for men, which made people speculate on why it was found in the Empresses' tomb. The most popular thesis is that it was worn by the Queen of Sicily for her crowning to empress.

It seemed to me very beautiful to see; then also quite Enchanted Doll-esque, and again a worthy headpiece for an Enchanted Doll to be portrayed in!

The piece I am giving to you is an original oil and anticated gold leaf on canvas, with damask cotton fabric with mulberry wood support which were lightly scented.

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